A miracle happened last night….after just shy of four months of so much effort, *Jack* – the only remaining surviving special needs – blind/deaf Brazilian Dane puppy – arrived safe into my arms in Toronto at 11 pm last night….

He began his journey to us around 10:45 AM on January 5th….and I had him in my arms by 11 PM January 6th.

He is now 7 months old.

Welcome home Jack!!

Once again sending to all of his fans/supporters that have followed this journey closely on the Brazilian Dane Baby Group a huge Thank You! Thank you for being there throughout so many trials and tribulations plus what was a journey through hell yet we prevailed! Special thanks to my amazing rescue partners Maira & Andrea once more!

We shall also never forget his two special needs sisters *Safira* & *Nala*…..we tried….we tried so hard to also bring them to Canada for a better life….sadly, Safira died before we could get all three to a better place and one of safety and Nala died November 11th. We also think often of the fourth deaf/blind sibling that was killed by dogs prior to us being aware of these puppies AND we think also of the fifth blind/deaf sibling who is now on a chain going to spend the rest of his days being bred. 🙁

Dogs do not know borders or countries and neither do we…..a dog in need of us is who we are here to help as we have space….and Jack is alive and well! His future is one of happiness, health and overflowing with so much love!