BHRR's Rambo was at the Vet on Thursday April 5th.

Since he arrived to BHRR; he has been doing some straining to poop and I wanted to have a thorough exam etc. done on him.

That AM, was the worst he had to date in straining. 40 minutes of trying to poop, then diarrhea both in and out of the car twice and also a vomit as he was so stressed from trying to poop and we ended up moving our Vet appointment as we were not going to be making the first one and I felt so bad for him.

I also brought in a fecal sample to be tested and he came back for Giarrdia the parasite and ELISA positive. So, he has been on Panacur for 5 days and as of this Thursday, shall begin his next 5 day treatment and from there, re-test his fecal.

He was also put on Metronidazole – on a weaning schedule and went from 2 BID to 2 SID and was suppose to move down to a lower dose to wean off but the diarrhea came back and this is even after putting him on a new food.

He weighed a skinny 30.3 KGs(66.66 pounds). I had the Vet take a good look at his chin too and she agreed, puppy acne with a cut(that we now know was from a fence before he was transported). We have continued to ensure that it is clean and dry.

He was sooooooooooo obedient and good at the Hospital though! He listened so well and yes, he is a small male GD that is never going to be huge with eastie westie front feet(left more than the right) BUT he is going to be a gem of a boy addition to that right matched home. He is no longer that confused, not sure and therefore pushy somewhat dominant boy. OH, he is confident all right and not shy to people or dogs; yet; he is understanding better how to interact with humans and dogs alike and he is settling into a really well mannered properly socially directed boy.

He is utd on vaccines and his microchip was added to his file. According to the information sent our way, he turned 1 in February. JUST a baby that has had so much bouncing in his short life to date. 🙁

I will be bringing him back in for a new weight and re-exam within the next week.

He has been fully integrated with everyone here other than BHRR's Atlas and some of my own that have been away showing.

NICE boy! He is thriving under structure, routine and a firm yet loving obedient routine.