BHRR’s DBB Abbi went to her new forever loving home tonight around 6:00 PM. ALL our best being sent your way BHRR’s DBB Abbi! ADOPTED!


BHRR’s DBB Abbi shall be going to her new forever loving adoptive home on Friday October 2nd! GOSH! I think we are just going to bawl when it is time to say good-bye to her.


*If all goes well, BHRR’s DBB Sister Abbi could be in her new forever adoptive home by mid-October.

Abbi had a fantastic day on Saturday. She went with some of our approved BHRR Volunteers for a playdate and I was so jealous! I learnt that she had a snooze in the sun in their yard with their other dog too! WISH I could have done that. From her playdate on Saturday, she came to me to B&F to pick up some items very kindly donated by Amanda for our upcoming BHRR Boat Cruise/Dinner/Auction Fundraiser being held on October 3rd and FROM there, we headed off to Conroy Pit for some training with her two DDB Sisters that were adopted. Abbi also made a complete liar out of me for she went into my car(she has come a long way with her comfort zone with cars again) plus our BHRR Volunteers Vehicle like no tomorrow(she was trying to get around them to get into theirs she was quite excited) and then in respect to her obedience with me at Conroy; she decided that after her first amazing recall; that she would rather be ‘free’….LOL Back on zee leash for you young lady! She had an incredible day and impressed all with her beauty, grace and leash manners. I am hoping for great things for Abbi in the future as more and more people see how amazing she truly is. Abbi also did so much better at the Animal Hospital. She only had one small drop of ‘sub’ pee and was quite loving to everyone. I think the patience, time, consistency and support has finally begun to pay off.

Abbi was in to for her annual check-up and she still remains very nervous at the Vet Hospital, the poor thing. While she deeply enjoys all the loving from the people, she is not comfortable in being in that environment. She weighed about 85 – 90 pounds(wiggly on the scale) and is looking marvelous! She is such an nicely conformed Dane! A clean bill of health given and she enjoyed her Timmie’s visit. I hope to continue to get her out and about more and more with daytrip/playdays/playtrips as she truly does enjoy them.

Just want to put out an ‘official’ word that our blogs are updated regularly with new pictures when possible and all animals listed are ‘current’ in their status be it as a Haven Dog or Available For Adoption. Not sure where the confusion is lying for we received another vm today from someone who was ‘not’ sure if the animals listed here were current in their ‘status’. BHRR is always open to feedback and if we could be doing something better with our website, blogs etc., please do let us know!

OK! As promised and requested ๐Ÿ˜‰ , I am posting dates for our approved Volunteers for possible playdates, daytrips and playdays. Please contact Gwen if you might be interested! As we head into the fall with the beginning of the school year plus the return of many of our ‘Summer’ Break Volunteers; we should be in a much better position on this front yet BHRR can always use more Volunteers for our animals including our Therapy plus Humane Education visits plus speeches. A Volunteer/Foster Application can be downloaded, completed and returned to BHRR. We are always in need of more approved Foster homes. The more approved homes we have, the more animals we can continue to assist.

Saturday September 5th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM); Tuesday September 8th(4 PM – 8:00 PM); Tuesday September 15th(4 PM – 8:00 PM) & Saturday September 19th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

We are also looking for approved BHRR Volunteers that might like to come out on Friday September 25th, 2009 as part of the Ashbury College Leadership Through Volunteering Day. We shall be doing Humane Education plus having hands on time including grooming with the Giant Breed Canines and Equines at BHRR. If you are interested, please contact Gwen

We are just so appreciative of all those stepping forward to assist us at BHRR with extra playdates, daytrips and playdays! I would love to see BHRR’s Abbi, Lil Linus, Parker, Potter and Mazda get in some more over the next while. For this upcoming week; I am looking at Wedneday August 26th(4-8 PM), Thursday August 27th(4-8 PM) or even Sunday August 30th(noon onward). For the following week; I am looking at Tuesday September 1st(4 – 8 PM) at this time. Will post more dates as I can. Please do email mail Gwen if you might be interested. On behalf of all of the animals here; thank you so much for your continued support.

Unfortunately, with all the very tragic events that have occured in our home; BHRR’s Abbi’s annual appointment has been moved to Tuesday August 25th. She is not a fan of the Vet’s and hopefully, we can make the experience as stressfree as possible. I am just so looking forward to obtaining a current weight on her! Now, that BHRR’s Potter has been here for a bit; Abbi is not as enamored with him as he is an untrained puppy(night ‘vampire) who likes to thunder around the house(we are working on those ‘listening’ skills of his!) and now that BHRR’s Kingston is here; double time of trouble and thundering! ๐Ÿ˜› Abbi’s whole order is just not prepared for this type of chaos and she just gives them her ‘look’ of absolute horror and disgust over their antics BUT take them outside and gloves off; PLAYTIME galore with Abbi involved with them! She just continues to rock with her ‘no play’ in the house order and I have to work hard at keeping a straight face for she is ‘right’, no roughplaying in the house!!!! I have also uploaded Slides #62 – #63 from June 18th and Slides #64 from July 9th. We are slowly getting back up on our feet from our tragic losses and I have much to update with all. I am also looking for approved BHRR Volunteers and/or Adopters who might be open to taking BHRR’s Abbi out for a playdate or daytrip on August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and/or August 25th. She has been deeply benefiting from this extra special time away and I would like to organize a few more for her, Mazda, Parker etc. Please email Gwen if you are open to helping. ๐Ÿ™‚

