BHRR Inc’s Mr. Parker Paws shall be heading to his new forever loving home on Saturday February 13th!

BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws is being moved under a ‘Pending Adoption’ at this time. If all goes well, he should be in his new forever loving home in 2010.

I also wish to add the following two pictures to his blog. They are just precious! They are from one of his recent playdates with an approved BHRR Volunteer home.

Photos courtesy of J. Higginson

This week has found more than the usual pressure put on BHRR and we continue to thank family and friends for their support and understanding as Mason and us too; mourn the loss of his sweet LHL(Long Hair Lenny). Additionally, there is much to be updated with pictures and blog posts on the Canines and I hope to be on that soon for our house has been riddled with sickness; I being one of the more healthy of the house yet ‘Mom’ was very much in demand. We also would like to politely re-iterate that our BHRR’s Online Auction does not commence until November 21st @  7:00 AM and any bids before that time, unfortunately, cannot be considered. In 2010, we may go back to an ‘invisible’ format until right before the auction launches to lessen any confusion and to perhaps reduce the amount of influx emails from a couple of people. We had hoped that by having this page on display the public would have the opportunity to see what is being offered up for bidding before our auction began.  🙂 We also would like to again profusely thank those that have made donations to this auction!

BHRR will re-open again to the intake of inquiries plus applications of animals in our progam(s) as of Saturday November 7th. 

OK! November playdates, daytrips and playtrips for the BHRR animals are listed below. Please contact Gwen if you are an approved BHRR Volunteer and would like to take a cutie out for some extra socialization plus spoiling and just learning more about what fun it is to be a dog!

Monday November 2nd – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday November 4th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Friday November 6th – Anytime between 2 PM  – 8 PM
Monday November 9th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday November 11th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Friday November 13th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Monday November 16th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday November 18th – Anytime between 4PM – 8 PM
Monday November 23rd – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Saturday November 28th – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM

From Friday October 23rd to Friday November 6th inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications. We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol. We do not believe it is on the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs. During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws will be going for a daytrip on Saturday October 24th, 2009 and this shall be his first playdate away from myself. HE is going to have such a blast, the overgrown puppy! With BHRR’s Lil Linus adoption, we have the 3 Black Beauties plus gorgeous Mazda left in our program available for adoption. We truly hope that some wonderful homes will apply to adopt one of our Black Beauties as they are going to see past the ‘black’ colour(Big Black Dog Syndrome) and notice how stunning these Danes are inside and out. I have added new slides of #75-79 from the July 12th, 2009 2nd Annual BHRR/KAH Microchip/Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser and one taken at our September 26th BHRR Mini Open House. Mr. Parker Paws was very popular that day! I am going to add two other photos taken of Mr. Parker Paws at the July 12th Fundraiser below. I think they just demonstrate HOW far this incredible boy has come! I am also going to have to purchase some more Ester C for him. His back feet are awesome and his one front foot is almost completely normal yet the other front foot continues to be a bit collapsed and flat. He has made a remarkable recovery from such a devastating feet/body condition that he first arrived at BHRR with. I am so looking forward to obtaining a current weight on this gorgeous boy on the 24th. I think I also need to get a current height for he looks a wee bit taller. He doing so well and is the most loving boy.

BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws – July 12th, 2009 – BHRR/KAH Microchip/Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser
*Photos courtesy of T. Tarnoczy

Here are the October ‘PlayDates’, ‘DayTrips’ & ‘PlayTrips’ for our approved BHRR Volunteer Homes. Please email Gwen if any or our approved BHRR Volunteers are interested/available in taking a BHRR doggie out and about for some extra spoiling pleasure!

Monday October 5th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday October 7th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday October 10th – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday October 14th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Friday October 16th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday October 21st – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday October 24th – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday October 28th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Friday October 30th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Just want to put out an ‘official’ word that our blogs are updated regularly with new pictures when possible and all animals listed are ‘current’ in their status be it as a Haven Dog or Available For Adoption. Not sure where the confusion is lying for we received another vm today from someone who was ‘not’ sure if the animals listed here were current in their ‘status’. BHRR is always open to feedback and if we could be doing something better with our website, blogs etc., please do let us know!

OK! As promised and requested 😉 , I am posting dates for our approved Volunteers for possible playdates, daytrips and playdays. Please contact Gwen if you might be interested! As we head into the fall with the beginning of the school year plus the return of many of our ‘Summer’ Break Volunteers; we should be in a much better position on this front yet BHRR can always use more Volunteers for our animals including our Therapy plus Humane Education visits plus speeches. A Volunteer/Foster Application can be downloaded, completed and returned to BHRR. We are always in need of more approved Foster homes. The more approved homes we have, the more animals we can continue to assist.

Saturday September 5th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM); Tuesday September 8th(4 PM – 8:00 PM); Tuesday September 15th(4 PM – 8:00 PM) & Saturday September 19th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

We are also looking for approved BHRR Volunteers that might like to come out on Friday September 25th, 2009 as part of the Ashbury College Leadership Through Volunteering Day. We shall be doing Humane Education plus having hands on time including grooming with the Giant Breed Canines and Equines at BHRR. If you are interested, please contact Gwen

BHRR’s Parker had a GREAT visit, albeit a short one with his very special guest last week! I am delighted that she is very happy with his progres and how much he has changed since he first came to BHRR. THANK you as well for the donation of collars for him too! I know how ‘special’ they are to you and for you to send them along to BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws is truly touching… BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws weighed close to 155 pounds(wiggle butt he is). He continues to really not like that scale!!! That means he has put on 58 pounds since he first came to BHRR back in May.

