BHRR's Veteran came with me to work today and had a re-weigh. I went back through his paperwork and his weight when he first arrived was barely 91 pounds.  The documentation in paperwork was a bit mixed up…, based upon today's weight of 53 KS(116.6 pounds); he has put on 25.6 pounds since he first arrived to BHRR!

Several made comments about how much weight he had put on between his arrival to BHRR and the begining of December and then between December 2nd and today.

He still needs more weight; another 10 or so and he had an AWESOME playdate today!!!

These were his final 'tests'; to see if he was 1) at a decent weight be placed up for adoption 2) a social play date test away from us to see how things went.

Things went great!!!

He will be placed up for adoption next week and we also microchipped him today.

He can go to a home that works pt, ft. flex hours, semi-retired, retires or works from home.

He LOVES all people and the only 'quirk' that he still has that has never been an issue here; is sometimes male black dogs worry him. We effectively correct and quickly/calmly re-assure and re-direct.

His one best friend here at BHRR; is BHRR's Goliath; a big black dog and we think that, because BHRR's Lincoln came into our home and these other black/dark dogs are here; BHRR's Goliath, the three GD black beauties, BHRR's Benjamin etc. and he was just very calmly integrated and also was not feeling the best. He just did not have any time to worry for he was busy getting healthy and then he made all these great friends.

This boy is a heart throb and say good-bye when it is his turn; is going to be a bittersweet moment! 🙂

The couple that took him for a play date today; took him to places like B&F and he apparently; decided that while it was great greeting all the people and sniffing the dogs(played with a small shih for a bit); what he MOST enjoyed was going shopping!!! He came back to KAH with a sizeable doggie bag from not only the treaties the kind people at the store sent his way; but what he had also 'helped' himself too! OMG! THE wee ham!!!

I can well imagine the total glee he had walking in and thinking it was heaven and meant ALL for him! HA! HA!

I cannot thank them enough for taking him on this play date and they have asked to take him again in a few weeks; which if he is not adopted by then; is only going to continue to enrich and balance him out more. 🙂

BHRR's Atlas really missed him though…he was very sad all day when he was gone. A bit depressed actually. Their relationship is truly fascinating…..

We are expecting some lovely photos of his play date and shall post some when they come our way. I also have the ones from his continuing education & public awareness op that was done at B&F Barrhaven in early December plus the traditional XMAS eve ones that I still need to post, so lots to post!!! 🙂

People just fall in love with him whereever he goes!!! The one note I want to make is that while I was in the car to go through the drive-through banking on my way home; a native american in hunting attire and lowered hat; walked our way and BHRR's Veteran became quite worried and stressed and nervous. I quickly corrected/assured and passively ignored and while his body still remained a bit tense, he was less on the alert and stopped his very low deep barks. The voice on this boy is HUGE! Just massive and when he and BHRR's Goliath get to playing, one would think that the house would come down with their vocal skills or that they were set out to kill each other!!!

It is just his play style as many Danes can be!!! 🙂