I am so unbelievably excited and just tickled to make this post! BHRR's Holden is moving to an ADOPTED Status. Should all go as planned, he shall be headed to his new adoptive home on Friday February 17th, 2012! I am just so happy!

AND before he is adopted, I wanted to add this photo taken from December 24th, 2011 as part of our annual BHRR XMAS EVE PHOTO Shoot!

BHRR's Holden – December 24th, 2011


BHRR's Holden, BHRR's Hailey and BHRR's Veteran came with me tonight to do a home visit. IT was a great visit for all of them! BHRR's Veteran learnt about cats and stairs and BHRR's Holden learnt about being more comfortable in strange situations and asking more openly for love and BHRR's Hailey; well; what can I say; she was Ms. Princess all the way! Had all fooled that she was a model 'lady'! cheeky

Tomorrow night, BHRR's Dana and BHRR's Holden are going to come with me to do a home visit and looking forward to posting about their own progress and experiences.

EACH time these dogs go out; the great experiences they have; only continues to make them even more well balanced plus well rounded! It is a huge win for them! 🙂 Plus, it is nice to see homes that we visit have the time with these gentle giants and have their own experiences having the interaction with these amazing dogs! 🙂 WIN-WIN all the way!


In honor of Gwennie, the Founder of BHRR,  all of us are wishing her a most wonderful and special of birthdays today – February 3rd!

As we have done for the last 2 years as a surprise for Gwennie; if you believe in BHRR; enjoy all the blog updates, pictures, open houses, GD hikes, Gwennie novel posts, her educational articles plus links; please make a donation in support of her rescue efforts.

This fundraiser shall run through until 11:59 PM today – Friday February 3rd, 2012

This blog post was made without Gwennie's awareness as we have managed to do in the past and we hope that once again, she shall be pleasantly surprised!

You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about always worrying about money for food to help those in need of the BHRR programs. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about coming up with funds for food by either donating a bag of food or making a donation for food to be bought. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about the mounting food bills for BHRR for beside Vet Bills, this is BHRR's biggest expense.

Together let's make that BHRR 'chain of success' for Gwennie even more strong today!

Email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or via PayPal (account gwen@birchhaven.org) OR even bring a bag of food or cash donation to the upcoming BHRR Open House to help BHRR out! As Gwennie states so often, there is no amount too small.

Several of us approached Gwennie again this year to ask what she wanted for her birthday and once again never did she mention anything for herself. Always her family, friends or the animals.

Please do help us make a birthday very special today for a very special lady who operates a very special Rescue by making a food donation to BHRR.

Total Raised to Date$905 + 6 bags of food

Gwennie's BHRR BIRTHDAY Food Believers & Supporters:



Lana & Warren of Pet-errific

Paula & Serge













BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.  Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing.

Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 17th, 2011 to Tuesday January 3rd, 2012 inclusive.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

BHRR's 4TH ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME' FOR XMAS Online Auction shall begin Saturday November 19th @ 7 AM EST and shall run through until Thursday December 1st @ 9 PM EST.

If anyone has any items they would ike to donate inluding services, gift certificates or gift cards; please EMAIL. We will take donations right up until the day the auction shall end. BHRR only hosts three planned Fundraisers a year and every penny goes back to the animals!

We have many bills coming up for some very special animals including BHRR's Bloom and your support would be so appreciated!

Click on the poster for more information!

PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST and if you would like a poster to put up at your work, local businesses etc., please email us for one!


‘Spare a Loonie for Bloomy’

Hello Everyone!!

We are now launching the ''Spare a Loonie for Bloomy'' campaign, starting November 1st, 2011 (11-1-11) and running until December 1st, 2011 (12-1-11); We would like to encourage everyone to invite their family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. to donate $1.

Even if you think that $1 won't make a difference, one thousand loonies certainly will! You can drop off the money at DögHaus (5671 Sherbrooke West) in Bloom's piggy bank or donate directly to Bloom's file (100861) at by calling the DMV (514-633-8888).

OR you can donate via Paypal ( gwen@birchhaven.org) or by email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org (make sure you send the pw) or by mailing a bank draft out to 'Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabiltation Services(BHRR)' and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR)
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

Many places have 'casual' Fridays and considering choosing BHRR's Bloom's cause for one of those office days!

