BHRR’s Steam Boat!

We absolutely love when home-visits and homes are as simply delightful and awesome as this one! 

This home is what we have been so patiently waiting for so long… has BHRR’s Steam.

Anyone who knows us, knows we work so hard to adopt to right match personality fit homes and we are never desperate to adopt our dogs.

For BHRR’s Steam it took until this application for her right matched forever loving to find her and so worth the wait.

She is right where she is meant to be and Karen & Jane you would be equally just thrilled to see where BHRR’s Steam now calls home.

Going through this application process with this home was so lovely and from the moment we arrived, we were welcomed warmly, BHRR’s Steam was comfortable and happy – when is she not! – and they are meant to be her new forever loving adoptive home.

This was an approved adoption that I am beaming over! I am so going to miss this special needs Mini Aussie that we called BHRR’s Steam Boat as she is a huge beautiful presence, a gentle, loves life, a ham, a stubborn goof at times, a survivor of being emaciated that learned manners – shall never be a perfect Lady yet is perfect in all of her imperfections!

My back of my couch is going to miss you, the XL Giant stuffies one of my own special needs Danes – Salt – shall miss being laid upon, our visitors will miss being in awe of how normal you are and how you ‘ruled’ the Giants!  My Salt shall also miss his play bud! You two were so close….

I shall miss your huge zest of life and how happiness could be found in everything! You wake up every day so excited to see what the day shall bring your way! Social butterfly is putting it lightly to describe you! So photogenic also! I do not think I ever took a bad pic of you! ?

BHRR’s Steam, my final chapter with you has now been written yet you have books yet to be written with the incredible future you shall have!

I love you and am so happy for you and this home and thank you to this home for everything!

Now, Kinsley & I are working our way home and have stopped for a very late supper in Brockville and we wish all of our friends, family and supporters a most wonderful Monday night!