I have been somewhat concerned over how ‘quiet’ and ‘out of sorts’ Abbi has been since she was attacked. She has been a bit flinchy and wary of things. šŸ™ She has always been so outgoing and confident and this has really shaken her up. She also has added a new best friend to her circle, Cherokee and when Abbi goes to lie down in a crate for some ‘quiet’ and ‘safe’ time; Cherokee will often be found lying at the opening to the crate of just inside the door; almost ‘watching’ over Abbi and keeping the other dogs away from her. It has been very fascinating to watch yet also worrisome to see dear Abbi not bouncing backĀ as well as I would like to seeĀ from her attack. She still plays outside with Mudslide almost as she always has yet inside the house; Abbi has become very quiet. I cannot believe how tight she and Cherokee have become lately. I felt like we had a breakthrough moment when Abbi came into our bedroom and actually got up on the bed yet other than that one time; she has not done so again. I can see it in her eyes, face and body that she wants too; yet just seems so worried about life these days. I have not pushed her and treats have become a regular part of my interaction with Abbi(her waistline is going to feel the pinch); in continuing to work with her. Bronson is feeling sad/confused as Abbi just does not seem as comfortable playing with the ‘BIG’ Dawgs right now and that was always Abbi’s ambition from the moment she arrived; to play with all the big dogs……..she could not wait to become big enough(it is relative with her small stature…LOL)and to see her have a setback is sad. Even Soul, who can get anyone to play and relax has struggled to get Abbi to feel ok around everyone. At this time, I am tempted to pull Abbi of the available adoption list as we have some work ahead of us ‘building’ her back up again. I also have to begin to get her back out and in places, including where she was hurt; to get her re-introduced to society living. It is just so upsetting and frustrating to have seen this happen. I had wanted Abbi to come with us to the annual OHS Wiggle Waggle walk yet right now; that could not be further from my mind. Even Lil Linus is confused by where ‘Abbi’ seems to have gone.