Here is a VIDEO of BHRR's Veteran on his way with me to his hv for his possible GD adoption yesterday!

On that note, BHRR's Veteran has been adopted!

I think Atlas would be very happy for his buddy. Another emotional day. Sean said his good-byes this AM before I left and I found it equally hard to say mine.
This boy has put on close to 45 pounds of muscle mass and weight; learned to trust and be playful plus happy and healthy since he was first rescued by ARC and coming to BHRR for this rehab journey.
As he was giving me kisses; I told him how darn proud I was of him; that he has changed and bettered so many lives by all of us having met him and knew him; said he was a gift and one that is to be cherished and I thanked him for being just him; helping to heal Atlas; for taking the other ARC babies under his care; for being one of the best obedience pupils ever and yup….could feel a tear or two brewing….I found it hard to tell him all I felt plus thought yet; I knew he knows for I tell him these things every day!
He was a wee bit worried at the end when it was getting close for me to leave and as we do with all our adoptions, had the home distract him and slipped quietly away…..
I know we shall receive updates and in time; I am sure that his new home will reveal themselves.
ARC thank you again for entrusting such a treasure to BHRR!