BHRR’s Parker is having a very special person come meet him at the Hospital tomorrow plus to ‘take’ him for a special romp! The person that was his savior in picking him up and saving his life. I cannot wait for her to see him again. She has also promised to NOT steal him away tomorrow night! LOL Additionally, I am going to post three new pictures in his slideshow #72-74 and I am going to post two of them here to show his body condition plus feet just 3+ months after he arrived to our BHRR program back in May of 2009.

BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws – August 20th, 2009 *body condition plus feet just 3+ months after coming to BHRR

We are just so appreciative of all those stepping forward to assist us at BHRR with extra playdates, daytrips and playdays! I would love to see BHRR’s Abbi, Lil Linus, Parker, Potter and Mazda get in some more over the next while. For this upcoming week; I am looking at Wedneday August 26th(4-8 PM), Thursday August 27th(4-8 PM) or even Sunday August 30th(noon onward). For the following week; I am looking at Tuesday September 1st(4 – 8 PM) at this time. Will post more dates as I can. Please do email mail Gwen if you might be interested. On behalf of all of the animals here; thank you so much for your continued support.

We want to extend our most sincerest of thanks to everyone that has been helping us with extra playdates plus daytrips with the Dogs here to help them move forward with their own healing processes. It has been so appreciative! I have some additional dates that I would like to put out there in case any of our approved BHRR Volunteers and/or adoptive homes might be open to taking the dogs out for some extra loving. August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th. THANKS so much in advance and please email Gwen if you are interested in assisting.

We wish to post that BHRR continues to Rescue and take request for assistance ALL across North America. There seemed to be some question as to our continued ‘locale’ of Rescue assistance due to a number of recent groups opening up their doors in areas that BHRR has been a huge part in helping out in the past. This does not change anything for BHRR. I have been involved in Rescue for over 22 years and BHRR has been around for almost 14; since I first founded this organization back in 1996. We are still here and we still continue to be where we are needed, when we are needed.

I have a lot more pictures to add of BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws, including a wonderful slideshow of pictures that Tina took from the July 12th Fundraiser! In my most recent message sent out on our BHRR Facebook Group; I have also submitted a request for some daytrips and playdates for Parker in addition to Mazda. All the dogs have been affected in some manner from the loss of three of our Great Danes recently. We had a really bad night last night with him. He was fine right up until dinnertime and then he began to have a lot of diarrhea plus was vomiting up white foam and was not feeling well. Everytime, I let him outside, he attempted to eat grass(which what little he did eat, he brought up this AM) and wanted to drink copious amounts of water and we took all the water bowls away. He was not painful to palpate and did not fill up with gas, his colour plus his TPR was good yet I gave him GasX preventatively and today, he is feeling much better and though I fasted him for breakfast, he was given about 1/3 of his normal food portions for dinner tonight and seems to be back ‘up on his feet’ again. While I am ‘in tune’ and watch the dogs closely; lately; I am watching them even closer and we have been spending much time outside when we can(between rain and humidity, it has made it hard) and as many know, the summer months are fairly quiet here with the Volunteers; so I have put out a special request for assistance for Mr. Parker as well to help him with his healing and moving forward.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to offer up prayers and blessings of support and strength as we went through the unimaginable on Friday July 24th. As per my worry posted in BHRR’s Potter’s Blog on July 22nd, I rushed in with our Grayson Dane’s Babyz Dragonz(almost 8 and BLK’s Maggi’s bestest of friends) just after 11:30 AM on July 24th as he was bloating and after valiantly trying to save him for almost 3 hours; I humanely let him go. Thank you to Dr. Adams, Kenda, April, Marie and Dave at Kanata Animal Hospital for working with me so hard in trying to save him. We honestly thought we ‘got’ him in time yet with his advanced age and vascular system; he just kept continuing to fill up with gas and with each digital X-Ray we took after working on him; we began to see his torsion and his spleen had been pushed way down and over. He was not well when I arrived with him; but we truly felt we got him turned around yet sadly, he was becoming more weak and shocky. When one loses one pet, it is truly heartwrenching; two pets, devastating; but in having lost three of our own Great Danes in a week; I feel just sick and even my hands are shaking from my own shock. I truly thought my knees were going to buckle at one point and the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life is tell my 6 year old daughter that I could not save her beloved ‘Babyz Dragonz’. 22 years without a bloat in one of our own Great Danes and we have now had two in one week plus the tragic loss of BHRR’s KB/JB. BHRR shall remain in a shutdown mode as we continue to stumble and struggle our way through these devastating tragedies. I am also seriously considering moving BHRR’s Mazda to an approved Volunteer or Adopter home for the next while for with my worries about Dragon after his bf Maggi bloated; and then we ended up losing him; I remain extremely concerned……… 😥 I have spent quite some time talking to some of my Show Mentors and many have told me that in their own multi-dog kennels/homes; they have gone through losses like this or have had friends who have. Apparently,a nightmare of this type is not as uncommon as one would have thought or even had hoped would be the case. Armed with this information; it makes me just that much more determined to stay proactive with the wellbeing plus health of all those that are in our home and hearts. I watched Dragon like a hawk the whole week since his bf Maggi bloated; yet I still could not save him in the end. I also remain watching our 10+ year old Kona; NewfX too but she seems to be bouncing back somewhat at this time. Maggi was a really close friend of hers too. Kona is the last of the FANTABULOUS ‘5’ in our home. She is also the last of the FANTASTIC ‘4’ that we moved into this house with back in August of 1999.