Please share this message with everyone you know, we can use all the help we can get to reach our goal!

Let's make a change with change!!

**Keep in mind that it costs the DMV money every time they process a credit card transaction, and many companies enforce a $5 minimum rule.***

BHRR's Bloom's Angels:

Bloom's Carnival Fundraiser Angels


Total Raised To Date: $965
Total Needed to Raise: $4,000

On Sunday October 30th, 2011 – Global Pet Foods – Kanata (AND yes, that is BHRR's Lil Linus on the front page with his tongue! LOL) is hosting Photo Sessions for $10 as well as $10 nail trims and they so very kindly have chosen BHRR as their Animal Rescue of choice whereby 50% of the proceeds raised shall come to BHRR!

Nail trims are by appointment ONLY!

Please contact Global Pet Foods – Kanata directly (613) 599-0660 to reserve your nail spot!


Time: 11 AM – 3 PM
Place: Global Pet Foods – Kanata 700 Eagleson Road



From Friday October 21st to Friday November 4th inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications. We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing.

We do not believe it is on the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need. 

BHRR's 4th ANNUAL Dinner Boat Cruise & Live/Silent Auction Fundraiser is being held on Saturday October 1st! We ONLY have 7 tickets left AND you can pay via PayPal (gwen@birchhaven.org); email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org (please ensure that we have the pw) OR Bank Draft! The boat is reserved ONLY for BHRR participants and their guests.

BHRR is still looking for items for our Live & Silent Auction for this Fundraiser. BHRR ONLY hosts 3 planned Fundraisers a year and this is our second fundraiser event for 2011.

BHRR does not receive any corporate or federal/provincial government funding.

If you have any items that you would like to donate to BHRR; pleae email! THANKS so much!!!!!


A blog post for sweet BHRR's Holden is LONG overdue! Many of our guests that attended our June BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House commented on how gorgeous this boy is and they are right! wink

BHRR's Holden has become so much better in regards to change. He has seen dogs come and go to various play dates, appointments, to foster homes etc. and new dogs come into BHRR and in the beginning he had some 'worry' over all the action and change.

Now, he is so much more comfortable and even a bit curious about things. He did have his nose out of joint somewhat when BHRR's Broker came into BHRR and it did not take long for both to be fast friends! BHRR's Holden has come a long way in understanding dog-to-dog acceptable communication and does not stress or grump or move away as much any longer when things get rowdy! Many a day you can see him in the fray doing some playing yet he prefers one-on-one or two-on-one play. Too many dogs makes him almost roll his eyes and be a bit disgusted over the antics and he will walk away! If play escalates to a certain level, sometimes he can take some exception as then he gets confused yet he is handling and understanding all different sorts and manners of play that dogs can do.

One of the things that BHRR's Holden enjoys soooooooooo much is watching the other dogs. He has a special spot in the fenced in area that he will lay down and just observe and he really does seem to take much enjoyment.

His best friend has to be BHRR's Broker right now BUT he has been seen playing and sleeping(do not tell him that!) ever so gently and nicely with the now almost 3 month GD pup in the house. He is really good with the young ones AND that speaks volumes on his temperament, personality and patience level.

He loves Bleach's couch…..I think many a day it is not Bleach's couch but BHRR's Holden's or BHRR's Benjamin's! OR even the new almost 3 month old GD pup here!

He is so good about minding his manners in the house, only 'loses' his brain here and there with some on the spot playing with BHRR's Broker. He prefers to sleep in his crate at night and gosh, when he comes up to ask for love with those eyes(YUP! Those eyes!) your heart just pools into sheer love!

He is quiet, low maintenance and at our BHRR 'EXPERINCE' Mini open house, he handled all the attention with calmness, a wonderful level of comfort plus maturity. When he was tired, he just took himself to a crate to have a nap or to watch the younger goobers do their 'thing' of greeting the 'fresh meat' when new people arrived to the house.

He is a great dog and will make someone a fantastic, loyal and the best companion ever! We have only had one email inquiry on him and that has been it. The thing about a mixed breed dog is that there shall never ever be another that looks quite like them and that is another so very set apart special thing that BHRR's Holden has.

We remain patient for we take in mixes as much as we take in purebreds and there is no rush as always!

