OK! We have an adoption date. BHRR’s Lil Linus shall go to his new forever adoptive home on Sunday November 15th.

BHRR’s Lil Linus is being officially put under ADOPTED at this time. Some logistical details remain to be worked out yet if all goes well, BHRR’s Lil Linus will be in his new forever loving home for XMAS 2009! This is another one that is just going to make me well up. He has become such a ‘Gwennie’s boy’ (for those that attended the April 7th, Guest Speaker Day at St. Lawrence College; they can attest to that! LOL) yet at the same time, I am so happy for him and his new family. πŸ™‚

At this time, I am going to put BHRR’s Lil Linus adoptatble status β€˜on hold’ for inquiries and applications until such time as it has been determined if he shall or shall not be adopted.


Here is a picture of BHRR’s Lil Linus at our September 2009 BHRR’s Mini Open House.

BHRR’s Lil Linus – September 26th, 2009 – BHRR’s Mini Open House
*Photo Courtesy of C. Desjardins

Just want to put out an ‘official’ word that our blogs are updated regularly with new pictures when possible and all animals listed are ‘current’ in their status be it as a Haven Dog or Available For Adoption. Not sure where the confusion is lying for we received another vm today from someone who was ‘not’ sure if the animals listed here were current in their ‘status’. BHRR is always open to feedback and if we could be doing something better with our website, blogs etc., please do let us know!

OK! As promised and requested πŸ˜‰ , I am posting dates for our approved Volunteers for possible playdates, daytrips and playdays. Please contact Gwen if you might be interested! As we head into the fall with the beginning of the school year plus the return of many of our ‘Summer’ Break Volunteers; we should be in a much better position on this front yet BHRR can always use more Volunteers for our animals including our Therapy plus Humane Education visits plus speeches. A Volunteer/Foster Application can be downloaded, completed and returned to BHRR. We are always in need of more approved Foster homes. The more approved homes we have, the more animals we can continue to assist.

Saturday September 5th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM); Tuesday September 8th(4 PM – 8:00 PM); Tuesday September 15th(4 PM – 8:00 PM) & Saturday September 19th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

We are also looking for approved BHRR Volunteers that might like to come out on Friday September 25th, 2009 as part of the Ashbury College Leadership Through Volunteering Day. We shall be doing Humane Education plus having hands on time including grooming with the Giant Breed Canines and Equines at BHRR. If you are interested, please contact Gwen

We are just so appreciative of all those stepping forward to assist us at BHRR with extra playdates, daytrips and playdays! I would love to see BHRR’s Abbi, Lil Linus, Parker, Potter and Mazda get in some more over the next while. For this upcoming week; I am looking at Wedneday August 26th(4-8 PM), Thursday August 27th(4-8 PM) or even Sunday August 30th(noon onward). For the following week; I am looking at Tuesday September 1st(4 – 8 PM) at this time. Will post more dates as I can. Please do email mail Gwen if you might be interested. On behalf of all of the animals here; thank you so much for your continued support.

I am adding two new slides of BHRR’s Lil Linus #77 & #78 from June 18th, 2009. On Monday August 3rd, BHRR’s Lil Linus accompanied me to Ottawa’s Byward Market while I did some training with Clients of mine. He and my ‘Big Blue’ Bronson along with the other 2 Danes we were with; caused quite a stir! The only way I could sum it up was ‘crazy’ for there were just thousands and thousands of people out enjoying a day in The Market! πŸ˜‰ BHRR’s Lil Linus took all in stride as his his style and it was also amazing how many people recognized ‘him’ as being from BHRR and/or that we were BHRR. So many could not believe his story and how far he has clearly come since his arrival to BHRR. I am hoping that with the added exposure; we might draw in that ‘right’ inquiry on BHRR’s Lil Linus for he is so ready for his new forever loving home. It is so clear how much he has bonded to me yet he really does not ‘need’ much of me anymore. We are still working on some ‘trust’ things and making slow progress yet those are things that his new home can also work on with him. His leash manners were just divine in the Market. When he became tired; he did attempt to pull some yet nothing that cannot continue to be worked on in his new adoptive home. I really should get a new weight on him for it is deceiving on just how ‘big’ this boy is. That head of his is just stunning and I could smooch those flews/jowls all day long. YET, now with BHRR’s Potter here; I am sure that Lil Linus enjoys seeing us love on Potters lips plus face just as much as his now! πŸ˜› I am going to add one of his slide pictures below of Lil Linus in the newly fenced in doggie yard for I JUST love it!