We appreciate the understanding of everyone that we are requesting some private time over the next while. With the loss of our sweet precious BLK’s Maggi on July 17th to bloat; we are now battling a new wave of pain with us having to let go BHRR’s KB/JB just before 6:00 PM tonight. I received a call while I was at the Lombardy shows around 4:30 PM from Sean that KB/JB was not doing well. From talking to Sean, it sounded like a stroke or seizure and I rushed off to meet Sean as he headed to the hospital. Sean’s initial worry was that it was bloat(I completely understand his fear as Maggi bloated on Friday while I was at home but Sean was at work and has had no real experience with bloat) yet from asking him questions and then seeing KB/JB myself and the Vet concurred, he had most likely had a stroke and that is why he lost control of his legs, especially in the hind end. When I felt his legs and feet, they were stone cold. We knew that we would only have a short more while with him due to his aggressive osteosarcoma yet we did not think that we would lose him like this. So, thank you to everyone for respecting our need for some privacy to properly mourn the losses of our incredible and amazing Danes; BLK’s Maggi(January 1st, 2001 – July 17th, 2009) & BHRR’s KB/JB(August 2002 – July 21st, 2009). The last four days have been just a walking nightmare for our home. 😥 We sit in stunned pain right now.

BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws came with us to our 2009 Microchip Fundraiser and he was a TRUE ambassador to the breed and how we operate BHRR. He got along with everyone and every animal and this was his ‘final’ test before putting him up for adoption. He passed with flying colours!!!!! He exhibited no nervousness towards any men and while he still walks a bit hunded and ‘slouched’; he is getting better and better about standing up tall. He is close to 140 pounds now(that is 43 pounds he has put on in the 8+ weeks he has been with us!) and he continues to just mature and develop well. His new home can continue to work on his obedience yet he has very strong foundations now put in place from being with us. As mentioned before; he will need to remain on the Ester C for quite some time. I am ‘officially’ placing him as ‘AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!’ HE was a huge hit and he brought in a lot of donations with his special coat to allow us to continue to help animals like him in need of our programs. One woman ended up coming back with the rest of her family JUST to have them meet Parker! I am going to be attaching a few pictures below; two from June 2nd; two from June 18th, two from July 9th and two from the Fundraiser on July 12th! I have also added slides #51 – #71! 😎

BHRR’s Parker – July 12th KAH/BHRR Micrcochip/Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser – Photos courtesy of Chuck & Allison

BHRR’s Parker – July 9th, 2009 – Body Condition plus Back Feet – 66 days after arrival to BHRR

BHRR’s Parker – June 18th, 2009 – Body Condition & Front Feet

BHRR’s Parker – June 2nd, 2009 Body Condition plus Back Feet

I took more pictures of Mr. Parker Paws today and I also wanted to publicly thank Mary for Parker’s new collar. He looks so smashing! He is about 135 pounds now and has healed wonderfully from his neuter! He shall go up for adoption after the Microchip Clinic on the 12th and I am going to try and get a new weight then(the battle of the scale! LOL). I had wanted his original rescuer to come up and see him for he has changed so much in looks and those feet are so much better. He will have to stay on Ester C for some time though; yet sadly; it does not look so good that she can make it up to the Micrcochip Clinic this Sunday with the strike that is going on in TO. I really hope that she gets a chance to see her Parker before he is adopted as he is doing so well at BHRR, because of her having saved him!!! 🙂