We wish to post that BHRR continues to Rescue and take request for assistance ALL across North America. There seemed to be some question as to our continued ‘locale’ of Rescue assistance due to a number of recent groups opening up their doors in areas that BHRR has been a huge part in helping out in the past. This does not change anything for BHRR. I have been involved in Rescue for over 22 years and BHRR has been around for almost 14; since I first founded this organization back in 1996. We are still here and we still continue to be where we are needed, when we are needed.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to offer up prayers and blessings of support and strength as we went through the unimaginable on Friday July 24th. As per my worry posted in BHRR’s Potter’s Blog on July 22nd, I rushed in with our Grayson Dane’s Babyz Dragonz(almost 8 and BLK’s Maggi’s bestest of friends) just after 11:30 AM on July 24th as he was bloating and after valiantly trying to save him for almost 3 hours; I humanely let him go. Thank you to Dr. Adams, Kenda, April, Marie and Dave at Kanata Animal Hospital for working with me so hard in trying to save him. We honestly thought we โ€˜got’ him in time yet with his advanced age and vascular system; he just kept continuing to fill up with gas and with each digital X-Ray we took after working on him; we began to see his torsion and his spleen had been pushed way down and over. He was not well when I arrived with him; but we truly felt we got him turned around yet sadly, he was becoming more weak and shocky. When one loses one pet, it is truly heartwrenching; two pets, devastating; but in having lost three of our own Great Danes in a week; I feel just sick and even my hands are shaking from my own shock. I truly thought my knees were going to buckle at one point and the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life is tell my 6 year old daughter that I could not save her beloved โ€˜Babyz Dragonz’. 22 years without a bloat in one of our own Great Danes and we have now had two in one week plus the tragic loss of BHRR’s KB/JB. BHRR shall remain in a shutdown mode as we continue to stumble and struggle our way through these devastating tragedies. I am also seriously considering moving BHRR’s Mazda to an approved Volunteer or Adopter home for the next while for with my worries about Dragon after his bf Maggi bloated; and then we ended up losing him; I remain extremely concerned……… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I have spent quite some time talking to some of my Show Mentors and many have told me that in their own multi-dog kennels/homes; they have gone through losses like this or have had friends who have. Apparently,a nightmare of this type is not as uncommon as one would have thought or even had hoped would be the case. Armed with this information; it makes me just that much more determined to stay proactive with the wellbeing plus health of all those that are in our home and hearts. I watched Dragon like a hawk the whole week since his bf Maggi bloated; yet I still could not save him in the end. I also remain watching our 10+ year old Kona; NewfX too but she seems to be bouncing back somewhat at this time. Maggi was a really close friend of hers too. Kona is the last of the FANTABULOUS ‘5’ in our home. She is also the last of the FANTASTIC ‘4’ that we moved into this house with back in August of 1999.

We appreciate the understanding of everyone that we are requesting some private time over the next while. With the loss of our sweet precious BLK’s Maggi on July 17th to bloat; we are now battling a new wave of pain with us having to let go BHRR’s KB/JB just before 6:00 PM tonight. I received a call while I was at the Lombardy shows around 4:30 PM from Sean that KB/JB was not doing well. From talking to Sean, it sounded like a stroke or seizure and I rushed off to meet Sean as he headed to the hospital. Sean’s initial worry was that it was bloat(I completely understand his fear as Maggi bloated on Friday while I was at home but Sean was at work and has had no real experience with bloat) yet from asking him questions and then seeing KB/JB myself and the Vet concurred, he had most likely had a stroke and that is why he lost control of his legs, especially in the hind end. When I felt his legs and feet, they were stone cold. We knew that we would only have a short more while with him due to his aggressive osteosarcoma yet we did not think that we would lose him like this. So, thank you to everyone for respecting our need for some privacy to properly mourn the losses of our incredible and amazing Danes; BLK’s Maggi(January 1st, 2001 – July 17th, 2009) & BHRR’s KB/JB(August 2002 – July 21st, 2009). The last four days have been just a walking nightmare for our home. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ We sit in stunned pain right now.

I had to move Abbi’s Annual appointment to July 31st(Mason’s 9th birthday!) due to Short Hair Sam(our recent GP addition last Saturday) having an eye infection and I brought him in tonight instead. Abbi’s Vaccines are not due until the end of the month as is and I could just see her eyes boring into the back of my shirt as I had washed her and did her nails and then she stayed home…. ๐Ÿ˜› I have a lovely picture from July 9th that I need to add to her slideshow as well. She has managed to stay in a collar for longer than 2 days! WOOHOOOOO!

BHRR’s Abbi has her annual scheduled for July 9th and I am most curious to see how much she weighs! She has matured into just the most boootiful of packages! ๐Ÿ™‚

Abbi had a bit of an adventure last Saturday. She went home with a Volunteer/friend and experienced her very first elevator in an apartment building and then met up with some of us at the Drive-In for an evening of fun! She did really well; all things considered and everyone just LOVED her! Who wouldn’t????? The more exposure and play dates that she has in environments like this; the better she is becoming with her rehab from having been hurt almost a year ago. YAY! Abbi! I also have two pictures from June 18th to add of Abbi.