BHRR’s Lil Linus – ‘Can U SEE Me Now?’ – June 18th, 2009

We want to extend our most sincerest of thanks to everyone that has been helping us with extra playdates plus daytrips with the Dogs here to help them move forward with their own healing processes. It has been so appreciative! I have some additional dates that I would like to put out there in case any of our approved BHRR Volunteers and/or adoptive homes might be open to taking the dogs out for some extra loving. August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th. THANKS so much in advance and please email Gwen if you are interested in assisting.

We wish to post that BHRR continues to Rescue and take request for assistance ALL across North America. There seemed to be some question as to our continued ‘locale’ of Rescue assistance due to a number of recent groups opening up their doors in areas that BHRR has been a huge part in helping out in the past. This does not change anything for BHRR. I have been involved in Rescue for over 22 years and BHRR has been around for almost 14; since I first founded this organization back in 1996. We are still here and we still continue to be where we are needed, when we are needed.

I feel almost compelled to write this blog post for BHRR’s Lil Linus and BHRR’s Potter. I am not sure why people feel that a ‘deaf’ dog does not need a need a name, because they are deaf. To me, that is like saying, we should not name our deaf children or address our hard of hearing or deaf elders anymore by name etc. A name is an identity and if one is living in a home with multi dogs; especially deaf one’s(we live with 3 right at the present and our now almost 10.5+ year old Kona is almost deaf); using a dog’s name is very important. When I do training, I train the dogs as individuals, small groups and in larger groups. If I am doing recall training, even in my larged fenced in yard; if I want Lil Linus or Soul to come to me, I use their ‘name’. If I want Potter(he is working on his name) to come over Soul or Linus; I signal his name. I am not in agreement with those that say that it is not important to name your deaf dog. While my dogs might have chosen different names if they could πŸ˜‰ ; their names are no less important to them or to me. When I signal Lil Linus`s name, his tail wags and the same applies to Soul and each knows when I am `speaking`to them over the other or if I am communicating to both. They are proud of their own identities and how it makes them feel unique and special just as each hearing dog feels unique and special with their own names. I find it hard to understand why people, especially those that say they are knowledgeable about deaf dogs etc., would feel that it means nothing to give a deaf dog a name and so a name is not important. To me, it is also a huge safety thing in regards to teaching emergency stops, recalls etc. They learn their names as much as they learn the `watch me`command; right from the get go. The other thing that I wish to address in regards to `deaf dogs`is that they do not HAVE to always go to a home that already has a hearing dog. That is also not necessarily true. Just as many hearing dogs do well in a home by themselves as the only dog; the same goes with deaf dogs. We have placed many a deaf dog as the only dog in the home and we have also placed many a deaf dog in a home that already has a deaf dog as their only dog. OWNING a deaf dog is not necessarily any harder than owning a hearing dog. My biggest piece of feedback when it comes to owning a deaf dog; is that one CANNOT be lazy. You cannot just `call out` to ask your dog to get their nose out of the garbage or to put that shoe down that they are walking off with it. That is why it is so important to teach them the `watch me`command. Deaf dogs learn equally as fast, if not faster than some hearing dogs and they are not dumb, stupid and not all deafies have visual impairments or health issues either. When it comes to Boxers; just as with Great Danes; `white`is not albino; that does not exist in these breeds. It is estimated that about 18-20% of all Boxers are white and they can be hearing or deaf and they make just as lovely and wonderful of pets as does their hearing counterparts. Each parent must carry for the `white`gene for it to be passed on to create a `white`boxer. As with Great Danes, many deaf boxers can be found having a lot of white about the face, head and ears. What bothers humans about dogs being deaf; does not bother the deaf dog. Dogs that are born deaf, do not know any different and dogs that lose their hearing as they are older, can also be taught hand signals(I teach them at all ages); touch training, light training, scent training and vibration training(we do not do vibration collars here) but use floors and door jams in order to continue to have a great quality of life in a world that no longer is `hearing`to them. 