JS with BHRR's Holden on Bleach's couch! – August 2011

Adoption Application Revisions

As of September 1st, 2011; the Board of Directors will be implementing some revisions to our BHRR adoption process. These changes involve age of children in homes for a possible BHRR adoption and the expansion of our adoption area to now include parts of New York, USA.

Revision #1:

As of September 1st, 2011; BHRR shall consider adoption applications to NOT only the whole provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada yet shall also consider homes in the state of New York, USA that are no more than 3 hours from BHRR. These areas in New York, USA shall include those listed below and all immediate surrounding areas AS long as the potential adoptive home is no more than 3 hours from the physical locale of BHRR in Eastern Ontario, CDA:
Alexandria Bay

Revision #2:

WE DO NOT place any dog with a family with children under the age of 8 unless the below additional conditions/requirements have been met to the satisfaction of the BOD of BHRR. Only then shall the BOD of BHRR consider those homes that have children younger than the age of 8 yet they must be over the age of 5:
a) ONLY homes that have no more than 2 children shall be considered if said children are under the age of 8 and over the age of 5
b) ONLY dogs that BHRR deem most suitable for homes with children within these ages shall be considered
c) ONLY homes that have prior suitable breed type experience ie Great Danes for a Great Dane possible adoption or a Saint Bernard for a Saint Bernard possible adoption shall be considered
d) ONLY homes that have no more than one dog already and that dog must be a right matched personality fit; shall be considered should any children be under the age of 8 and over the age of 5
e) ONLY homes that have all family members in attendance for the home visit and only those same homes that have all family members come to BHRR to meet us shall be considered
BHRR stresses that children and dogs should NEVER be left unsupervised together!
*This is a legal, insurance and moral obligation/responsibility that we will adhere to.

For complete details regarding the BHRR adoption process; please visit our Application & Fees page. BHRR shall continue to ONLY place per best matched personality fit and our adoption success rates were 100% for over 10 years of operating and as we are heading into our 16th year; our adopton success rates are 99%.

JUST two SLEEPIES until the 4th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being held at Kanata Animal Hospital – 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario on Sunday July 17th, 2011

Time: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


There will also be Pet Photos, Caricatures, Face Painting, Free Draws, Human Bake Table, Doggie Treats, Leashes, Collars, BHRR Bracelets, Tug Ropes and more!

Microchips$40 – For Cats & Dogs
Nail Trims$10 – For Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

The Rogers Community Cruiser shall be on hand from 10:00 AM – Noon with free timbits & coffee

Complimentary Behavoural/Training Consult Sessions to be had with the Founder of BHRR & Animal Behavoural Student G. Boers

The microchips are from 24PetWatch and they meet the requirements of the revised Canadian standard for electronic identification of companion animals. These microchips are also accepted by the CKC. Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically implanted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades.

Every year millions of lost and abandoned animals are taken in by shelters, pounds, humane societies, SPCA's and rescue organizations. Of these animals only about 15% of dogs and 5% of the cats (estimated numbers) are ever returned to their homes. The primary reason that the statistics are so low is, because the pets are unidentifiable. Microchipping provides the only truly permanent method of identifying your pet(dogs and cats-especially outdoor one's!) and networking the animal back to their owners. If you want to improve your cat or dog's chances of getting home; microchipping is your best option.

Out of 20 dogs gone missing in our area, only 7 have been found to date; of which 4 were microchipped.

This is the largest Mircochip Fundraiser in CANADA!

BHRR's Holden is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Our recent BHRR "EXPERIENCE" Mini Open House was his 'final' test and he passed with flying colours! He was social, comfortable and quietly accepting of all that happened that day!

BHRR's Holden is not an 'in your face' kind of dog. He has faced much rejection in his life and we would love to see him go to a home that will be patient, understanding and continue building him up in social situations without setting him up for failure.

We would love for him to go to a home with a compatible dog; male or female is of no importance. His best friends here are BHRR's Benjamin, Bleach and Caffrey. His newest of bff's is BHRR's Apollo. He is playing and having a blast with the dogs.

