BHRR’s Steam Boat!

We absolutely love when home-visits and homes are as simply delightful and awesome as this one! 

This home is what we have been so patiently waiting for so long… has BHRR’s Steam.

Anyone who knows us, knows we work so hard to adopt to right match personality fit homes and we are never desperate to adopt our dogs.

For BHRR’s Steam it took until this application for her right matched forever loving to find her and so worth the wait.

She is right where she is meant to be and Karen & Jane you would be equally just thrilled to see where BHRR’s Steam now calls home.

Going through this application process with this home was so lovely and from the moment we arrived, we were welcomed warmly, BHRR’s Steam was comfortable and happy – when is she not! – and they are meant to be her new forever loving adoptive home.

This was an approved adoption that I am beaming over! I am so going to miss this special needs Mini Aussie that we called BHRR’s Steam Boat as she is a huge beautiful presence, a gentle, loves life, a ham, a stubborn goof at times, a survivor of being emaciated that learned manners – shall never be a perfect Lady yet is perfect in all of her imperfections!

My back of my couch is going to miss you, the XL Giant stuffies one of my own special needs Danes – Salt – shall miss being laid upon, our visitors will miss being in awe of how normal you are and how you ‘ruled’ the Giants!  My Salt shall also miss his play bud! You two were so close….

I shall miss your huge zest of life and how happiness could be found in everything! You wake up every day so excited to see what the day shall bring your way! Social butterfly is putting it lightly to describe you! So photogenic also! I do not think I ever took a bad pic of you! ?

BHRR’s Steam, my final chapter with you has now been written yet you have books yet to be written with the incredible future you shall have!

I love you and am so happy for you and this home and thank you to this home for everything!

Now, Kinsley & I are working our way home and have stopped for a very late supper in Brockville and we wish all of our friends, family and supporters a most wonderful Monday night!

BHRR’s Steam Boat, one of our honorary Great Danes  is going under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can…..


BHRR shall be closed for the intake of adoption applications and shall not approve any adoptions from Monday October 23rd to Wednesday November 1st inclusive.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many other Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will network these requests to r/q organisations for we remain closed for intake. 

This photo is of BHRR’s Navy. 

Special Auction Date #17 – BHRR’s Steam AKA Steamboat
Available For Adoption 

This is her and *Sailer*. They had a great day together!! Apparently, she loves his lampchop stuffie! 

Thank you Brooke once more in giving her this fabu experience!

Sunday July 9th @ Pet Valu Stittsville – Our 10th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser AND So Much More!
*No appointments necessary

2017 marks our 10th year of hosting this exciting event!

BHRR has been precedent setting in the community in seeing more cats & dogs microchipped to give them the best chance possible to get home should they be lost or stolen.

More information in link above and in poster!

BHRR’s Steam Boat(Deaf/Visually Impaired)
One of our Honourary Great Danes/Giants
February 12th, 2017

Winter Wonderland Day Here!

As the night comes upon us even deeper, this is my last post of my night….

It is one filled with such warmth(as always after an event!) and incredible thanks plus hope!

Warmth due to the wonderful hospitality of Pet Valu Kemptville who hosted us today at their location. Helpful, supportive and truly lovely to converse with.

Warmth due to the Maracle family for once again giving up a precious Saturday to hang with The Boerskins, my dear Brogan and also Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson plus BHRR’s Steam!

Warmth due to so many that came to visit with us…we had a truly special couple drive all the way from Woodstock, Ontario to come meet us and talk…..thank you….

Warmth due to the wonderful dogs, cats and even Timothy, the bunny who was like NO bunny ever….I wanted to steal him!

Incredible thanks due to the above and to all of our supporters, believers and friends/family that stand by us daily helping us to keep assisting those in need of our programs….you have no idea what each of you do has meant and does continue to mean to us….21 years we have now been in operation and that is THANKS to each and every strong link on that BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’!

AND I am filled with hope that we are going to raise what we need to help Jackson live the life he should have always had(and we remain filled with deepest sorrow that we could not get to *Safira* in time nor save *Nala*, two of his litter-mates nor the litter-mate that had been killed by dogs in Brazil prior to our knowledge of these deaf/blind puppies).

Today’s very touching total raised to help us with bills – BHRR’s Maple is having her mass removed January 25th and Jackson’s eye is being removed February 6th AND we have BHRR’s Rickards’ bills also to take care of – he is now on antibiotics for an infection as his blood-work revealed an elevated WBC.

This is a photo that Aaron took today of my Wolfie Brogan(who ended up at KAH on an emergency basis himself yesterday) and Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson – bff’s from the moment they met after Jackson miraculous arrival finally on January 7th! Snuggled up to each other and my feet.

I truly well up thinking of what also would have happened to Jackson should he not have been saved in time….that we managed to save one, while it was not the whole litter, that we were able to save one we have to hold dear to our hearts that can give him all that he deserves and needs for the best of futures……

AND all of that is thanks again to ALL of you….thank you! Thank you for understanding that we are here to always help the next in need of us and that sometimes means not in our back yard…Jackson does not know boundaries or borders and neither did Maira, Andrea or I….we stood together with our Brazilian Dane Angel Army and he is here safe/sound and happy plus healthy….he needed us, they all did….so badly….