😎 I also teach a regular course that is specifically for owners and their deaf dogs; and just as I do in that course; I am going to state it here; education is key.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to offer up prayers and blessings of support and strength as we went through the unimaginable on Friday July 24th. As per my worry posted in BHRR’s Potter’s Blog on July 22nd, I rushed in with our Grayson Dane’s Babyz Dragonz(almost 8 and BLK’s Maggi’s bestest of friends) just after 11:30 AM on July 24th as he was bloating and after valiantly trying to save him for almost 3 hours; I humanely let him go. Thank you to Dr. Adams, Kenda, April, Marie and Dave at Kanata Animal Hospital for working with me so hard in trying to save him. We honestly thought we β€˜got’ him in time yet with his advanced age and vascular system; he just kept continuing to fill up with gas and with each digital X-Ray we took after working on him; we began to see his torsion and his spleen had been pushed way down and over. He was not well when I arrived with him; but we truly felt we got him turned around yet sadly, he was becoming more weak and shocky. When one loses one pet, it is truly heartwrenching; two pets, devastating; but in having lost three of our own Great Danes in a week; I feel just sick and even my hands are shaking from my own shock. I truly thought my knees were going to buckle at one point and the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life is tell my 6 year old daughter that I could not save her beloved β€˜Babyz Dragonz’. 22 years without a bloat in one of our own Great Danes and we have now had two in one week plus the tragic loss of BHRR’s KB/JB. BHRR shall remain in a shutdown mode as we continue to stumble and struggle our way through these devastating tragedies. I am also seriously considering moving BHRR’s Mazda to an approved Volunteer or Adopter home for the next while for with my worries about Dragon after his bf Maggi bloated; and then we ended up losing him; I remain extremely concerned……… πŸ˜₯ I have spent quite some time talking to some of my Show Mentors and many have told me that in their own multi-dog kennels/homes; they have gone through losses like this or have had friends who have. Apparently,a nightmare of this type is not as uncommon as one would have thought or even had hoped would be the case. Armed with this information; it makes me just that much more determined to stay proactive with the wellbeing plus health of all those that are in our home and hearts. I watched Dragon like a hawk the whole week since his bf Maggi bloated; yet I still could not save him in the end. I also remain watching our 10+ year old Kona; NewfX too but she seems to be bouncing back somewhat at this time. Maggi was a really close friend of hers too. Kona is the last of the FANTABULOUS ‘5’ in our home. She is also the last of the FANTASTIC ‘4’ that we moved into this house with back in August of 1999.

We appreciate the understanding of everyone that we are requesting some private time over the next while. With the loss of our sweet precious BLK’s Maggi on July 17th to bloat; we are now battling a new wave of pain with us having to let go BHRR’s KB/JB just before 6:00 PM tonight. I received a call while I was at the Lombardy shows around 4:30 PM from Sean that KB/JB was not doing well. From talking to Sean, it sounded like a stroke or seizure and I rushed off to meet Sean as he headed to the hospital. Sean’s initial worry was that it was bloat(I completely understand his fear as Maggi bloated on Friday while I was at home but Sean was at work and has had no real experience with bloat) yet from asking him questions and then seeing KB/JB myself and the Vet concurred, he had most likely had a stroke and that is why he lost control of his legs, especially in the hind end. When I felt his legs and feet, they were stone cold. We knew that we would only have a short more while with him due to his aggressive osteosarcoma yet we did not think that we would lose him like this. So, thank you to everyone for respecting our need for some privacy to properly mourn the losses of our incredible and amazing Danes; BLK’s Maggi(January 1st, 2001 – July 17th, 2009) & BHRR’s KB/JB(August 2002 – July 21st, 2009). The last four days have been just a walking nightmare for our home. πŸ˜₯ We sit in stunned pain right now.

