BHRR’s Cagney(l) & BHRR’s Lacey(r) – the two 8 month old Saints – had their professional photo’s taken today.

Thank you to Gayle & Neil for the extra hands to love on them and I know I sound like a broken record yet it is always so important to get the dogs into as many hands as possible to keep helping to make them as well rounded plus balanced as possible. Thank you both for giving them yet more positive and wonderful experiences.

They are great puppies and we want them to become the best dogs they can – assets to home and community.

Thanks to Liz for her time plus talent once more!

BHRR’s Cagney rocked her session and BHRR’s Lacey demonstrated further that she is still a bit of a diamond in the rough!  She was so distracted by the man banging around with recycle bins that it took a bit of time before she could settle plus focus on the task at hand.

While both pups did not like all of the rectal temperature taking they have had to have done during their recovery, BHRR’s Lacey was the most displeased and she is still is sensitive around her rump and so we have been working on lots of touching, gentle pushing on her hind end etc….she did so well today with all of that!

Both also showed that while they would walk quite well with me….listening to others with leash manners not so much….this is why our obedience clause is so important in our adoption contracts. Just because they listen to me does not mean they shall to others and having them handled by different people is important as shall be the obedience classes.

BHRR’s Lacey is scheduled to be spayed on September 5th and once I have their professional photo’s, both will be ready to make their special announcements!

Going to miss them….they will only be approved to right matched forever loving homes that are equally outgoing and publicly social for these two pups love everyone and everything!  They are not home-bodies and couch potatoes….they are happy, active, young, healthy and fit pups that are going to be such gifts to some wonderful homes.

To state again they shall NOT be adopted together. That is not in their best interests.