THANK you to Jackson for showing so many today how normal a deaf/blind dog is and can be and that he is a gift! He taught and shall continue to teach a lot of people some fabu life lessons…

BHRR’s Steam….what can I say! LOL You are a flirt and we all remain patient….that right matched forever loving home shall find you one day….and if they never do, you are adored by all The Boerskins and your big fan club!

BHRR’s Steam, you surprised more than one person yourself with the completely normalcy of your own deafness/visual impairment. LOVE it… how people learn to not feel sorry for you and others like you….love how you show and teach them these valuable and important lessons!

Gwennie novel almost over…..please just know how grateful, humbled and truly thankful I am to a village, an community, an army for being there!

$292.35 was raised today!

Good night from my home to all of yours….

We know many have been patiently….or, not so patiently waiting!!!

Here is the FIFTH & Final instalment of our 2016 Traditional December 24th XMAS Eve Photo’s!

As most dogs remained in their approved Temp Fosters, not all doggies could have their photo’s done BUT, we got those that we could! We will be posting over the next few days almost 50 photo’s of BHRR doggies & a few of our own!

We have had quite a few come back for the Holidays as their families are travelling.

ALWAYS a blast for us at BHRR!

We cannot SHOUT out enough big thanks of our deepest appreciation to ALL those that stepped up to be part of our 14th ANNUAL SS to the BHRR dogs!

Another amazing successful year THANKS to so many angels that made it possible!!!

We only had 1 person not send their SS’s yet, as we had other kind plus thoughtful generous people send extra goodies to help cover any that were missed, we are so BLESSED to say that, each BHRR dog had something special to call their own this XMAS!!!

Many of these dogs are experiencing their very first XMAS of love, shelter, with enough food and, tons of helping hands, not hurtful or neglectful ones…. THANK you’s being sent out again to every wonderful and lovely Secret Santa that made this possible!!!

I am inspired by your caring, giving and, incredibly beautiful hearts!!! A million thank you’s being sent again!

Someone has fallen fast asleep while waiting for Santa to come! So much excitement and anticipation!!

BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat has fallen asleep on top of BHRR’s Puppy Pile Granite’s giant stuffie that was given to him by his special SS!

Thank you to all of our special SS’s this year! Sadly, we did have one person not honour their offer to be a Secret Santa. SO, THANK you to all that donated extra so we could give this BHRR doggie a wonderful spoiling XMAS also…..I am deeply thankful to know such beautiful Santa Angels.

I have also been receiving many messages re: our traditional annual XMAS Eve Photo’s and they shall be coming!!!  

From our home to all of our wonderful family and friends, may Santa truly spoil each of you rotten!!! We hope that you are safe, happy and surrounded by so much love……

img_3042 img_3044


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for 2 decades.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Friday December 16th, 2016 to Tuesday January 3rd, 2017 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Wednesday January 4th, 2017!

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

BHRR’s Steam had her annual tonight and was a wee bit plump at 11.3 kgs( 24.86 pounds). Miss Steam likes to scrounge for food dropped or missed by the ‘big dawgs’. I would like to see her lose 1-2 pounds.

We have a new protocol in place that she has to stay in a crate until not only is she done eating yet all the other dogs are finished and we ensure that all missed kibbles are picked up!

All of us remain patient for that right matched forever loving home to find her!

She is a HUGE hit with all that meet her!!! Miss Social! 😀

Gentle Reminder!

We are at Pet Valu Hazdeldean this Saturday November 26th from 10 AM – 4 PM for our last community education and public awareness event of 2016!

We are looking at bringing BHRR’s Kaos, BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Whisper for our famous Red Carpet Pooch Smooch Sessions!

We will be doing nails, ear cleanings and dog baths – ALL inside too!

More details in poster!



BHRR’s Baby Kaos is getting ready for Halloween! Not Yet Available For Adoption!

Remember to have safe Halloween practises for a happy Halloween for pets & kids!

NOTE: BHRR shall be closed for the intake of adoption applications and shall not approve adoptions from Monday the 24th of October to Tuesday November 1st inclusive.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.


Someone fell asleep before the guests have even arrived! BHRR’s Steam aka Steam Boat has been hearing the other dogs talking about our unique one of a kind Event and all the excitement of anticipation wore her out! :p

T- 2.5 hours to go!


BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat is generating interest again and some of the same questions are being asked that are answered in her very detailed blog.

We work hard to keep our blogs up to date. We try to be so detailed and to provide as much information as possible so that people can best determine if their home is going to qualify to adopt her. All of our adoption processes plus policies can also be found on both of our websites. We will only approve a right matched personality fit forever loving home for her.

BHRR is not desperate to adopt our dogs, never have been. She is not desperate to be adopted. She is normal to her and to all that love her. She is not to be felt sorry for or pitied. She lives an amazing life with us in our home – not boarded or in an outside kennel. She has three plus acres fenced in for her enjoyment.