He is very gentle in taking treats, is mindful of his manners and his leash manners are a dream! He is very smart and many a compliment came his way on Saturday re: his looks and temperament. When he had had enough of all the attention and activity, he just went calmly to his open crate and laid down. He was the one that was often in the background waiting for someone to notice him as he just let the others dogs mob and mill around the people. KUDOS to all that have read his blogs and understood that he really wants love too and make gentle, patient plus small gestures his way to give him love.

BHRR's Holden can give the appearance of being aloof or reserved yet if you understood Pyr's; you would understand that while they might 'appear' to be that way, they are actually quite affectionate to their families. He is extremely loyal to myself now that I have earned his trust and acceptance plus respect. This boy suffered so much in the way of how many people turned him away when he was a stray before he came across one or two that would throw him a scrap or two of food. Then when all the other dogs came to the abandoned property, it is clear to see from his body condition, that BHRR's Holden was not the one getting it all. He would have surely perished there if he was left and then when they were picked up by animal control, he was within one day of being pts before he was rescued.

So, it is now our responsibility to do right by him and a home that works part-time, is semi-retired or even that right full-time home would be a good match. He loves being around his humans and is still learning about asking for love when he wants it and not on humans terms. He is still hesitant more about men than women yet has made leaps and bounds in that area.

We hope that his right forever matched home can see beyond the 'facade' he has built up to handle rejection and get to know the 'real' him to the soft, kind, gentle, super sweet adorable boy he is inside. He really was a boy that when I first saw him, that I wanted to snatch him up and hug him close and reassure him that all would be ok now.

His eyes connect to a soul that has seen much and experienced much and it is clearly not all good….

The honeymoon period is now over at BHRR for him and it is good to see him stand up and push his friends around and not worry about being corrected in a manner any more than a tone of  voice. He has an impish side this boy and to me is a WOW DOG!

We would recommend being careful with stuffies around him!

I shall be bringing him in again soon to see how his weight is going but he is getting better and better!

Below is one picture from June 5th and one from June 21st of BHRR's Holden.

BHRR's Holden with BHRR's Cherokee & Bleach – June 5th, 2011 & BHRR's Holden – June 21st, 2011

BHRR wants to stress the following:

All of our adoption mandates, processes plus policies are clearly posted on both our PetFinder and Home Website. Additionally, our application is very detailed in respect to the same and each animals' blog on both PetFinder and on our Home Website; advises to become familar with our adoption criteria, before submitting an application to be reviewed.

If for any reason you do not agree to what BHRR requires of a BHRR adoptive home; pleae do not apply. This includes not being in support of our non-refundable application fee, our mandatory obedience clause, requiring a signed letter of permission from a landperson if renting,  no adoptions to homes with children under the age of 9, that we are a Special Needs focused based Rescue, that you refuse to keep pets safe, refuse to alter any non-show pets etc.

BHRR's requirements are written very specifically and are explicit in detail for anyone visiting our sites. We are always most happy to answer any questions, yet will only do so to those that are courteous in their manner plus approach.

BHRR is a highly reputable/quality registered NPO operated by an ALL Volunteer team, without any salaried employees and many of us have families plus full time Careers and other commitments outside of Rescue. I am deeply disturbed by what members of the BOD of BHRR had to address recently over an application that was submitted for review.  I feel for those BHRR members that took on the responsibility to continue to try and educate and be professional when this application was declined. Here I was sitting in emerg waiting to address clearly broken bones and am most unappreciative to witness what was sent BHRR's way after this application was declined in a professional manner with much explanation as to the reasons why their application could not proceed.

If they had just read and respected what was clearly posted, they would be well aware that we are not going to make ANY EXCEPTIONS on very important clauses, clauses that has given BHRR a second to none adoption success rate of 100% in over 10 years of operating and now is 99% as we are in our 15+ year.

In addition, your occupation as what has been stated before, is no indication that you are going to take proper care of an animal. BHRR's Lexi and BHRR's Hailey both came from a very bad domestic abuse situation where they were sorely mistreated and the one Owner is a promimant member of his own community. Abuse is not limited to specific Careers, race, colour or creed. It knows no boundaries. 🙁

You might believe you are a wonderful home yet the application process is our way of getting to know you and to determine if your home would qualify for a BHRR animal. All members of BHRR are part of our extended family and we are always seeking to have new approved Volunteers and Homes join us!

Please refer to:


In summary; PLEASE DO NOT apply to be considered if you do not meet these very detailed and visible mandates plus clauses and respect them.