I have many new pictures to also add of BHRR’s Lil Linus. I am going to add two below from our Limerick Forest GD Hike on April 5th for they are just so indicative of his personality+. Thank you to Suzanne & Chuck for the ‘candid’ shots! He is doing just wonderful. So happy and as clownish as always and man, does he still love his food and if you are ‘late’ with his supper; he is quick to race to you, the race to the food bin then race to his crate and back to you and the food bin and his crate and back to you and…… πŸ˜› He other favourite game of late is how many times he can get people to open the door to let him out and then he just turns around and wants back in again and then he wants out again and then he wants in….. πŸ™„ πŸ˜› He is still the same that after a certain time of night; he WILL not go outside by himself to pee and after an even later time at night; he will not even go outside; he will ‘hold’ it until morning. He remains very receptive to his ‘light’ training of me flicking the lights on and off for him to come in and he is just so proud of himself that he ‘gets’ it now! Everyone that meets him just wants to pull those jowls and kiss them and he still gets that very ‘tolerant’ look on his face and you can almost hear him ‘sighing’ on the inside in embarrassment! LOL He truly does not realise just how beyond cute he is!!!!! I am still amazed by how tall he has gotten and with that conformation and head; he is one very striking boy. I need to get a new Panache Pooch collar for him for his balloons have faded off and I think he would like a ‘bigger’ boy collar now. πŸ˜› Little does he know that I am thinking toy cars and toy trucks for him!!!!! He just remains that little ‘boy’ in so many ways and is all puppy! What I love most is that he is now even comfortable sleeping on a Kuranda bed or a dog bed or even for a period of time on my bed at night. If he is ‘startled’ or ‘stepped’ on by another dog; he will often then just go to his open crate and lie down but more and more, he is getting a larger comfort zone. The other thing that I am really enjoying(as cold as his nose is) is when he will come up to me when I am sleeping and nudge me for some loving and kisses(he has not yet learned to let sleeping moms lie! LOL) and I cannot deny him for we have worked so hard to get him to ‘ask’ for attention and affection on his terms!!!!! Linus has no concept of time most often, I find. LOL Day could be night and vice versus. All he really knows is ‘breakfast’ and ‘dinner’ time and ‘treat’ time and more ‘treat’ time and the world just blends into having wonderful walks, hikes, love, new friends, new toys, play and more play and car rides and joy and playdates and the occassional bath, nails, ear cleaning etc. thrown in. WHAT a world he has. He is so worry free and stress free about most things now and I am so enjoying this. He has also taken to wanting to be very close to me when I am walking and my heels have paid the price with his heavy shuffling clodhoppers bumping them and tripping me. He has also discovered the joy of being a Dane and not allowing one to use the bathroom in private and thinks this it is just grand to accompany me when I have to go. ANOTHER momma`s boy here. He will often race to the bathoom and seems almost disappointed if I pass it by. πŸ™„ It is quite a feat to try and use the facilities when 5 or 6 Danes wish to be part of one’s entourage….I thought my kids were bad! LOL If I am in the bathroom and the door is closed; he will snuffle under the door and will now scratch at the door and bump his head against it to get in and the few sounds of absolute despair that he will almost wail out; one would think he was dying….sigh….we are working on his being a bit more independent from me. When I do come out of the bathroom, the look on his face is just priceless. He acts like he has not seen me in years and is so relieved and also a bit ‘put’ out(if Linus had a put out expression, that would be it) and he also MOST pleased with himself as if he has solved some complex puzzle `I FOUND GWEN` `DID I DO GOOD OR WHAT!` is like he is saying….he is a HUGE cause of smiles this one!!!! What a character!!! Sadly, no right matched homes have inquired about Lil Linus and I know that he would be thrilled to be here for the rest of his life yet I know that Dyce and Bronson would be very happy to see him adopted some days for Lil Linus is similar to BHRR’s Boba in that he is almost constantly nose to nose with them; asking them ‘do you like me now?’….’do you still like me?’….’how about now; do you like me now?’ or ‘do you want to play?’….’how about now?’….’now? now? NOW?’ LOL Dyce just will go to a crate and lie down with his back to the open door and Bronson; who has the patience of a saint; will just leave the room. Yet, most days; the three of them are the closest of pals, roughing it up outside and doing their thing…like digging…ugh! I know that I have said this many times; BUT I just love the dynamics in action. I could sit for hours, just observing what is going on with the dogs here!Β  Slides 68 – 76 have now been added to his gallery!

