I sent an email about Jenni’s adoption and that Abbi was not the best fit to the great foster mommy of Nelly(Abbi/Jenni/Mudslide’s mom) and also to the incredible lady who raised these pups since birth and I received a most noteworthy comment that I wish to post. Yesterday, both of these FANTABULOUS ladies were together and they were talking about the personalities of the DBB’s and one of the things said was how wonderfully easygoing Abbi is. Just confirmation of what I have been posting since Abbi’s arrival to our home on her temperament and how much Nelly’s fostermom was also very surprised on how Abbi acted yesterday when we went over to this place. May the right matched homes for the other two DBB’s come along so that they, too, will have homes of their own to rule! 😀 I just wanted to add that when we weighed Abbi at our home on Saturday; she was around 80 pounds. She is the best little package of personality that one!