Rescue is hard enough in trying to save animals in need and their wellbeing remains one of our top priorities.



LAST Gentle Reminder: The FACEBOOK BHRR Discussion Group has MOVED to! – http://www.facebook.com/BHRRCanada


This is just a last gentle reminder that our Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Group has moved!

NEW FAN PAGE – http://www.facebook.com/BHRRCanada

With the 'upgrade' and 'archiving' of the current discussion groups on Facebook, we believe that the needs of our Rescue & Rehab organization cannot sufficiently be met any longer and hence the change to a BHRR FAN PAGE Format.

As of June 1st; the current Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Facebook DISCUSSION GROUP had all members deleted and then the group was permanently disabled and so as of the evening of Thursday May 5th, 2011 we have since moved to a Facebook Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) FAN PAGE format instead.


Our BHRR FAN Page is very interactive, user friendly and fosters great networking plus social friendships and it also feeds into our BHRR Twitter account! We already have had some good discussions with insightful comments happening!

So, to stay abreast of all things uniquely BHRR including requests for assistance, Event/Fundraiser Announcements, upcoming 'EXPERIENCE' Open Houses, GD & Honourary GD Walks/Hikes INCLUDING any Lost & Found Animals, interesting tidbits, Animal Welfare topics, courtesy postings for other reputable/quality organizations/groups, community events etc.; do come and 'LIKE' our Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) FAN PAGE –

Sorry for any inconvenience caused! 🙁

http://www.facebook.com/BHRRCanada is the URL to crosspost! As of now, we have 226 Supporters & counting! Thanks for joining the migration! 🙂

Thanks everyone for your understanding plus patience as we make this necessary transition to continue to have the best network in place to continue to assist animals in need of our programs with your strong 'CHAIN OF SUCCESS' support!

The BHRR Team

BHRR's Holden weighed 40.7 KGs (89.54 pounds) today and so many AWESOME compliments on what a nicely behaved and sweet boy he is was given! I think he weighs a bit more as he was leaning a bit. 😉

He had his DAPP Booster and a recheck done on his lungs, ears, teeth/gum, heart etc and was given a thumbs up!

Once he has a bit more weight on him, he shall be placed up for adoption.  😀

He is still finding car rides a bit depressing as he worries about what is in store for him yet he was much better this time than last and I was sure to bring him out often to visit and hang out with the staff.

The more he goes in cars and goes home again, the more confident he shall become. Depending on how fast he puts on the weight plus how comfortable he becomes in social settings – he is still quite quiet; he might be one of the BHRR dogs to come to the Microchip / Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser on Sunday July 17th. 🙂

Here are two photos from May 23rd of BHRR's Holden on Bleach's couch! I think he is settling in well! 😉 He is finally eating a more normal ration per feeding and I am feeding him three times a day at the moment. Cannot wait to get a new weight on him!!!

Other than a rare accident here and there, he has proven himself to be well housebroken and for a dog that had lived outside for 2 years; WOW! 🙂

One BHRR's Holden gets up to a more normal weight and has his boosters; it shall not be long before he is ready for adoption. This boy is AWESOME!!! He still does not understand the tape on Sir Maestro's ears LOL yet is more accepting of him. It is not Sir Maestro himself that makes BHRR's Holden not adore him, it is the tape on his ears!!!! Don't blame you Holden! We have finally figured that out.

He has a special little sound he makes when I come home from work and it is ADORABLE! 🙂

BHRR's Holden May 23rd, 2011

BHRR's Holden did great at the Vet's on Tuesday! He weighed 87.34 pounds! WOOHOO! Slow but sure with the weight gain and we gave him more Drontal just to be assured that all the tapeworms were gone. AND I received his fecal results back yesterday and it is negative! We remove the final suture or two from his neuter and did a skin scraping on his elbows just to be assured that it is only dry skin and callouses. WHICH they are. 🙂 VERY healthy boy despite being so painfully skinny. I have him booked to come back in early June for his final DAPP Booster, once he is at a more healthy weight.

He was loved on by many and what a superb dog he is!!!! His leash manners are a DREAM and he has 'sit' almost perfected now. Smart and handsome boy….

His best buds are my daughters; EM Caffrey and our Bleach! He has also played some with BHRR's Hailey and BHRR's Benjamin.