Mr. Parker Paws was neutered on Monday June 15th and he continued to hate the scale when Sean brought him in. Sean also said thought that from the moment he went to take Parker out of the house; he was just a quivering mass. 😥 As far as they have come since I went to Arnprior back in May; and it truly was the best thing possible for them; just as it was with Shiva/Sean last August; Mr. Parker was very insecure about leaving our home and me. When I went to work later that day; Mr. Parker was still a bit off balance from his anaesthetic so I took him out and was able to get him on the scale and though not 100% accurate(he was oozing off the scale & so, I believe he is actually a wee bit more); he is a strong boy and hard to keep still; he weighed 57.8 KGS(127.16 pounds) and that means he has put on 30.16 pounds in the 6 weeks he has been here with us. I still would like to see him around 135 pounds minimally at this time yet that will come and as he matures; put on even more weight. 🙂 His neuter went great. His first bw that I did in May came back with elevated WBC and showed he was anaemic; which was not surprising. I de-wormed him and he was put on Sentinel since his arrival and he began to put on the weight well since then. I had his nails done again while he was being neutered and his feet continue to improve. He is recovering well from his neuter and the challenge is to keep him quiet! He has barely touched his incision and we continue to monitor that closely. We are also working on that ‘gentle’ command with his mouth for he has no concept of how ‘hard’ he can take your hand or arm in affection. NOT a behavour that I wish to encourage at this time. As some have already learnt firsthand; he is called Mr. Parker Paws for a reason. MAN! Can he nail you one with those big clubs in affection! LOL His HWT did come back negative btw. I also wanted to mention back in an earlier update that he did battle a small case of KC shortly after his arrival and thank goodness the ONLY other dog affected and mildly at that; was Hamilton The Newf. Parker continues to have small bouts of ‘reverse’ sneezing though. He gets his whole body into it and several times has taken himself off balance. I am still feeding Parker 4 meals a day and he loves his late night feedings the most. In the AM, he likes to go out; pee and then snuggle and boy, can he snuggle…sigh…WHAT an absolute doll this boy is!!!! I have also invited Chelsea; his original rescuer(the by-law officer) to our next BHRR Mini Open house to come and visit and see how he is faring. I truly hope that she can come soon to see him! Below I am going to post some pictures of his body from May 11th & then from May 21st for comparison. I shall post his June 2nd and even more current photos(I hope to take new one’s later today – June 18th) in another blog for more comparison. I also wish to publicly thank Mary for offering to pay for his microchip at the upcoming July 12th BHRR/KAH Microchip/Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser. THANK YOU! For those that have been offering up items for an online auction fundraiser for Mr. Parker; we continue to collect items. We might combine this with our 2009 Online Auction Event later this year for his Vet bills to date have been close to $1,000. I have added slides #25-#50 to his slideshow. The last thing that I shall post on Mr. Parker at this time is that he is now on the last hole on his collar and shall soon need a new one.

BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws – May 21st, 2009 – Body Condition & Back Feet – 17 days after arrival to BHRR

BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws – May 11th, 2009 – Body Condition & Front Feet – 1 week after arrival to BHRR

Tonight was my night to post pictures of BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws from the two other sets I did in May plus his pictures from June 2nd AND to write a huge Gwennie Novel(SO much to say on this incredible boy!) yet with BHRR’s Dana going to the Vet and home now; she needs me; so; I am going to postpone this yet another day. As I mentioned in my last blog on Mr. Parker Paws; those on the BHRR Facebook group can see his photos at this time. 🙂 I originally had his neuter booked for June 24th yet have now moved it up to Monday June 15th. I believe that people are truly going to be blown away by how much weight he has put on and how healthy he looks; his coat just gleams. His back feet are just lovely right now and his front feet are slowly coming along. He shall most likely always be a wee bit flat footed, I am afraid. He is a very unique boy and fast captures the affection of all that have met him. I was pretty sure one or two people were going to try and ‘sneak’ him away on Saturday at our BHRR Doggie Fencing Day. 😛 He did fantastic with the men that were here on Saturday as well. A little ‘skittish’ yet WOW! The other quick thing I shall post on Mr. Parker Paws(he sure can use these paws! LOL) is how well he is becoming adjusted to ‘fast’ flighty movements and objects being carried past him above his head or near his face. Our latest accomplishment is Parker taking on the large empty Root Beer Plastic Bottle and POINT goes to Parker! After the initial really small spook and not being completely sure; he straightened up that spine(he continues to walk more often than not the way sweet doll face Dana did when she arrived; all hunched over and not 100% confident BUT we will get there!); and took on that bottle like a champ and put it in his mouth from my hand and OMG! I merely was hoping for him to smell it without cringing and he ended up taking it from my hand! I was not sure whether to cry or giggle he was just so darn proud of himself that HE DID IT! I was too! I wanted to cry in both joy that he did it and yet sadness that he was so abused in the past and had been scared of it. I wanted to giggle for he is just such a big kind gentle ham of a goober and he was just so darn adorable prancing about! Sean just continues to shake his head for Parker and I tend to have these ‘sessions’ in the wee hours of the AM yet just like LT and Linus; he is most receptive then and it works for me! 😉 Whatever he needs, works for me! The vacuum cleaner remains a big scary monster to him yet he is even better than he has been. It is going to be a true test when he is neutered on the 15th to see how comfortable he is this time around at the Vet Hospital. He was fine with all the women, yet he was nervous of the Kennel Manager; a man. Parker so badly wants to trust and we will get there. Parker is so sweet that you just want to scoop him up and proect him from everything PLUS squish him! Paper towel rolls, dish towels, bath towels etc. are 50/50 with him right now and the garden hose is absolutely terrifying to him. His startle reflex is almost solid now. Some moments here and there when we touch him when he is resting of sleeping or another dog startles him awake; yet SO much improvement here. He is a lot more confident in some ways for when I wanted to re-do his nails; I was only able to get one done this time before I had to call Sean in for some assistance holding his collar and the look on his face was just so funny. He honestly felt that *if* he did not want to do it; he did not have to and the look of almost shock on his face plus disappointment that we were still going to do his nails was very apparent. They are still quite long yet with each trim, we are making progress with his feet. more accomplishment to post on Mr. Paker before I leave the rest for later; he actually rolled on his belly on Monday night for Sean to rub him. Sean was standing by my computer talking to me and Mr. Parker Paws was lying near me and the next thing Sean felt was a paw on his leg and Sean looked down to see Mr. Parker rolling over and asking to have his belly rubbed by him! NOW that is HUGE HUGE HUGE! He very rarely barks now if Sean walks into the bedroom and he is startled by the door or motion. He still does bark once or twice at times if something outside ‘scares’ him and living in the country; we have many bears, coyotes, wolves, deer, fishers etc. I have new pictures of him and Abbi to post too. Abbi has been added to his closest bud list and he and Tain hang out a lot. Though, Parker has begun to try and ‘push’ my little blue around sometimes and it is interesting watching Tain try to stand up for himself and how they ‘work’ things out. They tend to give in to each other 50/50 at this time. Tain used to just let Parker do his thing yet Tain in his own right is increasing his own confidence and the two of them have been fantastic for each other! They often stand together and you can just see their minds working together; ‘I will go if you do’ or ‘we can do this’ or ‘what do you think?’ AND they will take on things together. Their facial expressions upon accomplishing something is amazing! Tain is doing really well on his own rehab from the idjit that scared the crap out of him back in April at the shows in Lyndsay. I have yet to see Tain try to push anyone around yet to see him no longer just give in all the time; is success for him too. Those two share very similar personality traits with being submissive at this time and such mush ‘mice'(I love that Suzanne!) personalities they both are. They are just so loving and just sweethearts! However; as a survivor; Parker has inner strength(he just does not realise it all yet) and we want to keep it in the right direction and keep him that sweet gem he is as he matures. Neutering will most certainly help(for he does mark outside and continues to try and hump the heck out of poor PPSS or Porridge and we are on him constantly)  yet at this time, he(intact), Tain-10 months(intact) and Bronson-2 years today HAPPY BIRTHDAY(intact); continue to live in complete harmony as Mr. Parker is doing with all the other dogs here as well. I can see that Sean and he has said this a few times now; really really really likes this boy.  😉 He is simply magnificent and here I wrote a Gwennie novel after all!  😛

