I wanted to post this picture from Saturday June 6th’s BHRR DOGGIE fencing day. THANKS Suzanne & Chuck for the picture. I LOVE this picture of BHRR’s Abbi. ISN’T she just stunning! I can vouch; as can many others that she is equally stunning INSIDE and outside! Sean and I did another nail trim on her last week and she ROCKED! Baby steps…..She did have a couple of tiny tiny tiny ‘sub’ pees when people were over on Saturday yet with all the people; the bulldozer; noises, familar fencing coming down and new fencing etc. going up; we are not overly suprised. Poor Porridge had diarrhea; he was so excited and stressed out by all the action that day. Abbi(sans her DDB partner in crime sister Jenni) was very content to just lie and be around us all day outside. Past experience when her DBB sister Jenni was still with us; saw the two of them liking to do ‘walkabout’ when they could to the horse field to hang out with the horses plus pony! Abbi is going to thrive in a home with order, routine and someone committed to her thirst for continued obedience training. I have quite a few pictures to add to her slideshow of her and BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws playing and zooming on June 2nd, 2009 and shall get to that presently.

BHRR’s Abbi – June 6th, 2009