He has only had one accident in the house since he has been here and he was so happy to come home with me. I know he was worried when we went into the car that he would not be coming back. BHRR's Holden is already coming out of his shell and asking for love and his energy level is becoming stronger and more longer lasting. Last night, was the first time he finished the food offered to him. I am still feeding him every 4-5 hours and his system is quickly becoming used to getting food and he is more able to eat for longer periods of time.

Sean took some great pictures of him on Bleach's couch and I shall try to post them soon. 🙂 It truly feels like he has always been here with us.

The only bump in everything is now that Sir Maestro is back from showing, for some reason BHRR's Holden is not so smitten with him and wants to try and push him around. Something about Sir Maestro must remind BHRR's Holden of a dog in his past.  AND the fact that Sir Maestro is only a 10 month old puppy tells me that BHRR's Holden has a long way to go re: social communication with other dogs. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and train and rehab and we are in no rush…..

BHRR's Holden is fully integrated with all the dogs and doing great!!!

THANKS being extended to Sarah for being a BHRR Buddy to BHRR's Holden and donating a Papasan Chair Cushion for him. 🙂

Update on BHRR's Holden from 3:38 AM today:

"BHRR's Holden has now been integrated with half the pack here and WOW! What an amazing boy….for all the bad out there in the world, being able to be part of something so important and precious of helping another in need and seeing them travel along their journey of rehab to a better quality filled future makes me feel so thankful to so many that help save these incredible creatures."

Update on BHRR's Holden from 2:14 PM today:

"BHRR's Holden is now integrated with everyone and has made himself at home! He has decided that 'Bleach's' couch is a great place to lounge…. cheeky He finally ate something for me around 3:45 AM today and had a good night. This AM he decided he was going to play with Kinsley's EM Caffrey and that got the house rockin'!!! Sadly, that is when we heard the first coughs so on to RAW honey. His neuter incision is also bothering him so tending to that to maximise his comfort. It really feels like he has always been here and sigh….what a real sweetie!!!"

I have added four more pictures to his slideshow – 2 from his transport to BHRR and 2 from when BHRR's Holden first arrived – and we had the other dogs crated or in the bedroom so that he could settle in at his own pace. What is most interesting from those two photos is that BHRR's Hailey; who reminds me quite a bit of BHRR's Mindy; is not a 'fan' of dogs being near a crate when she is laying in it as it just upsets her sense of interpersonal space and what she believes who can and can not be near her. She is like a royal princess some days, that one! LOL YET, in these photos, she not only has no 'snobby' 'tude at BHRR's Holden laying next to her and would have with the other dogs just turned her back to them LOL, she actually moved herself so that she was touching him through the crate!!! It was awesome!!!! I sooooooooooo love BHRR's Hailey!

I am feeding BHRR's Holden 5 smaller meals a day right now and he is eating some wet food yet not fond of the kibble(most likely was fed scrap human food while he was on that abandoned property) and has not drank anything today. He is weak yet he will wag his tail and he is already following Sean around….I keep saying 'what about me!!$*&%%?' and BHRR's Holden will look at me, wag his tail slightly and then keep plodding along after Sean! There is a HAM inside this boy and I cannot wait until he comes all the way out!!!! 😀 He has slept a lot today or just has layed down on Bleach's couch watching the other dogs play and  move about. He seems to take enjoyment out of just being 'around' others. He is a pack animal for sure!!!! Is it too soon to say that when this boy is adopted, that my heart is going to thump??? He is a 'gift' and we will ensure that his new adoptive home realises that…..He had one day before he was going to be pts in KY and to think that the world would be missing out on such a 'gift' would be a shame….. 🙁

He also is 'ok' about asking for love…very calm, quiet and unobtrusive…just will stand by you; almost afraid of rejection yet drawing up the courage to at least ask for some affection…sigh…makes my heart just wrench to see that hesitation YET in time, he will learn that he will get all the love he can handle!