We are going to write the following blog post to pull together various information found in her blog for a *one stop* reading blog post. Perhaps, this shall assist some that have been thinking about her. 🙂

1) BHRR’s Steam is DEAF – she has not been BAER tested and could she possibly *hear* something 1-2% or a bit more, who knows. For all intents and purposes she is deaf. She does not respond to the typical deaf tests  – ie sleeping and clapping hands behind her head – not too close as to generate a *breeze*.  Dropping pots and pans – not too close or the vibration will be felt. Calling her name when she is asleep or looking elsewhere elicits zero response etc.
2) BHRR’s Steam is not BLIND – She is visually impaired. There is not a medical test that exists to date that will test the percentage of eyesight that a dog has. Eyesight is the weakest sense in a dog. Does she see up to 30%? Perhaps. She responds like a pro to both ASL signs, basic obedience signs plus our custom signs as when you own a deaf dog, you have to learn to communicate with one hand for often you are something in your other hand – leash, groceries, purse, keys, etc. She also knows touch plus scent training as she is brilliant and loves her obedience work.
3) BHRR’s Steam was born this way due to her genetics. She was not injured or abused in any manner that *caused* her to be deaf/visually impaired.
4) BHRR will not consider a home that will just let her run loose in fields, parks etc. – The photo below is from a special picnic snack play date that she had and she was put on a harness and a long lead so that she could enjoy splashing in the water. She needs to be kept safe.
5) BHRR’s Steam is healthy and happy. If she had any known medical conditions, they would have been fully disclosed in her blog. A copy of her medical records will be given to any right matched forever loving adoptive home and we bring them to a home-visit for said records to be reviewed by the possible approved adoptive home.

If a home is serious about applying to adopt, please do take the time to read her thorough blog – from the very bottom up – and read our FAQ and adoption processes plus policies.


A great photo of BHRR’s Steam from her picnic snack play date on June 18th!


*CORRECTION: Location Address is: 5919 PERTH STREET, Richmond, Ontario*

Our next microchip clinic is being hosted with Dr. Zak at Pet Valu Richmond on Saturday September 10th!

Dr. Zak has now been with us for 8 microchip clinics to date and this is #9!
*No appointments necessary
*We are inside so rain or shine!
*10 AM – 4 PM

Our accreditation per CVO requirements to host this microchip clinic shall also be posted.

We shall also be doing dog baths, ear cleanings, nails for cats & dogs and will have some merchandise for sale! Come meet some of the big dawgs of BHRR! More details in poster.

All monies raised shall go towards helping to pay off the bills for BHRR’s Dyson’s partial tail amputation that is scheduled for September 8th.

BHRR has been precedent setting/instrumental over the past almost 10 years with our Microchip Clinics in our efforts of having more dogs/cats hopefully find their way home should they become lost or stolen by being chipped.

IMG_1494 CVO_Temporary_Facility_Certificate (1)

We are just 5 SLEEPIES away to our biggest Fundraiser Event of the year. 🙂 July 10th!

Thank you to everyone that is making this a most promising and exciting event again for 2016!

What has traditionally been the largest microchip fundraiser in Canada!

Kanata Animal Hospital’s 9th ANNUAL Microchip, Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser!

There shall also be ear cleaning, a silent auction table, baked goodies for humans, doggie treats, Canine Water Wellness shall be there, Pet Valu shall have our dog cooling/treat station again in 2016, Pet photography, Face-painting and so much more!

Come meet some of the big dawgs of BHRR! 😀

No appointments necessary!
Rain or Shine!
9 AM – 4 PM
440 Hazeldean Road

Here is an update on what we are still needing:

BHRR is in search of the following items for our event for 2016!!!
Thank you in advance for any consideration!!
1) Volunteers to put up posters in their local community including training facilities, work, friends, family, neighbours etc. Please email
2) Donations of pop, bottled water, & small bags of chips.
3) NEED DRAW PRIZES! Please email
4) Bags of ICE! ICE! ICE!
5) Silent Auction Items
6) Human Bakers
7) Dog Treat Bakers
8) Gift cards – please email
9) Coolers to borrow for pop/juice/ice
10) Tables
11) Chairs
12) 1 more Tent – I have three, PV Stittville will have one, CWW will have one, Doogie will have one, The Maracle Family will have one.
***This event is such a great time!***

Here is the Facebook Event Page to join and stay updated! 🙂

microchip2016 (Medium)

BHRR’s Steam had her special picnic play date today! She remains available for adoption and per yet another recent experience from someone who emailed us wanting to submit an application for her, stated they were so serious, had read her blog, was prepared to make the drive to visit, do whatever was needed etc., please do not waste our time should you not be 100% serious.

We are all Volunteers of BHRR and only will place per right matched personality fit for any of our dogs.

Yet on a more pleasant note, this photo and words are from BHRR’s Steam’s wonderful ‘date’ home today:

“Molly and Steam resting after a day of swimming and playing”



In going through Vet references on this latest application, everything was solid, yet in closing off on the personal references, it came to light that another pet had been owned by the home that was not disclosed on the application and then we also learned that said pet had not been proactively/preventatively vetted. Rabies Vaccine is also a legal requirement for cats and dogs.