I have much to update on BHRR`s Mr. Parker(a large Gwennie Novel) including pics from May 11th and May 21st yet those on our BHRR Facebook group have already been `privy`to them and as the hour is after 2:30 AM and I have worked a very long day as is between Rescue and Hospital and then Rescue again; `Mr. Parker`s blog will have to wait until I am home from the hospital tomorrow night. 😉 He is doing awesome though and on May 12th he was at the Vet and weighed 47.8 KGs(105.16 pounds) which is up 8.16 pounds from the 97 pounds he arrived at on May 4th, 2009. He had his first nail trim on May 14th and seemed almost `curious`with it all! LOL I have a height of 36.5“ on Mr. Parker and let me put that in perspective. My Ch. Dyce is 35.5“ and weighs almost 145-150 pounds and Dyce`s brother Soul is 36+“and weighs 150+ pounds and Mr. Parker is a wee bit taller than both of them and has similar bone just like they do; so to be at 97 pounds that is EMACIATED! Mr. Parker should be weighing close to 130+ right now for he is a lot younger than Dyce and Soul(they are 3+) and when Mr. Parker is more mature; he should be 140-145 pounds. I am also strongly suspecting that even at 15 months; that is being a bit overly `generous`for this BOY is ALLLLLLLLL puppy and then some. 😛 I have much to update on his Vet visit, bw, life here, how it went with Sean while I was in Arnprior etc. and that shall come very soon. I will not be microchipping him until our July 12th BHRR Microchip Fundraiser for I want to bring him as an ambassador to the Great Dane Breed plus for those attending to just meet him and see how `yummy`he really is! He is not going to be up for adoption for quite some time. While he is putting on weight; his feet need more work(though we are getting `lift`) and he still needs to be neutered(will get into more with his bw later). AND already, I have written a mini-novel….  😉

Today, we finally received a certified check for the funds that were meant to come to BHRR including coverage of the NSF fees. I picked up the check on my way to work at the Hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, I was informed that the instructor from the course had called and that surprised me for this was a BHRR matter. I then received a call at KAH on this same BHRR matter a couple hours later and we continue to request that all BHRR matters be taken care of away from the Hospital for my work there is separate from my work at BHRR. The call I received was from the instructor S. Candow of the Communications Course at St. Lawrence College and who was the organizer of the April 7th Speaker Day. She wanted to not only confirm that we did receive the certified check, which I had just received on my way to work today yet also strongly requested that I remove the blog about the funds bouncing from our site as it caused the College ‘distress’ and that her communications class was mentioned. As I very clearly explained; BHRR believes in full disclosure and this was the facts of the situation and as BHRR was not at fault for funds bouncing that were meant to come to us and that while I was very happy that in four years this had never happened to them before; the error was not ours, we have nothing to hide and BHRR was very much ‘distressed’ by having to be the proactive one to have this matter addressed. We are now at the end of May and finally getting resolution and the Speaker Day was April 7th. The student who bounced the check could have showed intiative to have this matter rectified as soon as she realised that the check would bounce yet did not. Our calls could have been returned sooner yet were not etc. Not only that, it put us into a very difficult and uncomfortable position for as mentioned; KAH has been very kind to accept checks on behalf of our Rescue for the last almost 5.5 years. That priviledge could have very easily been taken away from us. I firmly said that ‘no, I would not remove our blog’ for it is the truth of the matter and I was then informed by S. Candow that she wanted a blog posted that this matter had been rectified. I once again explained that BHRR believes in full disclosure and that when I was NOT working at the hospital and at my earliest opportunity; I would post that resolution was finally achieved yet once again; I WOULD not be removing any blog about something that was not our fault and that I would not remove something as if we were to ‘blame’. I stand by our position that this should have been more professionally handled and this latest experience today has reinformed my position that this has not be a very pleasant experience. At this time, as far as myself and my BOD of BHRR are concerned, this matter is now closed for we have finally received the funds that were originally meant to come to help the animals in need of our BHRR programs and we will not have any further contact on this topic. A huge thank you is extended to all for their continued support and also patience for in the dealing with this situation; it has taken away from being able to update blogs, post new pictures etc.

