Two Updates on BHRR's Holden – He is neutered, about 2.5-3 years of age, has had his rabies and weighs about 75 pounds(so a small 'Giant').

Kentucky seems to have a lot of Pyrs and PyrX's in need and I cannot wait to meet BHRR's Holden for at 75 pounds; I am not 100% convinced of his 'mix'. I can well believe that he has Pyrenees in him with that face and hind dewclaws yet no matter, he looks gorgeous and he is going to be welcomed at BHRR with open arms! In understanding that he has had poor nutrition his whole life and is a byber dog, for sure he could be a Newf/PyrX! AND at this time, I do not know how much underweight he is either…..

When he is ready for adoption, I know that his right forever matched loving home shall come along and 'see' him for the dog he really is and I am excited about the journey, he is going to take me on as he rehabs at BHRR. 🙂

For Pyrs – Average height is between 25 and 32 inches. Average weight is between 100 and 130 pounds.
For Newfs – Average for males is around 28" and for weight; male averages are between 130 -150 pounds.

First Update – Sent Today at 1:49 PM –

"Gwen —

I took Holden to the vet last night to get his health certificate.  The vet proclaimed him healthy, but noticed some tapeworm segments; so he's being wormed tonight with Drontal Plus. 

Holden is a very sweet boy and is really starting to come around, with his foster mom Cindy.  She says that he meets her at the door now, tail wagging, and has been sleeping on the bed, with all the cats.  He doesn't quite have the potty-training down yet, but he's getting there.  Considering the fact that he lived on an abandoned property by himself for 2 years, I think he's doing pretty well. 

Thank you again for taking this sweet boy.  I think you're really going to like him."

Second Update – Sent Today at 8:08 PM –

Gwen —

He has some tartar on his back teeth, but some of it could be from eating bad food.  Holden made friends with a little mop-dog at the vet yesterday.  He's so easy-going, I'm sure he'll get along with everyone.  Cindy says she's going to miss him.  She feels like they're starting to build a relationship, and he's coming out of his shell.  But I'm sure he'll adjust, once he's in at bHRR witwonderful people who will give him lots of love and attention.

I'm very grateful that I could send you Holden."