Our application process is very clear and as we appreciate your time please show us equal courtesy also in that our own time is precious. If all previous and past pets have not been properly proactively and preventatatively vetted, we cannot approve your home. BHRR spends thousands upon thousands of dollars out of not only our own pockets yet donations from our supporters to ensure that all of our animals’ are healthy and happy, physically, emotionally and behaviourally. We cannot send our dogs’ to homes that are not going to do the same.


Someone says guess what? She has some special news to share?!

BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat(DEAF/Visually Impaired) says that she is moving under a ‘PENDING ADOPTION’.

We will keep everyone updated as we can.

Keep her in your thoughts! She is a HUGE HUGE HUGE fav for many BHRR fans.

Thank you to Melissa for this awesome ‘tongue’ photo!

BHRR - High Res (watermark) (15) (Medium)

***UPDATE: 27 NEW Items Added Tuesday March 22nd to the Facebook Silent Auction***

The detailed rules of this Silent Auction are posted in the first photo in this album.

As many are now aware, Sean has been diagnosed with a retro-peritoneal liposarcoma.

The current size of it is 8.2 cm x 10 cm x 21 cm. This is an extremely RARE cancer – less than 1%.

A short medical summary:

His third CT scan, this one on his chest has come back at this time clear of any enlarged lymph nodes and metastasis. His MRI not only confirmed that this was a complex surgery yet was even more complicated than once thought – ONLY two surgeries like he needs has ever been done to date by his two expert surgical oncologists.

His surgical team shall be upwards to 20 people now including his two surgical oncologists, his urologist and his ortho specialist plus supporting nursing team. His surgery is expected to be ~10-12 hours in length.

We now have a surgery date set of March 23rd.

We know that his one ureter is compromised, and that he may lose his one kidney. We know that he will have part of his colon removed and that his femoral nerve is at high risk of damage and./or removal. He will need to have his Psoas muscle completely removed and his Iliacus muscle will be partially removed.

He will also need to have the hernia repaired – the mass/tumour has herniated down his thigh and into his groin area.

They will send the whole mass/tumour off to histiopathology.

While we should be celebrating our 20th anniversary of operating BHRR, instead BHRR now faces an uncertain future. BHRR does not receive any corporate, provincial or federal government support. We operate on the kindness of donations, adoption fees and we do several yearly fundraisers. However, 60% of the payment towards BHRR’s expenses comes from the pockets of Sean and myself.

All of this is to say that we are not looking for sympathy or anyone to feel sorry for us.

Instead, what we are hoping to do to help ensure the future of BHRR is raise some monies to help with bills over the next three months for BHRR that we have always covered ourselves as Sean shall not be working and I myself am taking a month off without pay from my behavioural work plus shifts at the Hospital.

One way that we are hoping to cover bills is to do at least one Facebook silent auction. If anyone has an item or items that they would like to donate to this cause, please do email

If anyone wishes to make an independent monetary donation, they can do so via email transfer to or via PayPal to – Please use the ‘Friends & Family’ option so that we are not charged fees.

*The BHRR Auction will begin NOW
*The BHRR Auction will end at 9 PM EST on Sunday March 27th, 2016
*All bid prices are in Canadian funds.
*Bids must be done in $2.00 or Greater increments.

Any questions, please do email or call (613) 725-4279

As many know, BHRR is a Great Dane & Giant Breed Rescue that focuses strongly on the special needs and has been around since 1996. We are federally registered and are an all Volunteer Rescue. We also work with Equines.

We have a second to none adoption success rate and also provide a safe haven for animals that are deemed unadoptable due to medical and/or behavioural reasons. BHRR also has a program that works with the homeless and their pets each XMAS – Operation D.O.G. – Donating our Goodness plus we have a Helping Haven of Hope and Happiness that works with women/children and their pets in domestic abuse situations. We have been operating these two programs for over 15 years as part of our way of continuing to help animals and people in our community.

We are a unique one of a kind program out there like none other.

While we should be celebrating our 20th anniversary of operating BHRR, instead BHRR now faces an uncertain future. BHRR does not receive any corporate, provincial or federal government support. We operate on the kindness of donations, adoption fees and we do several yearly fundraisers. However, 60% of the payment towards BHRR’s expenses comes from the pockets of Sean and myself.

With our wish to ensure that every penny that comes to BHRR goes direct to them for food and Vet bills or items of comfort like dog beds, Sean & I have been covering 100% exclusively all the rescue hydro bills -$1,040/month, Phone, Gas for transports, home-visits and vet visits etc. We cover almost 50% of all the food bills out of our own pockets – BHRR goes through almost 120 pounds of dog food a day. Vet Bills are the same.

As some are now aware, in September of 2015, my husband Sean was found to have a mass. It took until January of 2016 for the experts to diagnose said mass for he has an extremely rare cancer.

Sean has been diagnosed with a retro-peritoneal liposarcoma.

The current size of his mass is 8.2 cm x 10 cm x 21 cm. This is an extremely RARE cancer – less than 1%.