As some are aware, BHRR has been dealing with a situation to try and obtain resolution on some funds that were specifically raised for BHRR by members of a Veterinary Assistance team at St. Lawrence College in Kingston when BHRR was there to present for their Speaker Day back in April 2009. As part of their course ‘task’; this team was to raise funds for the guest organization that came in to speak and $300.00 was raised for BHRR; yet the check that was given to us; bounced and now we are being charged with a NSF fee. Kanata Animal Hospital has allowed us to have checks written out into their name as they have believed in BHRR and our programs and this is the first time in my almost 5.5 years working there that this has happened. I have emailed my ‘contact’ person; T. Belbeck from the Speaker Day and I have also left a message with the instructor; Sandra of their Vet Assistant Communications course who hosted this “Speaker Day”; yet to date; we still have not been given a replacement check(I have requested this to be a Money Order or Bank Draft this time around) nor has an appropriate resolution been sent our way. As mentioned in my one email sent out on this matter; we shall take whatever steps are necessary for this is completely unacceptable for monies that were specifically raised and meant for the animals at BHRR to have been kept by another(s) and now BHRR is out the $300 plus a NSF charge. This is one reason why our blogs have not been updated this week; for this situation has occupied much of my time since last Tuesday. The BOD of BHRR is beyond unimpressed with what has happened plus how it has been handled to date. In fact, we are absolutely dismayed with what has taken place and one of our next steps is also going to be contacting Chris Whitaker; President & CEO at St. Lawrence College.

Here is a picture of BHRR’s Mr. Parker’s feet & his body condition on May 6th, 2009. I have also added slides # 6 – #24. I am regretful that I am not able to get a current weight on BHRR’s Mr. Parker due to my pneumonia but I shall post a current height shortly. He will have a nail trim as soon as he is more settled in and more relaxed with things. I also desire to extend a heartfelt thanks to whomever gave him his collar and leash. THANK you! He is ‘all’ puppy and a puppyhood he shall now enjoy! I just wanted to also post what an INCREDIBLE boy Mr. Parker is because I had to draw blood for Sean to take to the hospital and as Parker is terrified of Sean, this was going to pose a wee bit of a challenge and then I thought….hmmmmm, I wonder if he will just lie there and let me draw blood without anyone holding him. So, I drew his blood by myself and I did two tubes from the back leg and then I drew 2 more from the front leg and Parker just lied there as calm and quiet as can be. YOU tell me how many dogs, let alone a new ‘rescued’ animal that has only been with you a few days; that you can do this too. The only other dog that I have been able to do this on all by myself to date is my CH. Dyceman. GOOD BOY PARKER! Lots of yummies for that!  😀 Today, Parker has a new friend to add to his growing list; BHRR’s Shiva. They like to ‘rock’ the house…sigh…LOL

BHRR’s Mr. Parker – Feet & Body Condition May 6th, 2009

OK! I know that many have been waiting for an update on BHRR’s Mr. Parker. 😉 I thank everyone for their patience. I have been battling pneumonia and that has made it a wee bit harder to get all that needs to be done in as timely of a fashion that I would like. Mr. Parker arrived on Monday, thanks so much to Chelsea for paying for his pull fee and in all that she has done for Mr. Parker. His name is a very special one given to him by her. HUGE thanks as well to Deanna that contacted me offering to co-ordinate with Chelsea to pick up Parker on Sunday and bring him to BHRR. With both of our vehicles going out of commission the same day last Saturday; your email was a lifesaver..that and having brothers for one of mine has now lent us one of his as Sean works to get ours up and running again. Deanna picked up Mr. Parker and he had a sleepover with her and came to us on Monday. In the urgency to get Mr. Parker here as early as we could; he did not receive his rabies(which I am ok as due to his body condition; I would like to hold off on that). Here is what Deanna had to say about Mr. Parker when she first got him:

“I finally got to Scarborough and picked up sweet, goofy Parker! He’s SUCH a big puppy, and rather a stinky puppy – LOL. He’s eaten some supper, had a bath with two shampoos & long rinses (I think he’ll need two or three to get the stink out!! LOL), pooped & peed, and is being very good considering all he’s been through. He’s a beautiful pup!”

Here is what Deanna also had to say about BHRR’s Mr. Parker:

“…and he is fairly big-boned, too — his head, which I have to say is BEAUTIFUL, looks way too big right now compared to his poor emaciated body …. and OMG those huge flat feet (and fairly long nails). Btw, he was very good for me tonight when I bathed him — unsure of it at first, but willing to try (very easy to coax in there with me!) and once he realized it was kinda nice he relaxed and seemed to enjoy it. As I type this, he has settled in and is sound asleep in the big kennel we have in the sunken living room … but when he was awake a bit earlier he sure was eager to play!!! (Ocean thinks that’s GREAT – LOL; Gracie, not so much!! *g*).”

