BHRR's Holden weighed 40.7 KGs (89.54 pounds) today and so many AWESOME compliments on what a nicely behaved and sweet boy he is was given! I think he weighs a bit more as he was leaning a bit. 😉

He had his DAPP Booster and a recheck done on his lungs, ears, teeth/gum, heart etc and was given a thumbs up!

Once he has a bit more weight on him, he shall be placed up for adoption.  😀

He is still finding car rides a bit depressing as he worries about what is in store for him yet he was much better this time than last and I was sure to bring him out often to visit and hang out with the staff.

The more he goes in cars and goes home again, the more confident he shall become. Depending on how fast he puts on the weight plus how comfortable he becomes in social settings – he is still quite quiet; he might be one of the BHRR dogs to come to the Microchip / Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser on Sunday July 17th. 🙂