Special picnic snack auction Date #18 is now happening! 

I am told the ‘no couch rule is going strong’ – same home having this date as they did with BHRR’s Granite yesterday and my response was ‘I can see that!’ 

Thanks for the evidence….I mean photo Elizabeth White! 

I think Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson(he is blind and can only hear 11% between both ears) believes that if he makes himself as small as possible, no one shall notice!  

He is doing really well and has learned the touch and also louder verbal signals for right/left/straight and I have been teaching him sensitivity training via a long leash and we are now up to two long leashes connected. He is a rock star!! 

He also knows ‘car’ & ‘stairs’ & ‘door’ and of course he knows his name and ‘no’ and ‘good’ and ‘boy’ and so many other wonderful words!!! He also knows ‘final pee’ before bed and is proud of himself!! AND we are so proud of him! 

So many Brazilian Angels came together to help save him and try to save his two remaining litter-mates – all special needs and dumped on the streets. 

Here is the group link detailing his journey/story and our continued efforts in now working to try and save another special needs there.