BHRR's Lincoln is doing great! We are finally getting him to eat more and I have him scheduled in for a recheck appointment tomorrow for a re-weigh and if he has put on enough weight(EVERYTHING crossed!), his boosters! If he has put on enough, we shall move him from our BHRR Haven Program back to our BHRR Adoption program to be placed up for adoption once he reaches a weight that we are happy to see him at.

He is on Salmon food and also I switch him up with some Venison for some variety. He is still not eating where we want him to BUT he is better! Much better! He is taking his Pred EOD(such a low dose 25 mg) and has had no case of the itchies!

He was FANTABULOUS at our recent September 'EXPERIENCE BHRR Mini Open House and this boy really does make my heart thud in love!!!! People marvelled at how well the hair has grown back on his body including his elbows, ears plus belly and how soft his hair is coming in! His ears are about 1/2 the thickness they were and his elbows are no longer beat red. He even has hair growing back in those areas.

He even came with me to do a hv last Thursday night and took all in stride. He really liked doing their stairs too! 😉 I can wash and do his nails without any fuss and he is laid back when he needs to be and has his playful moments when he wants them.

What I was explaining to those that we were doing a hv at; was that he wants love yet is unsure about asking for it at times, especially with strangers due to all the rejection he has received in the past. If you approach him, which was demonstrated that night; he will gladly roll on his side and loves his belly rubbed and if you really get into it with him, he will roll more on his back and get his tummy rubbed!

I am going on an incredible journey with BHRR's Lincoln and I am soooooooooo close to getting my first kiss from him……..being patient………it will come….I know it shall!

So, since his arrival to BHRR; he has gone to TTP one day in July(the 24th), gone on a GD/Honourary GD walk/hike(is even on a youtube video of such posted by the Ottawa Dog Blog!), had a great BHRR Experience Mini Open House, has come to work with me often to hang out at work and has done one hv with me to date as a great representation of BHRR and his Breed! This has been one busy boy and he is going to make a home a FANTASTIC addition!!! He travels great and his a very kind soul. A big ol' teddybear!

As I am calm and confident, he is calm and confident and comfortable with others. He even climbs onto my bed still here and there for a small cuddle and hugs and then leaves to sleep, most often can be found wanting to lay upon the hard floor AND this leads me to what BHRR's Lincoln could use donated from having his own BHRR Buddy – an XL or an XXL Kuranda bed to call his very own. We are trying to continue to teach him about the comforts of soft bedding and beds and he is always letting others (insert polite cough BHRR's Dana) take any bed he was first laying upon and will move to lay upon the hardwood or slate floor. BHRR is down to only 4 Kuranda beds at this time. The other 5 donated have taken their share of wear and tear over the years and we have had to retire them permanently.

Below is a photo of his left ear just before he came to BHRR and the second photo is of his left ear and side from September 17th, our BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House. LOOK at him now! WTG BHRR's Lincoln!!!! My promise to you is that NO one shall ever feed you food that does not agree with you or food that is complete crap AND no one shall neglect you otherwise in not giving you enough food and having your immune system so lowered that any seasonal allergies you have run rampant. When you are ill or hurt, you shall receive prompt medical attention and you shall never lack in what is your right to receive including love, shelter, food, toys, treats and more love and training and more love and even more love!

He is happy and as so many have pointed out; is extremely bonded to me. This is what I noticed best about the Saint Bernard breed, they can bond so fast and hard and shall be extremely loyal. AND the home that we will approve BHRR's Lincoln to adopt will not be getting him, because of his massive size BUT because they will appreciate these gifts he has to give. There are so many out there that have been touched by this boy which include his super fans from the USA to across the province of Ontario and we all will keep his best interest first and foremost. 🙂

BHRR's Lincoln Left Ear & Side of Head July 2011 & BHRR's Lincoln's Left Ear, Side of Head and Body September 17th, 2011
*second photo courtesy of J. DeSantis