BHRR's Lincoln attended our latest GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike that was also featured on the Ottawa Dog Blog – Click here to read the article, view photos and see the video – THANKS again Liz!

He did FANTABULOUS! This boy is extremely well rounded; especially if one thinks about what he has gone through in his very short life. His adoring American Fans/Friends even donated some USD to his cause in his donation coat! YAY!

I also had a two week check-up on BHRR's Lincoln this past Monday August 8th and we have lots of good news to share!

a) Check a peek at the below picture of his ear! This was taken at the Hike on July 31st AND they are even better now! He even has hair growing back all over his body and on his ears

b) His ears and elbows and face are less swollen, less red and more comfortable

c) He has a lot more energy and as a result wants to play and boy, this boy can 'playbow' and bound! LOL

d) As the Pred is working – it has been extended another 30 days for based upon where he had lesions and hair loss plus was so itichy – belly, lower body = seasonal allergies usually & back, ears, rump = food allergies usually; we are keeping him on the pred – very low dose 25 mg SID

e) He is eating better – STILL nowhere where he needs to be and as he is no longer so lethargic and being more active, we are barely maintaining and we want to majorly gain; so this remains a challenge. He is eating up to 5 cups a food a day and he needs to double that at least. He wants to eat. He just wants to eat food that is not his!

f) Until we can better isolate the food allergies, he is on a very strict diet – salmon D/D right now with some wet Salmon thrown in. He was very texture phobe about the tripe…sigh….THANKS Global so much for the donation!!!!

g) He is getting better with the leash manners and thank goodness for this boy can motor along when he wants too! 😉

h) He is more comfortable and confident and each night before he settles in for the night, he asks to come up on the bed and he cuddles with me for about 5-10 minutes. THIS is some major 'awwwww' moments going on!

i) I do not crate BHRR's Lincoln any longer. He is 100% trustworthy in the house!

j) He has gotten along with all dogs, people etc. that he has met to date and between the TAKE THE PLUNGE Event, coming to BHRR, the Hike and hanging out at work etc., he sees a lot of action!

k) Trying an appetite stimulator again was ruled out for it really did not make much of a difference the first time around.

l) Until we can figure things out that is in BHRR's Lincoln's best interest, we are moving him to our BHRR Haven Dog program at this time. This may well change that he will be moved back to be placed up for adoption yet right now he is one immensely special needs boy and we have much to do for him for his rehab to make him 100%. He would make an awesome therapy boy this guy, minus the drool!

m) His coat is coming in so soft and healthy looking as he heals

n) AND bath time is less 'wet' for Gwennie & more 'wet' for BHRR's Lincoln! LOL I wash him with a natural oatmeal based shampoo once a week

o) This week I weaned him off the Benadryl as he had a vast need for some around the 8-8:30 PM timeframe. He is strictly just on the pred right now.

p) He is off all antibiotics and all infections have been cleared up

q) He is continuing to drink more as he is on the pred and we have to ensure that he is let out often enough to urinate

BHRR's Lincoln July 31st, 2011 – GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike
*Photos courtesy of C. Desjardins and J.  Rheome DeSantis