BHRR’s Lil Linus – April 5th, 2009 – Limerick Forest GD Hike – Almost 17 months old

Today, we finally received a certified check for the funds that were meant to come to BHRR including coverage of the NSF fees. I picked up the check on my way to work at the Hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, I was informed that the instructor from the course had called and that surprised me for this was a BHRR matter. I then received a call at KAH on this same BHRR matter a couple hours later and we continue to request that all BHRR matters be taken care of away from the Hospital for my work there is separate from my work at BHRR. The call I received was from the instructor S. Candow of the Communications Course at St. Lawrence College and who was the organizer of the April 7th Speaker Day. She wanted to not only confirm that we did receive the certified check, which I had just received on my way to work today yet also strongly requested that I remove the blog about the funds bouncing from our site as it caused the College ‘distress’ and that her communications class was mentioned. As I very clearly explained; BHRR believes in full disclosure and this was the facts of the situation and as BHRR was not at fault for funds bouncing that were meant to come to us and that while I was very happy that in four years this had never happened to them before; the error was not ours, we have nothing to hide and BHRR was very much ‘distressed’ by having to be the proactive one to have this matter addressed. We are now at the end of May and finally getting resolution and the Speaker Day was April 7th. The student who bounced the check could have showed intiative to have this matter rectified as soon as she realised that the check would bounce yet did not. Our calls could have been returned sooner yet were not etc. Not only that, it put us into a very difficult and uncomfortable position for as mentioned; KAH has been very kind to accept checks on behalf of our Rescue for the last almost 5.5 years. That priviledge could have very easily been taken away from us. I firmly said that ‘no, I would not remove our blog’ for it is the truth of the matter and I was then informed by S. Candow that she wanted a blog posted that this matter had been rectified. I once again explained that BHRR believes in full disclosure and that when I was NOT working at the hospital and at my earliest opportunity; I would post that resolution was finally achieved yet once again; I WOULD not be removing any blog about something that was not our fault and that I would not remove something as if we were to ‘blame’. I stand by our position that this should have been more professionally handled and this latest experience today has reinformed my position that this has not be a very pleasant experience. At this time, as far as myself and my BOD of BHRR are concerned, this matter is now closed for we have finally received the funds that were originally meant to come to help the animals in need of our BHRR programs and we will not have any further contact on this topic. A huge thank you is extended to all for their continued support and also patience for in the dealing with this situation; it has taken away from being able to update blogs, post new pictures etc.