He is also fed in a crate as he is somewhat stressed with any other dog thinking about getting his food. To his new adoptive home when he is placed up for adoption and they come along; he will need to be fed in a quiet place away from other animals as this boy has had to fend for himself for 2 years(at least!) and it is plain to see that he did not fare well; with how scary thin he is. 🙁 Once the bowl is out of his crate, he no longer makes any small low rumbling sounds in his chest. He will learn that he shall always be fed enough, on time and that no other dog is going to take his food away. As for humans, you can touch his bowl and him and his food no issues at all. AND considering how much it would be understandable to think he would be a food recourcer or guarder, he is extremely mild. No lunging, barking, snarling; just some low rumbling. He is fed in a very public area; which his crate is in the sunroom; where my BHRR office is and he has had no issues at all with dogs walking by his crate or himself as long as he does not have a food bowl.

BHRR's Holden with another dog doing to another Rescue – Transport to BHRR & BHRR's Holden with BHRR's Hailey – May 22, 2011
*First photo courtesy of R. Woods

BHRR's HOLDEN could use a Sponsor/Virtual Foster. He will need more vetting and lots of TLC to rehab him. He will need Giant Sized Smoked Dino and Knuckle bones, a dog bed to call his own, a new collar and I look forward to so many people getting to meet him!!! To those that are registered and planning to attend our June BHRR "EXPERIENCE" Mini Open House; you are in for a real TREAT!!!

You can donate via PayPal(account name gwen@birchhaven.org) or by email transfer gwen@birchhaven.org is the account(please ensure we have the password) or you can call Kanata Animal Hospital directly at (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX or Debit in person – account name is 'Holden' under Birch Haven Rescue or you can mail a Bank Draft or M.O. to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

I have just arrived home from the 3+ hour roundtrip to pick up BHRR's Holden from the last Volunteer to transport him. As soon as I saw him, I just wanted to scoop him up, hug him close and promise him that all was going to be 'Ok'. He was so sad and I had already been sent an email last night from someone in Ohio that said he was very sad. 🙁 The other thing I noted when I first saw him was how GORGEOUS he truly is! OMG! He is going to do his share of heart stealing!!!! His eyes….his colour, that head, his temperament, I am just instantly smitten with him. 🙂

He has not eaten anything from his bowl yet has taken a couple of tiny treats from my hand and was so gentle.

From the wonderfully kind temp foster Volunteer who housed BHRR's Holden last night:

"Dear Gwen,

     I am pleased to hear that he is in such capable hands. He stole my heart in just hours while he stayed overnight here with us. He is a grand dog and if you wouldn't mind and can find time I would love to hear how he progresses. Thank you so much for your work.


In going over his paperwork , he was given a body condition score of 3/4 out of 9!!!! 🙁 His hair/coat hide much regarding how scary thin he actually is. 🙁 I have an appointment set up for Tuesday to have one of my own Vets also check him over. The paperwork that also came with him shows that he had a HWT on May 4th and it was negative. Rabies was given on May 5th, 2011 and he was given DHPPV on May 4th, 2011. I will give him a booster in June.

The Grant Country Veterinary Clinic indicated that his eyes, ears, circulatory plus respiratory systems are normal. Also checked off as being normal during his thorough exam on May 18th; were his abdomen, gastrointestinal system, urogenital system, lymph nodes, musculo-skeletal system, skin and nervous system were all also normal.

I shall be bringing in a fecal sample on Tuesday for testing. I have given him a Sentinel and have placed a bowl with some yummy food and Panacur in his crate. He went into the crate no problem, layed down for about 5 minutes and then wanted out and had a nice pee. I have been told that he is almost housebroken and I was delighted that he let me know he had to go! 🙂 Sean says that he reminds him of our own 12+ year old Newfx Kona and I can well believe now that he is a Newf/Pyr X. He needs to put on about 20-25 pounds of muscle and mass and that will bring him to over 100 pounds. He weight on May 18th was 79.8 pounds.

The most common word used to describe BHRR's Holden during his transport is 'sweet', the exact same word we have been told since he was first rescued.

Feedback from another wonderfully kind Volunteer on BHRR's Holden:

"I found Holden to be a very young dog, with an older dog`s eyes.  He has seen a lot, and I don`t think the world has been very kind to him. He has a quiet maturity about him, and he seems very wise. He is trusting and loving and very quiet. He stood with his head and skinny little shoulders between my knees while I hugged him. He stood like that for nearly 5 minutes straight. I had given him a drink of water. He had had enough of all the car swapping.  He jumped back into my van onto a comforter he quite enjoyed and didn`t want to get out. It was all I could do not to bring him home with me. THANK YOU for taking this affectionate and very, very special dog into your care. He is definitely òne of the extra special ones`.