As bad as his body condition is; his feet are brutal and I already know that his right front leg bothers him and it also shakes. He has been here since Monday and I cannot thank Deanna enough for her pictures and I took many on Wednesday myself. It is always hard to truly show how emaciated an animal is when they have a black coat and Parker’s body condition is poor. His feet are just atrocious, the dear thing. For now, I am going to post two pictures, courtesy of Deanna of his feet and I shall post regular pictures of his feet to show the ‘changes’ as they occur.

As I have pneumonia, I am not working at the hospital this week and so, I am going to draw blood at home and have Sean drop it off on Thursday on his way to work to do a HWT plus a CBC etc.

As of Monday night; BHRR’s Mr. Parker had been fully integrated with 8 of the dogs here. His first ‘best’ friend was PPSS, no surprise there. 😉 His ‘second’ best friend who is NONE too pleased with his attention was Abbi and by the time Tuesday rolled around; Abbi had ‘set’ Parker straight and he no longer tries to hump her. She is so wonderful about her correction. So, Parker’s true second best friend is Porridge. I am not surprised for PPSS, Porridge and Parker all share the same mindset and brain patterns. GOOFY, loveable and goobers! 😛

By Tuesday night; Parker had been integrated with all but 3 of the dogs here and yes, I have the proof that he is fully integrated and interacting with Dyce. As many know, Dyce has been attacked by several Black and Black/Brown intact male dogs in the past and he gets very stressed around them. Correct integration is so important; I can never stress that enough and all my dogs are living in complete harmony. I am so proud!!!! 😀

By Wednesday night; Parker has been fully integrated with all of the dogs here and life is like it has never been any different at our home. Parker has just ‘settled’ in. So, yes, we have 3 intact males dogs in our home living in complete harmony. My one show boy shall be 2 years old next month, my other show boy shall be 9 months later this week and BHRR’s Mr. Parker that I believe to be around 15 months of age(March 2008). 🙂

When he first arrived with Deanna, you could see how quickly he had latched on to her(Deanna also mentioned that he was a great car traveller); and we had to use a little bit of ‘tough’ love to get him into a crate. He was also a wee bit worried when Deanna left. After she left, I took him out and was able to get him into the crate by myself with little persuasion(he is very particular about his treats and kibble) and on the third ‘training’ moment of putting him into a crate for a spell; I moved him from Dana’s to Ocean’s old crate and he went in like a pro and I have had no issues whatsoever since then. Parker is AWESOME sleeping in his crate. Other than some little sounds here and there; he is quiet as a mouse and is very patient. He has not had one accident in the house; yet he is a HUGE marker outside and my ‘gut’ tells me that this boy has bred in the past for he knows exactly what he is doing when he mounts. So, I will most likely be neutering him a wee bit sooner than later. 😛

Of course, Mr. Parker had no clue as to what his name was when he first arrived and as of Wednesday night; he not only knows his name but he sits on command for his food and treats. WHAT a smart boy.

With some coaxing last night; I managed to convince him that it was ok to come up on the bed to cuddle(he has decided that *I* now belong to him) and twice he came up(well, ok..I had to boost up the other half of him that he seemed to have forgotten about that was still on the floor…). The headpiece on this boy is WOW!

He has allowed me into his mouth and I can confirm as per what Barry also noticed when he was here Monday night that he is missing his one molar on the left lower side. It has not been extracted as far as I can tell. It is just not there. His tongue is one of the longest that I have EVER seen and he can create a lot of drool action and ‘sharing’ of drinking water with you with that tongue. 😉 He looks like he is always smiling when his tongue is out and you just want to smooch him. Yes, Sean and I already think he is ‘da bomb’ and he just melts your heart with his happiness and ‘not a mean bone’ in his body ‘tude. Which leads me to the part that he has just been terrified of Sean…sigh…Better today than it was on Monday but very tragic to see. I now have Sean feeding Mr. Parker two of his 5 meals.(Sean is away during the day so is unable to take the whole regime over yet I have decided to go to Arnprior and Mr. Parker was the deciding factor..for just like when Shiva arrived and I left to go to Ohio; this will make Parker and Sean dependent on each other for Sean will work from home and get to know each other and have me out of the picture).

You know that Parker has been abused for any huge sudden flighty movements make him flinch and cower and jump away and when I went to put my hand down to pick up the almost empty water bowl that he was drinking out of; he almost panicked and ran a few steps away and the expression on his face just made me sink to my knees on the floor in emotion. His expression(and he is very expressive with those eyes) was almost guilty AS if he felt HE had been caught doing something wrong in DRINKING water…OMG! HOW could anyone treat such a sweet creature this way. All I wanted to do was fill up the bowl to give him more water and he thought I was going to hurt him as he felt he was doing something wrong….I just welled up with tears and told him I was so sorry that he had been treated so badly and that I PROMISE that no one and I mean no one would ever deprive him of water, food or shelter or a soft bed or two or spoiling or love EVER again. AND no one would ever lay a hand on him other than in an adoring caress or touch. The Mr. Parkers of the world is ‘why’ we do what we do and I take that responsibility beyond seriously.

