BHRR's Holden did great at the Vet's on Tuesday! He weighed 87.34 pounds! WOOHOO! Slow but sure with the weight gain and we gave him more Drontal just to be assured that all the tapeworms were gone. AND I received his fecal results back yesterday and it is negative! We remove the final suture or two from his neuter and did a skin scraping on his elbows just to be assured that it is only dry skin and callouses. WHICH they are. 🙂 VERY healthy boy despite being so painfully skinny. I have him booked to come back in early June for his final DAPP Booster, once he is at a more healthy weight.

He was loved on by many and what a superb dog he is!!!! His leash manners are a DREAM and he has 'sit' almost perfected now. Smart and handsome boy….

His best buds are my daughters; EM Caffrey and our Bleach! He has also played some with BHRR's Hailey and BHRR's Benjamin.

He has only had one accident in the house since he has been here and he was so happy to come home with me. I know he was worried when we went into the car that he would not be coming back. BHRR's Holden is already coming out of his shell and asking for love and his energy level is becoming stronger and more longer lasting. Last night, was the first time he finished the food offered to him. I am still feeding him every 4-5 hours and his system is quickly becoming used to getting food and he is more able to eat for longer periods of time.

Sean took some great pictures of him on Bleach's couch and I shall try to post them soon. 🙂 It truly feels like he has always been here with us.

The only bump in everything is now that Sir Maestro is back from showing, for some reason BHRR's Holden is not so smitten with him and wants to try and push him around. Something about Sir Maestro must remind BHRR's Holden of a dog in his past.  AND the fact that Sir Maestro is only a 10 month old puppy tells me that BHRR's Holden has a long way to go re: social communication with other dogs. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and train and rehab and we are in no rush…..

BHRR's Holden is fully integrated with all the dogs and doing great!!!

THANKS being extended to Sarah for being a BHRR Buddy to BHRR's Holden and donating a Papasan Chair Cushion for him. 🙂