I wanted to post this picture from Saturday June 6th’s BHRR DOGGIE fencing day. THANKS Suzanne & Chuck for the picture. I LOVE this picture of BHRR’s Abbi. ISN’T she just stunning! I can vouch; as can many others that she is equally stunning INSIDE and outside! Sean and I did another nail trim on her last week and she ROCKED! Baby steps…..She did have a couple of tiny tiny tiny ‘sub’ pees when people were over on Saturday yet with all the people; the bulldozer; noises, familar fencing coming down and new fencing etc. going up; we are not overly suprised. Poor Porridge had diarrhea; he was so excited and stressed out by all the action that day. Abbi(sans her DDB partner in crime sister Jenni) was very content to just lie and be around us all day outside. Past experience when her DBB sister Jenni was still with us; saw the two of them liking to do ‘walkabout’ when they could to the horse field to hang out with the horses plus pony! Abbi is going to thrive in a home with order, routine and someone committed to her thirst for continued obedience training. I have quite a few pictures to add to her slideshow of her and BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws playing and zooming on June 2nd, 2009 and shall get to that presently.

BHRR’s Abbi – June 6th, 2009

Abbi continues to do well! As many know, Sean and I have been holding off doing her nails(and as people know, I LIKE my dogs nails short!) and that patience paid off for we were able to do them a couple of weeks ago without any issues(submissive peeing). I cannot believe how grey her face is getting. It makes her look so adorable. I am also posting slides #56-#60 in her gallery. We have had some inquiries on Abbi and we shall see what the future will hold for her. We do have an open house coming up and that will be giving people the opportunity to meet her in person to see just how amazing she truly is! Abbi is definitely a ‘ladies’ man for she has completely claimed Sean as her own and when Sean is not feeling well; she will not leave his side or when he falls asleep on the couch(do not tell him that!); she is right there beside him. ๐Ÿ™‚ She continues to thrive on rules and routine and is none too impressed when BHRR’s Mr. Parker arrived and being the completely untrained goofy puppy boy he is; just ran ranshankle through the house at first. She was also the object of his ‘affection’ and it did not take her long(just one night) to very politely and effectively ‘correct’ him on this behavour and he has been very respectful and has switched his affections to PPSS…sigh…everyone wants to hump my sweet Soul. Abbi is really maturing into her frame now and continues to just be a stunning Dane, inside and out. She has also taken to wanting to come up on my bed at night for some cuddles and loving and will even stay there for some time before getting off and settling on to one of the Kuranda Beds that her fostermom donated almsot 1.5 years ago. Her obedience is just almost perfection and she just continues to love to ‘ditch’ her collar at every opportunity….sigh…. ๐Ÿ˜› We continue to work on her feeling comfortable again in the car and it is a very very very slow process and one that is truly ‘painful’ to dear Abbi. ๐Ÿ™ She no longer sits and preens and watches the world go by with interest and just lies down and looks so worried. She still associates the car with when she was hurt by that dog and me taking her to the Vet and patience is the only way to go with this one. I just know that she would also be so much happier in a home with less dogs(she has to have her order and structure and it does stress her out to have others not ‘listen’) and we remain optimistic that her right matched home is out there!

Today, we finally received a certified check for the funds that were meant to come to BHRR including coverage of the NSF fees. I picked up the check on my way to work at the Hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, I was informed that the instructor from the course had called and that surprised me for this was a BHRR matter. I then received a call at KAH on this same BHRR matter a couple hours later and we continue to request that all BHRR matters be taken care of away from the Hospital for my work there is separate from my work at BHRR. The call I received was from the instructor S. Candow of the Communications Course at St. Lawrence College and who was the organizer of the April 7th Speaker Day. She wanted to not only confirm that we did receive the certified check, which I had just received on my way to work today yet also strongly requested that I remove the blog about the funds bouncing from our site as it caused the College ‘distress’ and that her communications class was mentioned. As I very clearly explained; BHRR believes in full disclosure and this was the facts of the situation and as BHRR was not at fault for funds bouncing that were meant to come to us and that while I was very happy that in four years this had never happened to them before; the error was not ours, we have nothing to hide and BHRR was very much ‘distressed’ by having to be the proactive one to have this matter addressed. We are now at the end of May and finally getting resolution and the Speaker Day was April 7th. The student who bounced the check could have showed intiative to have this matter rectified as soon as she realised that the check would bounce yet did not. Our calls could have been returned sooner yet were not etc. Not only that, it put us into a very difficult and uncomfortable position for as mentioned; KAH has been very kind to accept checks on behalf of our Rescue for the last almost 5.5 years. That priviledge could have very easily been taken away from us. I firmly said that ‘no, I would not remove our blog’ for it is the truth of the matter and I was then informed by S. Candow that she wanted a blog posted that this matter had been rectified. I once again explained that BHRR believes in full disclosure and that when I was NOT working at the hospital and at my earliest opportunity; I would post that resolution was finally achieved yet once again; I WOULD not be removing any blog about something that was not our fault and that I would not remove something as if we were to ‘blame’. I stand by our position that this should have been more professionally handled and this latest experience today has reinformed my position that this has not be a very pleasant experience. At this time, as far as myself and my BOD of BHRR are concerned, this matter is now closed for we have finally received the funds that were originally meant to come to help the animals in need of our BHRR programs and we will not have any further contact on this topic. A huge thank you is extended to all for their continued support and also patience for in the dealing with this situation; it has taken away from being able to update blogs, post new pictures etc.

