To make a quick post to address a comment or two made on the recent photos posted of BHRR's Veteran and BHRR's Atlas on our BHRR FB FAN page. Both of these boys were neutered by the amazing efforts of Animal Rescue Corps(ARC) before they came to BHRR.

The method that the wonderful Vet there chose to use to alter them was using a vasectomy procedure and not neuter them via the actual taking out of their testicles. Yet, you can be assured they were both neutered! Both have gone on antibiotics for when they arrived to BHRR, they both wanted to lick at their incisions/sutures and I have been tending to their surgical sites up to three times daily to make sure they heal properly.

Many times after a dog is neutered; we see it often in Giants; there is a lot of swelling/edema and this will pass.

These dogs would never be placed up for adoption if they were not neutered.