Unfortunately, with all the very tragic events that have occured in our home; BHRR’s Abbi’s annual appointment has been moved to Tuesday August 25th. She is not a fan of the Vet’s and hopefully, we can make the experience as stressfree as possible. I am just so looking forward to obtaining a current weight on her! Now, that BHRR’s Potter has been here for a bit; Abbi is not as enamored with him as he is an untrained puppy(night ‘vampire) who likes to thunder around the house(we are working on those ‘listening’ skills of his!) and now that BHRR’s Kingston is here; double time of trouble and thundering! 😛 Abbi’s whole order is just not prepared for this type of chaos and she just gives them her ‘look’ of absolute horror and disgust over their antics BUT take them outside and gloves off; PLAYTIME galore with Abbi involved with them! She just continues to rock with her ‘no play’ in the house order and I have to work hard at keeping a straight face for she is ‘right’, no roughplaying in the house!!!! I have also uploaded Slides #62 – #63 from June 18th and Slides #64 from July 9th. We are slowly getting back up on our feet from our tragic losses and I have much to update with all. I am also looking for approved BHRR Volunteers and/or Adopters who might be open to taking BHRR’s Abbi out for a playdate or daytrip on August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and/or August 25th. She has been deeply benefiting from this extra special time away and I would like to organize a few more for her, Mazda, Parker etc. Please email Gwen if you are open to helping. 🙂