Two new pics of Abbi posted; Slides #54 & 55. Abbi lost some weight after her DBB sister Mudslide left in November to go to her new home and Abbi is finally looking really good again. She is such a sweet, sensitive, loving GD. I have to get a new height on Abbi for I know that at last measurement, Dana was 29″ and I know that Abbi is now taller than Dana. She is still the best of packages in that petite frame!!!! So wonderfully in proportion and the masking gene has caused her muzzle to begin to prematurely grey and I am such a suck for that look! 😛 I cannot believe that she will be turning 2 at the end of March. Time has flown by since the 3 DBB’s came to us as pups mere weeks of age!!!! She was a HUGE hit at our BHRR January Mini-Open house yesterday and I am so happy that others see in her, what Sean & I do. She is just amazing!!!! I do wish to add a picture into this blog of her playing with Tain or rather, Tain being a PITA and Abbi who has the patience of a saint(she loves order and rules in her life!), getting ready to ‘check’ the “Lil Devil’ for being a brat! LOL I LOVE LOVE this shot that I took on December 24th, 2008. If Bronson had been there; I am sure he would have told Tain not to be such a goober for he has had his own moment of being a turkey as a wee pup and Abbi saying ‘enough is enough…you will behave now!’ SHE just rocks!!!!

Tain & Abbi- December 24th, 2008. 😀