We are now here!

In Hamilton, Ontario in preparation for BHRR’s Cagney’s home-visit tomorrow!

This day has been so incredible in so many ways from being at Pet Valu Stittsville for their annual Santa Paws event surrounded by so many amazing people and pets! 

42 Santa Paws Photo’s were done with a truly fabu Santa! I even had 6 of The Bakers Dozen pups done! 

Between photo’s, donations and what was raised in the Raffle Basket(we added an amazing dog bed to BHRR BOD members Mary’s beautiful basket!) – $876.85 was so humbly raised to help The Bakers Dozen & their Puppymill GD Mama Gem. 

Congratulations to Hazel (Bob) for winning the basket/bed and then donating the basket back! They needed a new dog bed and now they have one!!

Thank you to Isabel for the Empties and we will take them back and add to the total.

AND $13.20 Canadian Tire money was donated!

Thank you to Bre, Rachel and the rest of the lovely staff at Pet Valu Stittsville for hosting us today!

Thank you to the wonderful Santa and his wife and his fabu helper Jack – love those costume changes as much as I did last year Jack! 

Thank you to all of the awesome people and their pets that came out today to see us, take photo’s, love on The Bakers Dozen and talk r/q Rescue etc.

Thank you to Sean, Kinsley, Serena, Isabel, Cherie, Elaine and Aaron for spending today with me and being the best of puppy wranglers and cuddlers ever!!

I was so over the moon to see BHRR’s L.T. & his sweet Mama again – he is our oldest living BHRR alumni – a GD – now 11.5 years of age. He was adopted June 1st, 2008.

What a heart-warming day today!

This is BHRR’s Cagney settling in very well on Mason bed at the hotel.  We are having our own adventures which is best saved for another Gwennie Novel Post! 

We shall post an update on her status as we can….

From us to all of our supporters, fans and supporters, good night wishes being sent!