To further complicate matters, this mass has herniated down into his thigh and groin severely compromising his ureter and femoral nerve. He has had three CT scans of which his latest has shown that to date his chest remains clear of metastasis and his lymph nodes are not enlarged. His MRI has shown that his case is extremely complicated and the surgery he shall specifically require, scheduled for March 23rd has ONLY ever been done twice before by the two expert surgical oncologists assigned to him.

All of this is to say that we are not looking for sympathy or anyone to feel sorry for us.

Instead, what we are hoping to do to help ensure the future of BHRR is raise some monies to help with bills over the next three months for BHRR that we have always covered ourselves as Sean shall not be working and I myself am taking a month off without pay from my behavioural work plus shifts at the Hospital.

One way that we are hoping to cover bills is to do at least one Facebook silent auction. If anyone has an item or items that they would like to donate to this cause, please do email

If anyone wishes to make an independent monetary donation, they can do so via email transfer to or via PayPal to – Please use the ‘Friends & Family’ option so that we are not charged fees.

Since Sean’s mass was first discovered in September, BHRR has remained operating with top notch quality hosting successful events such as our annual creative ‘Dine with the Dogs’, BHRR mini Open Houses, BHRR ‘Private’ Experiences, community education and public awareness events and even our annual XMAS ‘Chain of Success’ Potluck.

We have successfully rehabbed and adopted quite a few dogs and assisted many other groups also during this time.

The quality and stellar standard of care of the animals’ in our care has continued without interruption and as the date nears for Sean and I to stop work as he prepares to head into his 10-12 hour surgery on the 23rd of March, it is time to now ask the BHRR village and our community to please consider helping us continue to help those in need of our programs so that we can get through the next 12 weeks.

We want BHRR to be around another 20 years and we hope that people will consider a donation to help with the expenses of the next three months.

BHRR has only taken in three new deserving dogs since January 2016 and hopes to continue with assisting more dogs once Sean’s surgery is over etc.

Thank you in advance for reading this novel….

This is a picture of my husband Sean….BHRR would not be here today without him and please do keep him in your best wishes.

We sincerely hope we can host a couple of successful auctions on with your help!!


My last post of my night….

We promise to post an update plus incredible thanks on today’s beautiful Day 2 at PV Stittsville, yet wanted to update folks first re: BHRR’s Steam.

As some are aware we received some messages / calls from our son this afternoon about BHRR’s Steam having some health problems.

Turns out that wee Miss Steam strained her one leg/hip(right side) and to assure all, she is on NSAIDs, rest and doing great!

Probably, hurt herself in doing one of her crazy leaps that we wish she would not do off the back of our couch.

She is eating and drinking well and wants to play. Crate rest is going to be hard on her!

Photo below is from Melissa of Bella Photography taken yesterday at PV Stitsville. Miss Steam Boat is on Serena’s lap, one of the lovely Volunteers that came out to lend a hand yesterday!!

A day full of excitement and stress for sure…..

Happy Sunday night to all of our friends and family!

BHRR St Pattys Day Event (candids) (19) (Medium)



BHRR shall be closed from Tuesday March 22nd, 2016 to Sunday April 3rd, 2016 inclusive to the intake of adoption applications for processing.

Any applications received during that time will be reviewed in the order that they were received as of Monday April 4th, 2016.

Thanks for your understanding!

BHRR’s Flame is now passed out from today’s BHRR’s Private ‘EXPERIENCE’!

She charmed her way even deeper into the hearts of the folks here today!

She is now crashed as is the wee fireball of BHRR’s Steam!


BHRR’s Steam says THANK you to all the brave folks that came out to visit us at Pet Valu Kanata Centrum today! It may have been cold outside(apparently colder than the North Pole today! OUCH!), but, it was nothing but warmth inside!

Our mini-microchip clinic saw three more amazing animals chipped – one gorgeous cat and two stunning dogs – to help them get back home should they become lost or stolen.

We did 6 nail trims and 1 ear cleaning on one beautiful Newf!  Total $70

We had donations of $150.40 that included our red carpet pooch smooch sessions and $10 in merchandise was sold. 

We gave out roses and chocolate bunnies and thank you Dawn for the brownies! Aaron immensely enjoyed the candy hearts we brought too! 

Final total raised today was $350.40 and we are back at Pet Valu Kanata CENTRUM (300 Early Grey Drive) tomorrow from 11 AM – 4 PM

Tomorrow, we are planning on bringing BHRR’s Whisper(her début), BHRR’s Salem and quite possibly BHRR’s Hercules(tripod extraordinare) to smooch and snuggle with their fans! 

We will be doing Nails, Ear Cleaning and Microchipping again tomorrow and our famous red carpet pooch smooch sessions shall be in full swing! 

Thank you to Aaron, Cherie, Grace, Dawn and Sean for the extra hands! We are NOTHING without our fabu Volunteers.

Thank you to Regan and her outstanding staff for welcoming us with such openness plus kindness. Thank you also again for the donations of food!