As some are aware, BHRR has been dealing with a situation to try and obtain resolution on some funds that were specifically raised for BHRR by members of a Veterinary Assistance team at St. Lawrence College in Kingston when BHRR was there to present for their Speaker Day back in April 2009. As part of their course ‘task’; this team was to raise funds for the guest organization that came in to speak and $300.00 was raised for BHRR; yet the check that was given to us; bounced and now we are being charged with a NSF fee. Kanata Animal Hospital has allowed us to have checks written out into their name as they have believed in BHRR and our programs and this is the first time in my almost 5.5 years working there that this has happened. I have emailed my ‘contact’ person; T. Belbeck from the Speaker Day and I have also left a message with the instructor; Sandra of their Vet Assistant Communications course who hosted this “Speaker Day”; yet to date; we still have not been given a replacement check(I have requested this to be a Money Order or Bank Draft this time around) nor has an appropriate resolution been sent our way. As mentioned in my one email sent out on this matter; we shall take whatever steps are necessary for this is completely unacceptable for monies that were specifically raised and meant for the animals at BHRR to have been kept by another(s) and now BHRR is out the $300 plus a NSF charge. This is one reason why our blogs have not been updated this week; for this situation has occupied much of my time since last Tuesday. The BOD of BHRR is beyond unimpressed with what has happened plus how it has been handled to date. In fact, we are absolutely dismayed with what has taken place and one of our next steps is also going to be contacting Chris Whitaker; President & CEO at St. Lawrence College.

I have two new pictures of Abbi to add; yet I will put one of them below; so all can see just how BOOOOTIFUL she is!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been a ‘tough’ weekend at BHRR. Abbi continues to thrive here and we just love her more and more every day. I think she has decided that ‘Sean’ is officially hers and when Sean takes a nap(don’t tell Sean that I am posting this) on the weekends; Abbi can be found lying right next to him. Yet, her favourite position is lying partly on him while he naps. She really has taken to him and even today, Sean said that he felt that when(gosh, we still hope!)she is adopted; that she is really going to miss our home. For me, I think what Abbi misses most is her two DBB sisters; which of the two; it is Jenni; yet Jenni; honestly cannot be overly bothered with Abbi. Jenni is the ‘princess’ to the end and has always ‘ruled’ in her own way and Abbi was always content to follow her and let Jenni call the shots. I feel for Abbi and the last time that Jenni plus Mudslide were over; all Abbi wanted to do was go outside and play with them; especially Jenni and Jenni was not really interested. Abbi is just not the ‘same ‘Abbi’ without her DBB sisters and my heart does pang over that. Is she happy here; oh sure she is…..but we nor any other dog here is a replacement for her family. I mentioned to Sean that Abbi should really have a home to call her own, one with less dogs and yet with at least one(preferably where there would end up being even numbers when she is adopted, so she is not ‘left’ out as many odd dog number homes can tend to end up)that she really connects and bonds with. We will be very careful to ensure that Abbi is placed as per her wishes and really ‘listen’ to her and her needs. I will need to take a step back, not be too protective and let her ‘talk’ more when this time comes. I just find it hard seeing her feelings get hurt; just as a parent hates to see their child hurt.ย  ๐Ÿ™ ย  I am thinking that as much as I do obedience myself and teach it; I think I am going to take Abbi ‘out’ of the home and take some classes with her; be it agility or obedience. JUST her and I; to really show her just how special she really is and to have that extra ‘alone’ time with her. Tomorrow, she shall celebrate her 2nd birthday…just where as the time gone!!!! WOW!

BHRR’s DBB Abbi – March 2009

We would like to clarify that while BHRR will most likely be moving locales in the forseeable future(locale TBD); we are still very much open for adoptions to the provinces of Ontario and Quebec at this time. We ALSO remain very active in the assistance of animals in need and are open 24/7 for that assistance. THANKS! ๐Ÿ™‚

Two new pics of Abbi posted; Slides #54 & 55. Abbi lost some weight after her DBB sister Mudslide left in November to go to her new home and Abbi is finally looking really good again. She is such a sweet, sensitive, loving GD. I have to get a new height on Abbi for I know that at last measurement, Dana was 29″ and I know that Abbi is now taller than Dana. She is still the best of packages in that petite frame!!!! So wonderfully in proportion and the masking gene has caused her muzzle to begin to prematurely grey and I am such a suck for that look! ๐Ÿ˜› I cannot believe that she will be turning 2 at the end of March. Time has flown by since the 3 DBB’s came to us as pups mere weeks of age!!!! She was a HUGE hit at our BHRR January Mini-Open house yesterday and I am so happy that others see in her, what Sean & I do. She is just amazing!!!! I do wish to add a picture into this blog of her playing with Tain or rather, Tain being a PITA and Abbi who has the patience of a saint(she loves order and rules in her life!), getting ready to ‘check’ the “Lil Devil’ for being a brat! LOL I LOVE LOVE this shot that I took on December 24th, 2008. If Bronson had been there; I am sure he would have told Tain not to be such a goober for he has had his own moment of being a turkey as a wee pup and Abbi saying ‘enough is enough…you will behave now!’ SHE just rocks!!!!

Tain & Abbi- December 24th, 2008. ๐Ÿ˜€

A huge thank you from us at BHRR again for the understanding that most have shown us as we work around the clock resolving the BHRR Computer issues. We are getting there and updates plus pictures should be able to be uploaded within the next few days. We know that the fans of BHRR have appreciated how unique we are in keeping updating blogs and pics on the animals in our care and for those that are attending our upcoming BHRR Mini-Open House; you will at least get to see everyone in person to know how they are doing!!!! We are looking forward to the Open House as we have not had one since September. I know the horses and dogs cannot wait too. Thanks to everyone for continuing to support BHRR!

As per our home page:

*****ALERT! Our BHRR computer has been compromised with the harddrive plus both servers affected with several malicious viruses which has even corrupted our current anti-spyware software. Please bear with us as Sean assists me in righting this situation. We have had to buy a brand new computer etc. and it is going to take some time to resolve. Sorry for any inconvenience and the best way to reach us at this time is on our BHRR line (613) 725-4279 for any matters relating to rescue. Email & Internet cannot be accessed!*****

Our 2008 Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Online Auction started on Saturday November 22nd @ 7:00 AM EST and shall run through until Thursday December 4th @ 9:00 PM EST.

