As the night comes upon us even deeper, this is my last post of my night….

It is one filled with such warmth(as always after an event!) and incredible thanks plus hope!

Warmth due to the wonderful hospitality of Pet Valu Kemptville who hosted us today at their location. Helpful, supportive and truly lovely to converse with.

Warmth due to the Maracle family for once again giving up a precious Saturday to hang with The Boerskins, my dear Brogan and also Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson plus BHRR’s Steam!

Warmth due to so many that came to visit with us…we had a truly special couple drive all the way from Woodstock, Ontario to come meet us and talk…..thank you….

Warmth due to the wonderful dogs, cats and even Timothy, the bunny who was like NO bunny ever….I wanted to steal him!

Incredible thanks due to the above and to all of our supporters, believers and friends/family that stand by us daily helping us to keep assisting those in need of our programs….you have no idea what each of you do has meant and does continue to mean to us….21 years we have now been in operation and that is THANKS to each and every strong link on that BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’!

AND I am filled with hope that we are going to raise what we need to help Jackson live the life he should have always had(and we remain filled with deepest sorrow that we could not get to *Safira* in time nor save *Nala*, two of his litter-mates nor the litter-mate that had been killed by dogs in Brazil prior to our knowledge of these deaf/blind puppies).

Today’s very touching total raised to help us with bills – BHRR’s Maple is having her mass removed January 25th and Jackson’s eye is being removed February 6th AND we have BHRR’s Rickards’ bills also to take care of – he is now on antibiotics for an infection as his blood-work revealed an elevated WBC.

This is a photo that Aaron took today of my Wolfie Brogan(who ended up at KAH on an emergency basis himself yesterday) and Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson – bff’s from the moment they met after Jackson miraculous arrival finally on January 7th! Snuggled up to each other and my feet.

I truly well up thinking of what also would have happened to Jackson should he not have been saved in time….that we managed to save one, while it was not the whole litter, that we were able to save one we have to hold dear to our hearts that can give him all that he deserves and needs for the best of futures……

AND all of that is thanks again to ALL of you….thank you! Thank you for understanding that we are here to always help the next in need of us and that sometimes means not in our back yard…Jackson does not know boundaries or borders and neither did Maira, Andrea or I….we stood together with our Brazilian Dane Angel Army and he is here safe/sound and happy plus healthy….he needed us, they all did….so badly….

THANK you to Jackson for showing so many today how normal a deaf/blind dog is and can be and that he is a gift! He taught and shall continue to teach a lot of people some fabu life lessons…

BHRR’s Steam….what can I say! LOL You are a flirt and we all remain patient….that right matched forever loving home shall find you one day….and if they never do, you are adored by all The Boerskins and your big fan club!

BHRR’s Steam, you surprised more than one person yourself with the completely normalcy of your own deafness/visual impairment. LOVE it… how people learn to not feel sorry for you and others like you….love how you show and teach them these valuable and important lessons!

Gwennie novel almost over…..please just know how grateful, humbled and truly thankful I am to a village, an community, an army for being there!

$292.35 was raised today!

Good night from my home to all of yours….