As some are aware, BHRR has been dealing with a situation to try and obtain resolution on some funds that were specifically raised for BHRR by members of a Veterinary Assistance team at St. Lawrence College in Kingston when BHRR was there to present for their Speaker Day back in April 2009. As part of their course ‘task’; this team was to raise funds for the guest organization that came in to speak and $300.00 was raised for BHRR; yet the check that was given to us; bounced and now we are being charged with a NSF fee. Kanata Animal Hospital has allowed us to have checks written out into their name as they have believed in BHRR and our programs and this is the first time in my almost 5.5 years working there that this has happened. I have emailed my ‘contact’ person; T. Belbeck from the Speaker Day and I have also left a message with the instructor; Sandra of their Vet Assistant Communications course who hosted this “Speaker Day”; yet to date; we still have not been given a replacement check(I have requested this to be a Money Order or Bank Draft this time around) nor has an appropriate resolution been sent our way. As mentioned in my one email sent out on this matter; we shall take whatever steps are necessary for this is completely unacceptable for monies that were specifically raised and meant for the animals at BHRR to have been kept by another(s) and now BHRR is out the $300 plus a NSF charge. This is one reason why our blogs have not been updated this week; for this situation has occupied much of my time since last Tuesday. The BOD of BHRR is beyond unimpressed with what has happened plus how it has been handled to date. In fact, we are absolutely dismayed with what has taken place and one of our next steps is also going to be contacting Chris Whitaker; President & CEO at St. Lawrence College.

Lil Linus’s HWT came back negative. πŸ™‚

I brought Lil Linus in for his annual tonight and he weighted 59.2 KGs(130.24 pounds); which I am not convinced of. He was almost 136 pounds in January and I know he is a bit bigger than that now. What is MOST important is that he is nice and ribby and looking ‘strong like bull’ as one staff member said! LOL I showed one of the staff(who just finished up her 1st year in the Tech program) how to draw blood and she took the bw on Lil Linus for his HWT! YAY! FOR both of them! It took her only three tries and both she and Lil Linus ROCKED! His Rabies is good until 2011 and so I just did his 3 year DHPP vaccine. His heart, lungs, teeth, coat etc. are awesome and other than a ‘stress’ poop in the run; he did fantastic. That tail just goes a mile a minute! We continue to wait patiently for that ‘right’ matched home to come along and I have new pictures of Lil Linus to post. He came with me and Porridge plus several Volunteers to the presentation BHRR did at St. Lawrence College in early April and was a ham as always. πŸ˜› He has also become ‘quite’ the momma’s boy….. πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰ LOL

Lil Linus has had a very busy weekend! He went for a sleepover/playdate on Friday and after some little hiccups(such as their crate being smaller than his here that we feed him in and that he loves to lie in etc.); he settled in quite well with them. Lil Linus has always been comfortable no matter; where we were; to pee; yet he demonstrated the ‘shy’ bladder with them. I am very delighted with how quickly the home picked up on sign language and Lil Linus just makes my heart burst with pride with how he behaved. He ‘listened’ quite well, walked great on his leash, behaved in their house and they were able to see when we met up today to go for a hike with friends/Danes; how wonderful he is in the car. They also could not resist his gorgeous, smoochable, squeeable mug! LOL This was Lil Linus’s first time away from ‘us’ since we brought him into our program at 14 weeks of age and as a SN’s; I think he did remarkable. Being so excited and also not having myself around; most definitely contributed to his not wanting to pee/poop and he was quite excited(which as I keep saying; is a form of stress) but overall; I think it was a great experience for him and them. From what I have been told; he was confident to ask for loves and kisses(HUGE HUGE HUGE) and seemed to have found their bed quite cozy(I guess we passed that ‘bump’ too! WOOHOO!). On his last night with them; he slept on a dog bed outside the open crate they have and I just cannot believe how far this boy has come! Then, today; he was part of the pack of Danes/people that went for a hike in Limerick Forest and he had a BLAST! He was quite excited and pulled on his leash/collar for a bit; yet calmed down pretty much. The little goober(and believe me, there is NEVER a dull moment with this boy) decides to go for an unscheduled swim….sigh…. πŸ™„ at one point; and he gets in the water and quickly realises; that it is 1) chilly 2) kind of deep 3) he is all alone 4) I am SWIMMING….never done this before. I am just getting ready to almost plunge in after him(LT comes to mind….again….)and he turns around and heads back to me and I almost thought I might giggle…his eyes..OMG! Could they have been any wider and rounder. Sweet Lord…..silly goose. Lil Linus being Lil Linus is none the worse for wear and was back out tearing around and having a blast. I have taught all my hearing dogs the words/command ‘bring him/her back’ and Tain was really awesome about this and even one of the other Danes; really did fantastic with that. They would bring Lil Linus back every time yet Lil Linus was also quite impeccable in his ‘watch me’ command and would never get too far before turning around to see where everyone was. My only thing is not wanting him in the bush for obvious/various reasons(spring and bare or not); he is a SN’s and while he is not as in-tune with his other senses like most other SN’s; he still has the ability to get ‘lost’ and could ‘panic’ should he lose sight of the other dogs and us and then just runs to try and find us(even though we are all standing right there). Yet, I have to say that; once again; he has proven himself to have been a great student since I have had him and remembered all of his lessons from when we hike on our own 148 acres etc. He had a incredible afternoon and I learnt some more about him too and it also reinforced just how well, his training has come along. My ‘wittle whinus’ is truly almost all grown up…SNIFF! SNIFF! πŸ˜› YET, we still have to ‘hit’ that second ‘idiot’ stage and at almost 16 months of age; it shall not be too long now….within the next year. LOL I have also added new slides of Lil Linus #63 – #67 which includes some from when his head was still healing, two of him and Ocean and one of him from just a week+ ago(March 2009).