To learn more such as bidding rules, items up for grabs PLUS to begin bidding; please click on the below link:

2008 BHRR’s Online Auction

On behalf of everyone at BHRR and especially all the animals in need of our BHRR Programs; THANK YOU for your consideration in participating. Additionally, if anyone has any items they would like to donate to support this worthy cause; please email Gwen


When Mudslide went to her new home on Saturday; Abbi took it quite hard. She is still a bit depressed and while Shiva is ‘helping’ her; she is very sad. It is a wee bit heartwrenching to see. ๐Ÿ™ The first thing every AM is Abbi and Mudslide just zooming it up outside and Abbi has been looking and looking for her DBB sister. I am glad that Shiva is there for her and Hamilton The Newf has really stepped up to the plate and has been sleeping close to her. Abbi and Mudslide would almost always share the same Kuranda bed when sleeping or another one of the dog beds and this adoption has been very hard on her. People talk all the time about how bad it is for sisters in getting along etc. yet from personal and professional experience; with the proper training and personalities; having sisters is not a big deal. These three DBB’s were very close and while I knew that Abbi would find it a bit of an adjustment(just as she did with Jenni for those two were SUPER close); she is very much finding this adoption hard. The one thing that Abbi is defnitely loving is taking over Mudslide’s spot on our bed! LOL She slept there all last night; happy as a clam, that one! So, she has found some light in the dark clouds. She is just a really neat Great Dane and we still are in disbelief that she has not yet been adopted. Yet, as with all the animals; we wait patiently and her time will come and if not, that is ok too. She is so unique and precious and has been a great asset in our home!

Two new pics of DBB Abbi posted; Slides #52 & #53. Abbi continues to just blossom and do wonderfully! She and Mudslide plus Shiva are definitely three Muskateers! While I know that Abbi will deeply miss her DBB sister Mudslide when she goes to her new home within the next week+; I am hoping that Shiva will be enough for Abbi to help her move forward. We had someone over helping us out yesterday with the new horse-lean to etc. and he was absolutely enamored with Abbi…the feelings were quite mutual! I just know that her right home will come and hopefully; it will be soon. She still is not particularly in love with the car yet we continue to ‘work’ on short and fun rides and it is getting so much better. She used to just sit up and look at everything and now she tends to lie down in the beginning and is still a wee bit uncomfortable. She is getting better and will ‘peek’ up and out every now and again and does actually enjoy herself at times. Time and patience and lots of treats! She loves the Timmie’s drive through! LOL

Abbi is doing so awesome these days! She has come out of her ‘shell’ after her attack and is lying on the bed, asking for love and cuddles and is doing FANTABULOUS!!!! The next step is to work with her and getting her outside of the ‘safe’ zone of our fenced in area plus house and back into the car(her last trip was to the Vet for her annual and in being bit). Baby steps……. Weย know that we willย have a bit ofย set back when we do her nails. She has never liked that yet has tolerated it and we have held off doing her nails due to her being shaken up after being hurt and it is time to now cross that bridge. She is such a neat gal!!!!

New picture of Abbi posted from today; Slide #51. I WISH I had the camera right now though for she is lying next to me as I type and Mudslide has her head over Abbi’s neck and they are both sleeping with they backs to each other. TOO CUTE! Unfortunately, we still have not received any right matched inquiries nor applications on Abbi and like Mazda and Mudslide; we remain patient.

When we had one of our friends/volunteers over this past weekend for our Fundraiser Event; Abbi was the most like herself than she had been in some time. SHE LOVED Mary!!!! Then today, when BHRR’s Shiva came to our home; OMG! It was like Abbi took Shiva under her wing(I think rather she found a kindred spirit of intelligence, size and mischief level! LOL) and the two of them! WOW! Instant bond of friendship! It was so wonderful to see Abbi ‘back’! Just a great feeling!!!!!

I have been somewhat concerned over how ‘quiet’ and ‘out of sorts’ Abbi has been since she was attacked. She has been a bit flinchy and wary of things. ๐Ÿ™ She has always been so outgoing and confident and this has really shaken her up. She also has added a new best friend to her circle, Cherokee and when Abbi goes to lie down in a crate for some ‘quiet’ and ‘safe’ time; Cherokee will often be found lying at the opening to the crate of just inside the door; almost ‘watching’ over Abbi and keeping the other dogs away from her. It has been very fascinating to watch yet also worrisome to see dear Abbi not bouncing backย as well as I would like to seeย from her attack. She still plays outside with Mudslide almost as she always has yet inside the house; Abbi has become very quiet. I cannot believe how tight she and Cherokee have become lately. I felt like we had a breakthrough moment when Abbi came into our bedroom and actually got up on the bed yet other than that one time; she has not done so again. I can see it in her eyes, face and body that she wants too; yet just seems so worried about life these days. I have not pushed her and treats have become a regular part of my interaction with Abbi(her waistline is going to feel the pinch); in continuing to work with her. Bronson is feeling sad/confused as Abbi just does not seem as comfortable playing with the ‘BIG’ Dawgs right now and that was always Abbi’s ambition from the moment she arrived; to play with all the big dogs……..she could not wait to become big enough(it is relative with her small stature…LOL)and to see her have a setback is sad. Even Soul, who can get anyone to play and relax has struggled to get Abbi to feel ok around everyone. At this time, I am tempted to pull Abbi of the available adoption list as we have some work ahead of us ‘building’ her back up again. I also have to begin to get her back out and in places, including where she was hurt; to get her re-introduced to society living. It is just so upsetting and frustrating to have seen this happen. I had wanted Abbi to come with us to the annual OHS Wiggle Waggle walk yet right now; that could not be further from my mind. Even Lil Linus is confused by where ‘Abbi’ seems to have gone.