Yes, this update is long as there is so much to write and a Gwennie novel it shall be. 😛

I also had the opportunity; for Mr. Parker is already beginning to trust me; to feel those front feet and toes of his and his joints. Something is ‘odd’ about them. The bones are extremely long number one; abnormally long and they feel ‘bumpy’ and out of alignment; so I believe my initial suspicions are correct that he has healed fractures in those feet and toes. I have him on Ester C right now and shall have to go out and buy a lot more for between rehabbing Dana and Ocean; I am lower than I thought in my supply. I think that when I neuter him; I am going to x-ray those feet and see what we are really looking at for something is just ‘off’ with those bones in his feet. He has no heat or swelling and is not running a fever; so I am not worried about infections, HOD or Pano etc. I just cannot put my finger on just what is not feeling ‘right’ about those feet at this time yet I shall continue to play with them and he is already loving the massages I am giving his poor body and I can tell that right front leg does bother him some. I would almost lean to the idea that he was kept in such a cramped quarters that his bone development has been really affected. He was definitely not given proper food, nutrition nor muscle/bone development with exercise; that much I do know. So, I am being very careful about the level of exercise he is being given for he needs to build up his muscle properly. His body is completely lacking in tone and muscle development right now. We have a sand foundation and that is just perfect for his muscle building and those feet.

Watching Mr. Parker outside with grass is like watching a toddler see grass or flowers or trees for the first time. I felt like Porridge, Abbi and Dyce(I have pictures) were ‘showing’ him around and teaching him things about the ‘great’ outdoors. Just fascinating. I think tonight, I shall not even have him sleeping in a crate for he does not need it. I shall continue to feed him in a crate and do that while I am out(that is going to be a test to see if he has developed any SA) yet at night; he does not require one at this point. I believe that how Parker is now; shall be pretty much how he is when the ‘honeymoon’ period is over. He wears his heart on his sleeve this boy and everything he is feeling shows in his eyes, face and body posture.

I am sure that I am missing much here yet I shall leave this blog at this point and post the two pictures of his feet.

TRULY, thank you to all that have been involved in saving Parker. From Chelsea to Deanna to those that have donated money for food, Simone for his Kuranda bed, those that are donating fundraising items etc. On behalf of Parker; I thank ALL of you profusely for your kindness and generosity shall restore his body to the health and happiness that Parker carries within his soul. WE could not do what we do without all of you out there believing in our BHRR programs. This guy is so very unique and one of the gentlest, sweetest babies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am beyond excited about the journey that he and I shall be taking over the next few months. He is going to TEACH me so much. Sean and I have already looked at each other and said that this is why Ocean was suppose to be adopted; so that we can help the next one that needs us and we are both going to fall hard for this boy….too.

BHRR’s Mr. Parker – May 3rd, 2009 -photos courtesy of Deanna

I wish to extend a large public thank you to Simone for the donation of a Kuranda Bed for BHRR’s Mr. Parker. I wish to also thank Maxine, James & Reuben for a donation of $55.00 for dog food for Mr. Parker. THANK YOU so very much!

I have been in touch with Louise Peterson and I have an item being shipped to BHRR to help try and raise some funds for Mr. Parker’s care. Louise has always been so very kind to BHRR and I have the following cropped Great Dane 6.5″ pewter business card holder being shipped to me. THANK you Louise for discounting this for us and in paying the s&h. BHRR has no more reserve funds at this time and our next BHRR Fundraiser is not until July 2009. We are also very short of dog food again and would be very appreciative of any and all support sent to help us continue to take care of Danes like BHRR’s Mr. Parker. He is the 3rd emaciated Great Dane that has entered our program recently and will require a lot of vetting plus TLC to rehab him to a healthy frame of body and mind. I would like to hold a small online auction and if you have any items(tug ropes, collars, leashes, gift certificates etc.) that you might be willing to donate; please contact Gwen directly. I am hoping that we can bring him home to BHRR on May 4th yet we will take things one step at a time. Thanks as always in advance for the consideration!

One of the many Danes in need of our BHRR programs. Another emaciated(by-law officer Chelsea says that you can see every bone in his body…the pictures do not show the ‘true’ state of neglect of this boy) sweet boy. Male, black with white; intact, about 18 months of age(Fall of 2007 yet I plus my Vet – LOL she often just defers to me as the ‘expert’ – will also check his teeth, body etc. when he arrives as ‘age’ can be hard to determine in a ‘rescue’ animal for they can often appear older than they really are) has been vaccinated at shelter, de-wormed, was put on Revolution(yet Revolution will not treat for hooks in dogs) and will receive Rabies before coming to Rescue. It is believe that it was the ‘actual’ owners that he was picked up from. As I learn more, I shall post more. He will need to have a HWT, be neutered, have a fecal done, have bw and a possible UA done in addition to being microchipped and nursed back to health. His feet are extremely flat footed as can be seen in the pictures in his slideshow. Video link of his terrible movement, collapsed pasterns; terrible feet and body condition below…he looks fairly tall and you can tell he has had such bad nutrition.  🙁 Yet, he seems so happy and goofy and that is what makes Danes so amazing…their willingness to forgive and to trust humans again DESPITE how terrible they have been treated. I look forward to meeting him. The earliest he might arrive is May 4th, yet could be May 11th and the by-law officer will keep me posted. NOT YET AVAILALBLE FOR ADOPTION!!!!

BHRR’s Mr. Parker – April 28th, 2009