I want to thank Barry for this picture of BHRR’s Lil Linus from our BHRR’s Mini Open House on February 7th, 2009. He is such a clown! I cannot get over how tall he is getting. My goodness, he is one handsome looking boy!!! He continues to be the BHRR ‘class’ clown and what a nut!!!! I have a bunch of pictures I want to add of his healing ‘war’ wound(which is now all healed) and then two of him and Ocean and then I also have a couple just taken recently. Hopefully, I can get this done within the next day or so. This weekend was a ‘tough’ one at BHRR. For now, let me post below the picture from February 7th for everyone’s viewing pleasure. HE is such a ham!!!!

BHRR’s Lil Linus – February 7th, 2009 @ the BHRR Mini Open House

We would like to clarify that while BHRR will most likely be moving locales in the forseeable future(locale TBD); we are still very much open for adoptions to the provinces of Ontario and Quebec at this time. We ALSO remain very active in the assistance of animals in need and are open 24/7 for that assistance. THANKS! πŸ™‚

Lil Linus’s head is slowly healing from the inside out. He will have a ‘war wound’ scar there once all is healed up but he is plugging along wonderfully. I have him on antibiotics still and he will be for the next long while(minimally 3 weeks). It is granulating beautifully. I was looking at him yesterday and said to Sean that MAN! He has really been growing(up and out) this past while. I think he must be close to 150 pounds now. This spurt he is on has just matured him so much yet then you see him move and you KNOW that he is very much all puppy still! AND the way that he looks at you; he will always be my ‘class clown’. He is just so happy, mellow and I cannot kiss that mug enough each day!!!! He now will come on my bed without too much encouragement and will even sleep there for part of the night sometimes. IT has taken this long for him to hand over that sleeping trust to us. HUGE HUGE HUGE progress made here. In the past week, he has also decided that *I* am the right ‘flavour’ for him and I get the best ‘almost kisses’ possible. He is very stingy, just like Bronson is with the kisses and he is getting closer and closer to giving me a true kiss. Linus is another one that my heart is going to feel quite raw when he is adopted yet it is time for him to become ‘king’ of his own home and we hope that his right matched home will come along. If not, he is most welcome to continue to call us his own and he teaches me every day to ‘slow down’, to try and ‘relax’ more and to ‘not mind the little things’. HE is going to make an incredible therapy dog. Lil Linus stayed out the whole time when we had guests here on Saturday(usually he comes in and out of the bedroom) and he was AWESOME! Not one moment of counter surfing etc. He makes my heart swell with such pride over how he conducted himself!!!!! Our ‘Lil Linus’ is growing up…sniff! sniff!!!! One thing that has not changed his his wee hours of the AM rumbles through the house and right now; his new partner if Ocean…a very willing partner too! LOL

Right now, I am ‘liking’ what I see with Linus’s incision and I am going to ‘hold’ off bringing him in today. If need be, I can do it tomorrow. The edges are coming together nicely and it is less swollen and looking much healthier than it was last night. I am continuing to pump those antibiotics in him and I will be cleaning it again shortly. We are not out of the woods yet but I am liking where things are heading at this time. YAY!