Abbi’s HWT came back negative. ๐Ÿ™‚ All of the dogs here are on Sentinel year round yet I like to do HWT at least once a year.

BHRR’s Abbi was at the vet last night for her annual and she now weighs 34.0 KGs(74.8 pounds). I always said that if this girl made it to 80-85 pounds it would be a feat and she is looking FANTABULOUS at her current weight. I will post a new height on her shortly yet she has not grown much in height since my last posted height. She is so in proportion with a great personality to match! The tragic news is that she was attacked by a dog yesterday while we were out and I managed to get in and protect her as best as I could, yet she still ended up with one puncture wound on her left side. We shaved the area and cleaned it up and the Vet recommended putting her on Cephalexin, 1000mg twice a day and I have some at home should we feel it is needed. I am keeping it open and clean and it is healing well. With the recent number of our Giant Breeds having reactions to Cephalexin; it is not something I am keen on using if not necessary. She received all of her vaccines plus we did a HWT. Results of the HWT will be posted when they come in. Since she was grabbed; she was just terrified and for those that know Abbi; know that this is just not her. It took until almost the end of my work shift last night for her to feel more comfortable and to begin to wag her tail more like Abbi. I put her in a run for ‘quiet’ and ‘safe’ time for most of my work shift and just before the end of the night; she came out and was more like herself. She was taking treats from people, going up to everyone and getting her lovin’ and people could see that already she was coming out of the ‘trauma’ she experienced and getting back to herself. It is just so frustrating to do all things right with a dog and then to have them go through something like this and see them completely being set back. In time, she is going to be fine yet for a puppy that has never had a bad experience, is very outgoing and confident; seeing this happen to her; was very upsetting. Abbi actually did a submissive pee she was so scared. It just about broke my heart. Today, at home, she is a little more quiet than normal yet she ate well last night and again this AM and in time, she will be fine. Abbi has never met a dog that she has not liked and we will have to get back out there with socialisation etc. to ensure that she continues with this excellent personality trait. Even after being attacked; at the hospital; she was showing interest in other dogs and wagging her tail a bit, so that is very encouraging.

Abbi has her annual appointment coming up on Tuesday July 29th. I cannot wait to see how much she weighs and I will have to take a new height on her. She is still such a lovely petite package of energy and looks wonderfully proportional from head to tail. She was able to visit with her sister; Jenni who was adopted at the end of March when Jenni came to our BHRR Mini-Open House on July 12th. We keep hoping that her forever loving home shall come by!

FINALLY! New slides of Abbi #43-50 now posted! Abbi is doing great! We are working again on her ‘digging’ tendencies, the little monkey! She and Mudslide have become very close since Jenni’s adoption in March and now that she is older; she is most happy that she can really play with the ‘big’ dawgs’ and not get bowled over! LOL Abbi still likes to ‘suck’ on her blankets when going to sleep. If she catches you looking at her; she will avert her eyes and ‘pretend’ that she did not see you and slowly spit the blanket out and then look back at you! LOL Now, she does not ‘gag’ herself the way that Dodger did on his blanket sucking her! LOL OMG! He was funny!!!! She just a gorgeous GD and we really hope her forever loving home shall come along.

New pictures of Abbi! FINALLY got them uploaded. I have many more to still upload yet new slides of #35 – 42 have now been put up! She is doing great. SHE is so muscled! I will have to get new heights and weights for I think she has grown a smidgeon. Mudslide on the other hand has just SHOT up! Since Jenni has been adopted; Abbi has become SOOOO much closer to Mudslide and it has been wonderful to see that Mudslide is being treated as more of an equal ‘play’ partner now.

I sent an email about Jenni’s adoption and that Abbi was not the best fit to the great foster mommy of Nelly(Abbi/Jenni/Mudslide’s mom) and also to the incredible lady who raised these pups since birth and I received a most noteworthy comment that I wish to post. Yesterday, both of these FANTABULOUS ladies were together and they were talking about the personalities of the DBB’s and one of the things said was how wonderfully easygoing Abbi is. Just confirmation of what I have been posting since Abbi’s arrival to our home on her temperament and how much Nelly’s fostermom was also very surprised on how Abbi acted yesterday when we went over to this place. May the right matched homes for the other two DBB’s come along so that they, too, will have homes of their own to rule! ๐Ÿ˜€ I just wanted to add that when we weighed Abbi at our home on Saturday; she was around 80 pounds. She is the best little package of personality that one!

