Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson(Deaf/Blind)

Every night before bed (AND we continue to work on the no couch & bed rules!) he ducks his head down and thinks that if we cannot see him, so that must mean….not yet time for bed!

He is partly on the futon bed and partly on the couch in this picture and has easily corrupted one of my own Danes to join him on the futon bed!!

What an adorable ham!

He thanks all of his new friends, fans plus supporters for helping us and working to raise the much needed funds to remove that one eye of his on February 6th that is causing him chronic pain…..

He is so touched to be told that the special picnic date with him offered on our 4th Annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Auction is up to a $120 bid!! He is feeling so much love and for those that have already had the joy of meeting this sole survivor of his litter, you shall agree that he is such a special soul deserving of all the great things the world has to offer!!