Thank you to all that believe in what we do, came out to hang – BHRR’s Steam had several visitors that took on the cold to see her!, talk BIG DAWGS, came together in friendship, and to support the animals of BHRR! We are so filled with appreciation!

BHRR’s Flame ROCKED her own début today!

BRING on tomorrow, the BHRR and Boerskins are ready for another special day!

*This photo of BHRR’s Steam is courtesy of The Maracle Family*


COMING up in four sleepies! Saturday February 13th & Sunday February 14th!

BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Flame shall be with us on Saturday and Sunday’s BIG DAWGS are as of yet TBA!

This is our FIRST Community Education and Public Awareness event of 2016! We have not been out since November of 2015!

No appointments are necessary and we are microchipping Saturday and Sunday and more details can be found in the poster below.

Cats and Dogs have to be minimally 8 weeks of age.

Thanks Regan and PV Kanata for hosting us that weekend! So touched as always to have your support!

BHRR Poster (Medium)


BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat(AVAILABLE For Adoption) and one of my own Deaf/Visually Impaired GD’s Salt wish all a good-night!

They are already snuggled up and making the cutest sounds in their sleep!

From our home to all of yours, sweet dreams!


Nap-time is always better with a snuggle buddy!

BHRR’s Flame(10 weeks of age!) and BHRR’s Steam AKA Steamboat(1 year).



My only post for today AND also my last post for my night!

BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat – one of our honourary Giants of BHRR (She is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION) has discovered the XL gorgeous soft and plush dog bed that someone donated at PV Stittsville for BHRR. THANK you so much!!!

I think she is quite comfy! She loves it so much that she has completely discarded her huge yellow ducky(small bit of the duck seen in the bottom left corner) that a doll donated her way back in November. 

WHO would have thought a 22 pound wee thing could take up so much space! Well, we know firsthand that they can take up as much if not more space than the Danes!

She wishes all of our friends, family and extended family a most wonderful restful night….

Tomorrow is a big day for both Mama Eve’s surviving puppy, BHRR’s Flame(miracle 9 weeks now) and also BHRR’s Maple(WOW! Has she ever made amazing progress since her arrival as an extremely fear aggressive lovely) – KAH time to visit the Vets!


Good Night!

BHRR’s Steam keeps close watch over her new friend, BHRR’s Whisper, who is also DEAF and Visually Impaired herself…..

BHRR’s Whisper is new to our rescue program and has had a terrible start to life…..


ISO: Bakers! Our 3rd Annual “Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction begins Saturday January 16th, 2016 and shall run through until Sunday January 24th, 2016!

We are in search of bakers for human and/or doggie treats for this unique online auction!

All items do not need to be baked until the end of the auction to ensure freshness!

Last year we had 41 amazing goodies up for grabs! We are hoping for an equally wonderfully successful fundraiser to help a most deserving dog in our Great Dane Rescue.

If anyone may consider donating a baked goodie to our creative fundraiser, please do email Please do NOT post on this thread for your kind and generous offer may be missed!

All monies raised shall go towards BHRR’ Mavie’s Vet Bills. He was back at KAH on the 14th of December for a post op recheck and to exam the swelling that has begun to develop again on that left front leg of his.  He was back to not eating as well and dropping weight again. Clear signs that something is brewing…..

His had swollen lymph nodes yet was not demonstrating a fever. He is back on the Baytril 150 mg – 3 Tablets BID and that is a cost of almost $300 for just over 8 days. We are also running more bloodwork.

So, our Iron Man is not yet out of the woods………..

Thanks in advance for any consideration………

bakingbills2015 (Medium)

BHRR’s Steam’s XMAS Eve Candid Photo’s! 🙂

02 04 09

BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat!(DEAF/Visually Impaired Mini Aussie)

We can count on one hand the number of dogs that proved to be ready to be placed up for adoption this quickly over the past almost 20 years. Just 16 days post arrival to BHRR, she is ready! Our protocols are a minimum of 5 weeks, yet she is more than ready.

This honourary Great Dane/Giant of BHRR is ready to make her announcement!

She has handled learning all about the startle reflex like a pro, picked up scent, touch and hand signals like an expert AND the weight shall continue to come on her skinny wee body.

She really does not need me anymore…though, my heart and the hearts of my home think we NEED her!

She blew everyone away at our recent Community Education event on the 28th of November at the wonderful PV Hazeldean(Thanks Marg and team for hosting us again!)

She is curious and outgoing and a ‘risk’ taker now that her confidence has been encouraged and she is more comfortable with her ability to communicate and understand the world around her so much better!

She is independent now and her leash manners are coming along nicely and she can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired etc.

She will NOT go to a home that will encourage her to use pee pads. She is housebroken and absolutely LOVES the outdoors!

She would excel in obedience, agility and even Therapy work. She is that much of a WOW girl! Brilliant and she loves her stuffies – XL ones from Value Village to snuggle with(she has a yellow duck donated to her that she adores!) and some of the medium size ones make great wrestle partners for her. 🙂

She is going to be a big hoot in the snow! I can see it now!!

She is excellent with all dogs – is playing wonderfully with her bff’s here – my GD Salt(DEAF/Visually Impaired) & BHRR’s Baby Kaos.

