BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat!(DEAF/Visually Impaired Mini Aussie)

We can count on one hand the number of dogs that proved to be ready to be placed up for adoption this quickly over the past almost 20 years. Just 16 days post arrival to BHRR, she is ready! Our protocols are a minimum of 5 weeks, yet she is more than ready.

This honourary Great Dane/Giant of BHRR is ready to make her announcement!

She has handled learning all about the startle reflex like a pro, picked up scent, touch and hand signals like an expert AND the weight shall continue to come on her skinny wee body.

She really does not need me anymore…though, my heart and the hearts of my home think we NEED her!

She blew everyone away at our recent Community Education event on the 28th of November at the wonderful PV Hazeldean(Thanks Marg and team for hosting us again!)

She is curious and outgoing and a ‘risk’ taker now that her confidence has been encouraged and she is more comfortable with her ability to communicate and understand the world around her so much better!

She is independent now and her leash manners are coming along nicely and she can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired etc.

She will NOT go to a home that will encourage her to use pee pads. She is housebroken and absolutely LOVES the outdoors!

She would excel in obedience, agility and even Therapy work. She is that much of a WOW girl! Brilliant and she loves her stuffies – XL ones from Value Village to snuggle with(she has a yellow duck donated to her that she adores!) and some of the medium size ones make great wrestle partners for her. 🙂

She is going to be a big hoot in the snow! I can see it now!!

She is excellent with all dogs – is playing wonderfully with her bff’s here – my GD Salt(DEAF/Visually Impaired) & BHRR’s Baby Kaos.

It would be great to see her in a home that has at least one right matched personality fit dog yet, would be ok on her own as long as she has a strong network of doggie friends to interact with.

She is social and we want to keep her that way with people and dogs.

She was fine with her exposure to cats to date also.

She loves car rides! She keeps wanting to ride shotgun when she first gets in , so we keep having conversations about where she should be riding for her safety.

She is so affectionate and kind and gentle and adore her!!!

Thanks in advance to those that may share her photo in the hopes that her right matched personality fit home finds her!

Here is her individual Blog:

Thank you to Karen and to Jane for entrusting her to BHRR! She has been a real gem and true delight to have in our programs!

Thank you to Rachel and Bernie for the assistance (Sean too!) the day of her prof photo shoot! AND, thank you to Melissa for the gorgeous photo’s of her!

BHRR - High Res (watermark) (13) (Medium) BHRR - High Res (watermark) (12) (Medium)