I went to do the homevisit today and I brought along both Abbi and Jenni. Turns out and when talking to Sean he reminded me that I had mentioned this to him before I even left that I felt that Jenni could be a better fit for their home. I had felt that based upon what I was being told about their current dog by them and their references that while Abbi(whom they were originally interested in)might be a โ€˜good’ fit; I felt that Jenni could also be a good if not a better fit. Turns out that Jenni took everything in stride; going into the house; making herself at home by eating treats, going up and down stairs; interacting with the people and their dog with ease. She even was great with their bird. Abbi on the other hand; showed us a side that we have never seen and those that have met here and interact with her regularly; would have been very surprised. She was very reluctant to even come out of the car and when I got her out;(while Jenni is wrapping herself around me entangling me in her leash etc! LOL); Abbi even tried to hide under their truck. It was so distressing to see. Once Abbi was in the house with Jenni leading the way very excitedly; Abbi settled in better. She went outside and played with Jenni; she was ok about getting some loving from the people and while she was not nervous of their dog; she was not comfortable either. She just was not interested nor would she eat any of the treats being offered while Jenni was soaking it all up. Here we have Jenni running up stairs, checking things out and Abbi is being very quiet and sedate. Jenni had to be reminded a few times about the โ€˜no jump’ in her happiness yet Abbi was just content to stand around. Abbi was even uncomfortable around their bird. The DBB’s go everywhere and yet this time; Abbi was not even thrilled about going in the car while Jenni was looking out the windows etc. The home was in agreement that Jenni is a better fit and when Abbi and I left; it was the same thing; she was very reluctant, did some submissive peeing yet when she saw the car door open; she went right in and layed down. She is now at home; de-stressing by having a long nap in her crate with the door open. So, while I felt that Jenni would be a better fit based upon her personality and what I had been told about their current dog; I MOST certainly did not expect to see our little Abber package of confidence and comfort just crumble like that. I told the home that it was not personal; there was just things that Abbi just did not feel at home over and Jenni did. I am delighted for Jenni; was very hard to leave…….AND I mean very hard to leave one of the DBB’s and I had thought often over the months if Jenni and Abbi should be adopted together yet that really was not required. Though they have always had a strong bond and are dependent on each other in their ways; for them to really become part of a new home; properly integrated etc., they needed to be separated. As much as I am going to miss โ€˜The JenniBean’; I know that Sean’s heart as taken another โ€˜hit’ with another one of his special โ€˜gals’ being adopted out. I have some new pics of Abbi to post and shall do as soon as I can. AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

We have noticed in the last day or so that Abbi is sporting two very small hygromas on both of her elbows. She is a small Dane with not much ‘cushion’ or ‘padding’ and despite lying on her comforts of the Kuranda bed or ours; she has developed two small hygromas. As in the past; with other Danes; we shall tensor and massage them. Surgery would be an absolute last resort and as that can often be more damaging and as they are so small; they should disappear within 6 weeks. ABBI IS ALSO UNDER A PENDING ADOPTION!!!!!

It has been awhile since I updated Abbi’s page and I have uploaded a new picture #34 into the slideshow of Abbi. She is doing great! She and her sisters still do not love their collars ONE bit and will even still do some submissive peeing when you go to take them off or put them on. When it comes to nail trimming, Abbi will also do a bit of submissive peeing just in the very beginning when we go to hold her and we know it is the โ€˜wind up’ that is causing her some stress. So when it is time to do nails; we will do her first on one day; Jenni another and Mudslide on yet another so all three are not done on the same day and also avoid causing them undo angst. Abbi continues to excel at her obedience and still is that wonderful personality in a tiny package! The DBB’s are not due for their vaccines until July but I really want to get them in for updated weights PLUS the extra โ€˜outside’ socialization is only going to benefit them. Abbi has free run of the house at night and is only crated when we are out. At night she likes to sleep on one of the Kuranda beds that were donated. Abbi can be a bit possessive over her food bowl if another dog(other than Bronson, Mudslide, Hamilton or Jenni)get a bit too close and show interest. We continue to work on NILIF(what we call Doggy Boot Camp)and she has to share toys and the water bowls of which she has no issues in doing so. She also is completely fine in sharing her crate of which Jenni and Lil Linus are often found snoozing with her in there. ๐Ÿ˜€ I also wish to mention(if I have not as of yet) HOW much Abbi loves to smile and grin! The other thing that she is doing on a regular basis is sucking on her blankets! TOO cute! BHRR’s Dodger and BHRR’s Lady used to do that. Jenni does it to a certain lesser extent.

The new height I could get on Abbi with her wiggling was just under 25″. She was more interested in chewing the tape than letting me measure her! LOL I truly need to get her and her sisters in for a new weight as well! New pis of Abbi below. I really love this gril. She is a natural leader in such an unassuming way and has been great in assisting me with other dogs that have come over for training with learning appropriate methods of communication and behavour. Abbi has a ton of patience yet knows what the boundaries are and if another dog steps over the boundaries, she is quick to step up to the plate and quietly show them the correct way of doing things. She is astounding. WISE beyond her age and she is a dog that if we were looking for a new female leader in our pack(we have Kona who is almost 9); it would be Abbi. Incredibly patient, nurturing, intelligent and just so calm. While small, she carries an air about her that other dogs naturally respect and she is not overbearing, dominant or imposing in the least. She is very gentle, kind and indulgent. She is so perfect as a leader female and in the 12 years of Rescuing, we have never encountered a female even remotely close to the abilities that our Kona(newfx) has for our pack and rescues that come in that Abbi clearly possesses. We truly desire to see Abbi in a home that will do Obedience with her and possibly Therapy work and use her talents to the nth degree for she is a very special dog. While small, her spirit is so huge and somehow this gal has wiggled her way deep into my own soul and I will miss her very much.

A group picture below of the 3 DBB’s as their former foster mom left when she came for a visit at the end of October. There is also a picture of Abbi and Mudslide below and another one just of Abbi. GOSH! This girl is such a littler dynamo of personality! We have yet to have her right matched home come along and we remain patient. The DBB’s are very close and I have been working on to have them spend some time by themselves in separate crates and they are now content at night to sleep apart. During the day, they can often be found piled up together on one of the Kuranda Beds donated by their foster mom or playing outside for hours on end! They are now 7 months old.