It would be great to see her in a home that has at least one right matched personality fit dog yet, would be ok on her own as long as she has a strong network of doggie friends to interact with.

She is social and we want to keep her that way with people and dogs.

She was fine with her exposure to cats to date also.

She loves car rides! She keeps wanting to ride shotgun when she first gets in , so we keep having conversations about where she should be riding for her safety.

She is so affectionate and kind and gentle and adore her!!!

Thanks in advance to those that may share her photo in the hopes that her right matched personality fit home finds her!

Here is her individual Blog:

Thank you to Karen and to Jane for entrusting her to BHRR! She has been a real gem and true delight to have in our programs!

Thank you to Rachel and Bernie for the assistance (Sean too!) the day of her prof photo shoot! AND, thank you to Melissa for the gorgeous photo’s of her!

BHRR - High Res (watermark) (13) (Medium) BHRR - High Res (watermark) (12) (Medium)


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Thursday December 17th, 2015 to Tuesday January 5th, 2016 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed on Wednesday January 6th, 2016!

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will do intake.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

We are receiving some inquiries on BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat and we are making this blog post so that everyone who is following her story can be made aware again that she is NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION at this time. It clearly states in her first blog post made on November 9th, 2015 that she is not yet available.

When she is available, we will make her announcement blog post per our standard protocols and practises of the last almost 20 years of operating.

BHRR NEVER takes on inquiries or accepts applications on dogs not yet made available for adoption.

Unfortunately, we have received over the past 24 hours some extremely aggressive voice messages re: BHRR’s Steam.  This is deeply disturbing.

We take a lot of effort ensuring that blogs are as up to date as possible and detailed instructions are posted on every dogs’ blog and also on their PetFinder bio’s when they are made available for adoption as to how to read the dogs’ blog. Every dogs’ blog will answer almost all the questions you will have re: age plus history.

AND, when the dog is made available for adoption, the blog will clearly state what type of home that we are seeking to place our dogs into.

BHRR is not desperate to adopt our dogs and we shall only place per that right matched personality fit. Our adoption success rates were 100% for over 10 years of operating and as we come close to entering year 20, we are now 98%.

We are all Volunteers at BHRR and please do take the time to read all information plus details that we have taken such precious time to make readily available at your fingertips re: each of our dogs.

Someone is not so keen on beginning the day!!

BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam-Boat, one of our honorary Giants, is enjoying BHRR’s Baby Kaos’ Value Village XL stuffie. She would love to have some of her very own as they help comfort her at night and keep her warm.

If anyone is going to be near a Value Village and would not mind picking up a couple of the super huge giant sized stuffed dogs and/or bears, do let me know. I am so happy to reimburse!!! There is not one near me and my schedule right now does not allow me to get to one in the Ottawa area right now….

Miss Steam shall be with us on Saturday November 28th at Pet Valu Hazeldean(457 Hazeldean Road) from 10 am – 4 pm to visit and give out some kisses on our famous red carpet for a pooch smooch donation!

Thanks in advance and Happy Thursday!!


BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat loves her new coat thanks to Auntie Rachel and Auntie Bernie! She looks so adorable!

AND, thank you to you both for the extra hands today for the prof photo session with her, BHRR’s Miller and BHRR’s Crème Brûlée!

I think Sean also has a final appreciation for all the training that goes into the dogs prior to being placed up for adoption!

Thank you to Melissa for her precious time again in taking some prof photo’s of these dogs in preparation for some time in the future when they are ready to be placed up for adoption!

BHRR’s Steam also was at work with me on Thursday and is now 18.26 pounds! So up a wee bit! Charmed the whole Hospital and did so well there for the day!!!

Happy Saturday to all! May it be happy safe and healthy!


BHRR’s 8th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction has now begun!

Runs through to Thursday December 3rd @ 8 PM EST!

Over 50 items listed to date and some more to come!

Please consider helping us help BHRR’s Mavie!

If anyone has any items that they would like to donate, please do email FOR we would be so appreciative. We only host 5 planned Fundraisers a year and BHRR’s Mavie is going to deeply benefit from all money raised in this auction.

He has his surgery scheduled to remove that left front leg implant on Tuesday November 24th with his wonderful ortho specialist. He had a sudden rejection/infection to that left implant recently and now that the Baytril(almost $600 for 16 days worth of treatment) has worked its magic on the infection, he is ‘good to go’ for surgery!

My last post of my night!

Someone is settling in extremely well!

Sean has chosen a name: BHRR’s Steam AKA “Steam Boat”

AND, one young human lady is also loving her!

BHRR’s Steam began playing for the first time last night, with one of my own special needs Great Danes – “Salt”.

She is eating well, and we are ISO: the following items if anyone may have something they may consider donating.

1) Durable toys – KONGS, Rope Toys etc. suitable for an 18 pound 11 month old pup
2) XL Stuffies from Value Village as she does some crying in her crate and she loves to snuggle with ‘Salt’s’ and ‘BHRR’s Baby Kaos’ yet, they use theirs at night also.
3) A small leash for an 18 pound dog – she came with one yet I always like to have a back-up
4) a dog coat – she is so skinny and in these quickly cooling temps
5) a soft bristle brush for an 18 pound dog – mine are uber huge!