Lil Linus has been a ‘BAAAADDDDD’ monkey…sigh! On Saturday, his incision looked awesome yet at around 10:00 PM on Sunday night; I am lying on my bed and Lil Linus walks into the bedroom; quite pleased with himself and I take one look at his head(he is in an E-collar to try and keep him from rubbing etc…) and he has the drain pulled out of his head and hanging there by the two stitches the Vet put in to keep it there…..So, I was not overly concerned as the Vet said I could take it out Sunday night or on Monday and so, with Sean’s help; we took the two stitches out to remove the drain that was now completely on the outside of his head. I checked the stitches and all was good…PHEWWWW! E-Collar went back on, Lil Linus was given a treat and life moved forward. At around noon on Monday; I am getting ready to take a shower etc., to head into work at the hospital and in comes Lil Linus looking most thrilled with himself and I had that ‘sinking’ feeling(he is a smart one and has figured out how to rub his collar on things to scratch his head…..) and sure enough; Lil Linus had pulled out two of his stitches…UGH! I cleaned it up, assessed that we ‘still’ could be ok on the healing part, put him in his crate and headed off to work(I debated about bringing him with me so that he would not be at home alone until Sean came home shortly thereafter; yet I know that he would have been stressed and there would have been no one to monitor him closely/constantly at the hospital….) and knew that Sean would be home within the hour+.Β  Sean gets home and things are great! PHEEEEWWWW again! The next thing I know; Reception tells me I have a call and that it is Sean. I was not thinking ‘Lil Linus woes’ at the time until he says, “I was helping the kids with their homework and Linus comes up to me and he looks like he is so happy with himself….’ and I almost felt my knees crumple and I was not sure whether to cry for Lil Linus, cheeky monkey; had now pulled out another one of his stitches and after asking Sean how bad it looked etc., said ‘ok, I am putting Linus into the schedule for tomorrow AM to have the surgeon take a look at it, just so I have a spot in case we have to re-suture’ So, Sean cleaned up Linus’s head, ensured that the E-collar was in place and tethered Linus to him to keep even a closer eye on the little goober!Β  πŸ˜› Fast forward to when I come home. Dogs are excited and Lil Linus comes up to me and rubs his head on me in the E-collar right on the spot he wanted the most as I am grabbing his head and if this boy could grin, I would have to say he was doing it from ear to ear. 😈 He had managed to do what we have tried to prevent him from doing since we stitched him up. He managed to take all of his stitches out. I could only shake my head and sit down and sigh. I cleaned up his head, smelled it and it is still on that ‘verge’ of going ‘either’ way and the area where the drain came out is nicely granulated yet I am concerned about the other area. I will see what the morning brings yet I have a feeling we might very well be heading out to the hospital for a new surgery and stitches for him. He has had this mission ever since we got him home(he was a wee bit of a monkey when he was neutered BUT not like this!) and he just seems so very pleased with himself over his accomplishment. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this boy πŸ˜‰ ……..I am praying for granulation and healthy pink edges tomorrow AM but if he needs to go back in and has to have more debriding/stitches and another $1,000 Vet Bill, we will do what we have to for him. My concern that I was talking to the Vet about is even if we do re-stitch it(he has not even been 3 complete days since we had did the original sutures); is trying to ensure that they are in long enough to heal as best as we can. He has been under almost a 24/7 watch as it was and tethered, wearing an e-collar, sleeping in my bed etc.Β  πŸ™„ We are going to have to be just that much more resourceful moving forward in keeping him from being a β€˜BAAAADDDDD’ monkey!!!