Abbi turned 5 months old on August 31st and we are still reviewing applications on her in the hopes that the right matched home will come along. She is so smart and I love her bouncing playbow with her exposing her tiny front teeth in play as she just dances around you in joy plus happiness. I will have to take measurements of her height and plan on bringing them back into work with me to get a re-weigh to see how much she weighs now. All three of the DBB’s love to still sleep in the one big crate despite there being four others around! 🙂 I will be doing her nails tonight and it is soon time for another bath! She is a doll that one. Please note that as per our websites; we do NOT adopt out of the provinces of ON and Quebec and they are not desperate to find a home and we are not desperate to place them. Please review our adoption processes plus procedures before contacting us about adoption. One line emails demanding to have one of these amazing creatures will not be responded too.