Thanks so much in advance!


AND, she is here! Sean picked her up while I was in Cambridge doing BHRR’s Bishop’s, The Bish’s adoption home-visit. He teased me all day with photo’s and tidbits about how lovely she is.

BHRR’s ????
*Sean is still thinking! What incredible name suggestions made to date! WOW!*

AND, I concur with what everyone that has met her has said to date, she is awesome! A wee firecracker indeed yet sweet and so portable!

AND I also concur with what has already been said about her, she is painfully thin, quite underweight. Hips, ribs and spine protruding under her fur.. She probably weighs 60-70% of what she should be weighing…..18 pounds is way too little for her….that will change though!

Sean has already fallen head over heels in love! Photo below is blurry yet it is of Mason and her……….I think he is already in love also!

Welcome to BHRR our honourary Great Dane/Giant! She may not be a Great Dane in size, yet her spirit and heart, watch out, she is ‘bigger’ than the world! She is going to be taking names!!! She is a bit hand shy and flinchy yet, she is going to settle in just fine. We will work on her startle reflex.

Thank you to Karen and Jane in having her entrusted to our rescue that has a huge focus on the special needs. For those not yet aware, she is DEAF and Visually Impaired. Yet, none of that holds her back and that is what I love about these incredible dogs, this is her ‘normal’ and she is living life, taking it by storm!

Cannot wait until I see her real personality blossom and come out……she is going to be a hoot! Watch out world!

Thank you to all that helped get her to BHRR safely and also to Elizabeth White in being her Special Secret Santa. With BHRR’s Bishop, her current SS being adopted today, she is being so kind and wonderful to be this little cutie’s SS!

She is also going to need some Value Village XL stuffies to call her own to snuggle with! We are down to only three here now…..BOO!


Testimonial from the one angel that overnight her November 13th on her transport:

“I overnighted this darling on Friday night, she is sooo sweet, got up in my lap on the sofa and fell sound asleep.  She was a delight to have for the evening. I knew she was going to make someone very happy.


Testimonial from someone who saw her on one of the transport legs:

“That Fergie is a little firecracker !  I saw Fergie at one of the transfer points, wow, what a great looking and social dog, was very curious about the other dogs, and was walking around the stop etc… like it was nothing!  Maybe a bit overwhelming for her due to limited sight and hearing, but seemed to be doing great!”

Testimonial from another one of her transport angels:

“Hi! We transported X and Fergi tonight. Such quiet and lovely girls, both were sweethearts. If I didn’t have 3 dogs already, I might have kidnapped them for me! Whomever adopts these two beauties will be very lucky indeed.”

Testimonial from the angel that overnight her on November 14th on her transport:

“Fergi is with me for the night.  She had a good explore of the backyard. 
She is skittish, was very unsure of the bubbles in my bubble bath. She would come forward to explore
and as soon as the bubbles moved, she would jump back.
Wants to be with people,
 she is thin but did not dive into her dinner bowl.
She took her treat around the corner out of sight of the other dogs
(even though they are gated outside Fergi’s area)
She took her treat very gently.
very curious and will rise up on her back legs to check things out.
She had not gotten over the regular height baby gates yet, but I think she could if she put her mind to it.
Definitely has some sight, maybe some hearing of certain pitches.  I thought she reacted to the 4 doxies barking at her tonight.
A really sweet girl

Here is a photo of her on today’s transport legs….we hear that she is a firecracker!! Love it!
Photo courtesy of her transport angel Kim. 🙂

UPDATE: Her overnight mom said that she seems unsure, needs weight and we can understand how she may be nervous….


UPDATE: so she was taken to the Vet earlier this week in prep for her transport and her flea infestation has now been treated and her weight at 11 months of age is only 18 pounds. She is quite underweight. She has also begun to be de-wormed, had a Heartworm plus tickborne panel done etc….

We will have a copy of all of her Vet records for documentation of her medical status, receipts for payment made and all proactive plus preventative medicine that has been done.

If all goes well, she shall be at BHRR Sunday!


On November 8th, we received a request to assist this wee cutie – mini aussie, female, 11 months of age, not yet spayed, not utd on vaccines, needs de-worming etc., has a flea infestation, super skinny and is also DEAF / VISUALLY IMPAIRED.

As we approved BHRR’s Hailey’s Adoption and being a special needs rescue, we stepped up immediately to assist.

She was on her way to an uncertain future and being sent to a shelter by her Owner and a kind angel intervened, contacted another beautiful angel that then reached out to us asking if we could take her into our programs.

BHRR is a Great Dane and Giant Breed plus Equine Rescue and, our focus since our inception in 1996 has been on the special needs and with BHRR’s Hailey’s approved adoption, we were so happy to step up to assist this wee honourary soon to be Giant of BHRR. We have assisted a number of Aussie’s over the past shy of 20 years and are excited to meet her!

ETA to BHRR November 15th, 2015.