What a truly special day today @ Pet Valu Stittsville for our 3rd Annual Grooming For Gretta Event!!

Thank you to Bre and her really amazing staff yet again for being the perfect hosts!! No matter how many times I asked, they would not allow me to clean up after ourselves upon leaving either!!

Thank you to Manon of Groomingdale’s for helping to do nails plus ear cleanings! We did nails ranging from 8 week old Ranger, the lab to almost 9 year old Scotty the Saint Bernard! What a delight meeting so many great pets!!

Thank you to the Maracle Family x 4, The Boerskins x 3 & also to you dear Gracie for lending a hand today to talk to our lovely visitors, to wash doggies and to help handle the beautiful BHRR’s Pearl(she has an announcement to make soon!) & Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson! Each of you continue to inspire me with your caring hearts with all that you do for BHRR!!

Thank you to each kind and generous visitor that stopped by to spend some time with us! I apologise again as I was not feeling my best and had a cracking voice.

Thank you to PV for the donations, and to each loving soul that donated. It was extremely generous! Be it food, treats, a toy for Jackson and/or monies to our cause, items to auction off and even for the couple of beautiful gifts for us….we remain humbled and honoured by your belief and support in our Rescue work! Thank you for giving our Danes such a great experience!

Thank you Jan and Jenny for the Timmie’s treats too!

This photo is of Brenna, one of Jacksons’ Brazilian Rescue Angels. In December she bought him his very own Costco Dog Bed for him to have upon his arrival to BHRR… which was January 7th. She is holding her rose of thanks from him!!

The animals’ of BHRR are blessed and all of you helped raise $614 to help pay for Vet Bills of BHRR’s Maple & The Brazilian Dane Baby!

Despite it being a cold winter day, my heart is deeply warmed thanks to so many!!!