Below are two photos that I took of him when he first arrived and went into his crate. He still smells a bit ‘skunky’ yet in time that coat of his will become less coarse and so healthy looking.

BHRR's Holden – Day of Arrival to BHRR – May 22nd, 2011 – Almost 80 pounds and should be another 20-25 pounds heavier.

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Thanks everyone for your understanding plus patience as we make this necessary transition to continue to have the best network in place to continue to assist animals in need of our programs with your strong 'CHAIN OF SUCCESS' support!



Two Updates on BHRR's Holden – He is neutered, about 2.5-3 years of age, has had his rabies and weighs about 75 pounds(so a small 'Giant').

Kentucky seems to have a lot of Pyrs and PyrX's in need and I cannot wait to meet BHRR's Holden for at 75 pounds; I am not 100% convinced of his 'mix'. I can well believe that he has Pyrenees in him with that face and hind dewclaws yet no matter, he looks gorgeous and he is going to be welcomed at BHRR with open arms! In understanding that he has had poor nutrition his whole life and is a byber dog, for sure he could be a Newf/PyrX! AND at this time, I do not know how much underweight he is either…..

When he is ready for adoption, I know that his right forever matched loving home shall come along and 'see' him for the dog he really is and I am excited about the journey, he is going to take me on as he rehabs at BHRR. 🙂

For Pyrs – Average height is between 25 and 32 inches. Average weight is between 100 and 130 pounds.
For Newfs – Average for males is around 28" and for weight; male averages are between 130 -150 pounds.

First Update – Sent Today at 1:49 PM –

"Gwen —

I took Holden to the vet last night to get his health certificate.  The vet proclaimed him healthy, but noticed some tapeworm segments; so he's being wormed tonight with Drontal Plus. 

Holden is a very sweet boy and is really starting to come around, with his foster mom Cindy.  She says that he meets her at the door now, tail wagging, and has been sleeping on the bed, with all the cats.  He doesn't quite have the potty-training down yet, but he's getting there.  Considering the fact that he lived on an abandoned property by himself for 2 years, I think he's doing pretty well. 

Thank you again for taking this sweet boy.  I think you're really going to like him."

Second Update – Sent Today at 8:08 PM –

Gwen —

He has some tartar on his back teeth, but some of it could be from eating bad food.  Holden made friends with a little mop-dog at the vet yesterday.  He's so easy-going, I'm sure he'll get along with everyone.  Cindy says she's going to miss him.  She feels like they're starting to build a relationship, and he's coming out of his shell.  But I'm sure he'll adjust, once he's in at bHRR witwonderful people who will give him lots of love and attention.

I'm very grateful that I could send you Holden."

UPDATE on BHRR's Holden just sent:

"Fostermom took Holden to the spa last night to get him all cleaned up and smelling better.  He was a little skunky.  Cindy called last night to say that he is settling in nicely and has actually started to wag his tail.  He pays no mind to the cats and just wants to be petted and hugged.  She says he's exceptionally sweet.

I heard his story when I spoke with the Owensboro shelter yesterday.  He had been living on an abandoned property for about 2 years.  The neighbors all fed him and looked out for him, but he was pretty much on his own.  Everything was fine until some other dogs showed up and took up residence too.  Then the complaints started, and the shelter was called to pick up all of the dogs.  The neighbors must have interacted with him a lot because he is not the least bit skittish or unfriendly.  He comes right up to everyone to get petted.  He's a really good boy."

BHRR's Holden – NewfX(possibly with Pyr) pulled from a shelter in KY. Male and we have been informed:"He's a beautiful boy and exceptionally gentle and sweet."   He was being boarded up until Saturday after being pulled from the KY Shelter a week previously and is now in a foster home of the person who wanted to know if BHRR would assist him. Should all go well, he will arrive the May long weekend in Canada. At this time, we do not know age or history yet have confirmed that he does not have a known human bite history. We will update as we can. Below is a photo that was sent of BHRR's Holden. LOOKING forward in getting to know you BHRR's Holden!

BHRR's Holden – May 2011 – In Kentucky, USA