Abbi’s height is just under 25″ at the whithers! That was a feat getting the little bundle of energy to stay still for a nanosecond! LOL

OK! New pics of Abbi posted below. Next week, I hope to bring all the DBB’s in for a new weigh-in and I will take heights possibly tonight when they might be more likely to stand still long enough! ๐Ÿ™‚ Abbi is very much the smallest of the 3 of the DBB’s and don’t tell her that for her personality is HUGE. We cannot wait for the fostermom who raised the pups since birth and the person who is fostering the mom of the pups and hoping to adopt her once the cruelty case goes to court; to come back to visit with them this month to see how much they have grown. They are now 6 months of age. They still like to all puppy pile on top of each other at every opportunity! Abbi continues to be just brilliant!!!!! I just adore how she shows her upper front teeth when she is in a play bow, bouncing around. IT is like she is grinning at us. She loves to zip and zoom and out of all three, she can be the most independent when it comes to loving but if you don’t push or rush her; she will be all in your lap, soaking all the loving she can get. She does not ‘ask’ for smooches as much as Jenni or Abbi and we make sure we give her all the opportunity we can so that she knows she CAN get all the hugs, kisses and loving she wants when she wants. Abbi has a hobby of liking to destroy wood so we have been trying to teach her that she is not a beaver. ๐Ÿ™‚ All three of the DBB’s are fully housebroken, sleep wonderfully through the night, are crate trained and just love the crates. You will often find them curled up in one of the crates with door open and if they are not there, they are either on my bed or one of the Kuranda Beds donated by their fostermom who raised them from birth. One of their other favourite activity continues to be to dig and we are working on that and we will have a lot of landscaping and deck work to do next year. ๐Ÿ™‚ All are very treat motivated and their recalls are just suberb!!!! We continue to work on basic commands and obedience and one of the things I love the most is when I come home and see their faces in the window or playing in the yard all excited to greet me. Jenni is the one that does not continue to have a ‘jumping’ issue for Abbi and Mudslide can still ‘forget’ themselves and jump on you(they like to do it from behind and take you out at the knees!) in their joy of seeing you. We continue to work on that too. Jenni continues to have a mutual adoration relationship with Sean and you will see from the pics of Abbi so does she and thank goodness Mudslide is ‘on my side’ for MAN! I would be so jealous! LOL All three still are not ‘fond’ of nail trimming and are doing great with bathing.

As soon as I get Dyce and PPSS more ‘on their feet’; I have new pictures and updates to post on the DBB’s. Due to a recent negative experience with an applicant whose home was declined; please note that all of our policies, procedures, mandates and processes are clearly posted on both of our websites and that we will not make any exceptions. Making demands of us is not going to make us rush the process of a possible adoption and the bullying of any of us Volunteers is not appreciated.

Abbi turned 5 months old on August 31st and we are still reviewing applications on her in the hopes that the right matched home will come along. She is so smart and I love her bouncing playbow with her exposing her tiny front teeth in play as she just dances around you in joy plus happiness. I will have to take measurements of her height and plan on bringing them back into work with me to get a re-weigh to see how much she weighs now. All three of the DBB’s love to still sleep in the one big crate despite there being four others around! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be doing her nails tonight and it is soon time for another bath! She is a doll that one. Please note that as per our websites; we do NOT adopt out of the provinces of ON and Quebec and they are not desperate to find a home and we are not desperate to place them. Please review our adoption processes plus procedures before contacting us about adoption. One line emails demanding to have one of these amazing creatures will not be responded too.

Fawn with black mask, Great Dane, Female, born March 31st, 2007, spayed August 8th and up to date on vaccines (July 25th, 2007) and is now microchipped. At 8 weeks she was 10.8 pounds, 10 weeks 14.96 pounds, 11 weeks 18.04 pounds, 12 weeks 8.6 kgs(18.92 pounds), 16 weeks 13.4 kgs(29.48 pounds) and at the time of her spay @ 18 weeks; Abbi weighed 15 kgs(33 pounds).Abbi is on Sentinel and her last fecal was normal. She is almost completely housebroken, fully crate trained and her obedience is OUTSTANDING! OMG! This girl is going to rock in obedience and should be showing in obedience. Her leash manners and recall are amazing!!!!! She is getting better with nail trimming and ear cleaning and she is very easy to bathe. Abbi oozes fun and is such an affectionate girl. Her ‘groucho’ marks looks are very expressive and she will only go to a home that is going to be active with her in something such as obedience as it would be a sheer waste of her talent. Abbi should be in a home with at least one other dog, one that is not too dominant and one that is prepared to continue to socialize and guide her magnificent temperament in the right direction. She is a happy, healthy and wonderful girl!

She and her two surviving sister of BHRR’s Jenni and BHRR’s Mudslide were born by C-section to a 72 pound emaciated Brindle mom, Nelly who is part of a cruelty case in Quebec (being fostered by an angel for the SPCA and she plans on adopting her). There were 8 in the litter and one was stillborn and 3 died within the first two weeks. The pups needed to be tube fed as the mom was too ill to take care of them. I was contacted when they were 6 weeks of age and asked to assist. They have been part of my program since they were 9 weeks old. The fostermom of the pups plus the fostermom of the dam were invited to our home to drop them off and to spend an afternoon visiting with us, partake in some food, to see how we lived and take care of the animals here. They will be having another visit this upcoming Saturday (August 25th) once last time as they are going up for adoption. Abbi and her two sisters are affectionately known as the ‘Diaper Bag Babies’ by their fan club! ๐Ÿ™‚