FINALLY! New slides of Abbi #43-50 now posted! Abbi is doing great! We are working again on her ‘digging’ tendencies, the little monkey! She and Mudslide have become very close since Jenni’s adoption in March and now that she is older; she is most happy that she can really play with the ‘big’ dawgs’ and not get bowled over! LOL Abbi still likes to ‘suck’ on her blankets when going to sleep. If she catches you looking at her; she will avert her eyes and ‘pretend’ that she did not see you and slowly spit the blanket out and then look back at you! LOL Now, she does not ‘gag’ herself the way that Dodger did on his blanket sucking her! LOL OMG! He was funny!!!! She just a gorgeous GD and we really hope her forever loving home shall come along.