BHRR's Cosette was ADOPTED today!!

As many know, we were doing a gradual transition into the home to ensure maximum set-up for success and today was the day it is official!!

I am sooooo happy…my tears are so happy for this once very terrified GD plus skinny girl that lived in a one bedroom apt. She is nothing like that dog now and as I hugged her close, in my good-byes, I whispered that I would always love her and know she will me and that she is in a good place and thanked her for all her trust sent my way! I told her that I would see her again….not for awhile though and that she has made me a better Gwennie!

She has learned to give kisses and she sooooooo affectionate! She is one of my obedience queens and is so beautiful inside and out!

Each journey with every dog is so special that comes to BHRR and BHRR's Cosette's is no less emotionally impacting to my soul.

Her home could care less that she does not see out of one eye(very limited), her home could care less that she is a 'small' GD, what her new forever adoptive home cares about is BHRR's Cosette as what my son used to call himself 'whole special package deal!'

Welcome to our BHRR extended family to this lovely home!

BHRR's Cosette & her new GD Family! March 21st, 2013

The HV for BHRR's Cosette was went well. As I expected it would go and we are going to move forward as a slow progression to a full adoption. 🙂

Once the adoption is finalised with BHRR's Cosette with her wonderful forever loving family, I shall take a family photo to post. 🙂

Congrats to the home and her! I always love being part of this step of the 'chain of success' Makes my heart feel so much happiness to be privy to these types of connections. 🙂

The hv for BHRR's Cosette's future adoption is this Friday.

BHRR's Cosette is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update her blog as we can.

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UPDATE Wednesday December 19th, 2012:

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UPDATE Wednesday December 12th, 2012:

There seems to be a voting 'glitch' and some can and others cannot vote more than once YET, please do keep trying to vote DAILY and do share as BHRR could really really really use your assistance!

UPDATE: Friday December 14th, 2012:

You need to clear your cache/cookies on your iPhone(go to "Settings", then "Safari", then 'Clear Cookies/Cache' to be able to vote again daily AND you need to clear your cache on whatever browser you are using on your home or work computers to be able to vote again daily.

BHRR has slipped to SECOND place and this contest end Sunday just before Midnight! Please vote and share! 🙂

UPDATE Sunday December 16th, 2012:


As many are aware from the public blanket statement posts I was making, as soon as I understood what was able to really occur with the voting in the food contest, I contacted MDB. This was not resulting in a fair contest to all r/q Rescues involved.

We have been in conversation for the last few days re: this contest and per the positioning of BHRR, we will only wish to operate with continued integrity plus honesty and no food is worth any compromising of that.

Either we all are able to vote once a day, only ever once, or multiple times daily. What was happening was not equal or fair to all involved. BHRR and it was so important that MDB be made aware of what was happening.

I am aware that they did a reset a couple of days ago to try and have people being able to only vote once every 24 hours and some could and others still could not vote again.

We have continued to support MDB in any successful resolution they felt was necessary and per their public post today, they have decided to do a reset from scratch – starting over.

I thank EACH of our supporters and believers that have campaigned so hard to assist the animals of BHRR and in sharing! 🙂 No words can tell you how much this has meant to BHRR for we do go through 120 POUNDS of dog food PER DAY.

AND good luck to all participating for round two!

BHRR's 5th ANNUAL "JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS" Online Auction is ON NOW UNTIL Thursday December 6th @ 9:00 PM EST!

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All monies raised shall go to the care of animals in need of BHRR and also assist the two new Saint Bernards headed our way!

BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of a new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many. Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 15th, 2012 to Monday January 7th, 2013 inclusive.

As of November 15th, 2012, we shall have BHRR's Cosette AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!! YAY!

UPDATE: BHRR's Cosette had her own 'SPAY' day today and it was unfortunately, a lengthy one that she also had post-surgery bleeding and they had to go back in to address. 🙁

At this time, she is resting all drugged up on hydromorphone and shall be coming home later tonight.

Please send her all your best wishes and positive healing vibes…..

For those wishing to possibly consider donating to her Vet Bills, you can contact Liston Animal Hospital at 613-591-0966.

BHRR's Cosette is having her spay today and I am going to be very curious to see just how much of a normal uterus etc. was inside her. In talking to a couple of vets they believe that there had to have been part of a uterine stump left inside of her from when she had been spayed before coming to BHRR that would not have triggered any normal heat pattern and it would not be abnormal to have seen her now have a heat once she was more mature.

AND then once she heals, she shall be placed back up for adoption!

In preparation in having to do some emergency fundraising for BHRR's Autumn's ever growing mounting bills that shall include having several surgeries, we are going to be offering up  a small  BHRR's Autumn's EMERGENCY Online Auction

Auction details and how to bid can be found HERE – ITEMS can be added at any time – so, please check back!

Starts 6:00 AM EST on Monday October 29th, 2012
Ends 10:00 PM EST on Monday November 5th, 2012

NOTE: BHRR's Autumn's EMERGENCY ONLINE AUCTION does not replace our 5th ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS' ONLINE Auction to commence on Saturday November 24th, 2012!

From Friday October 19th to Sunday November 4th inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

Sooooooooooooo, this is a bit of a surprising post to be making. Sigh…………

When I was at work on Monday September 24th, Sean gave me a call and said, I think BHRR's Cosette is in heat!!!! I was like, that is not right, remember she had the ultrasound and a scar was found and her vulva and teats were immature and….he said, well, the girls are VERY interested in her.

Experience has shown that when the girls at BHRR are interested in another girl, that it is often likely they shall be going into heat very soon. This was the case with BHRR's Journey for example and I then scheduled her spay about two weeks earlier than originally planned for I did not want her going into heat and we just got her before she went 'full bloom'.

I said let me talk to her Vet, the one that did the u/s plus the other staff members present that day who witnessed/were privy to the u/s and I even have photos!!!

Now, I am aware that the u/s may not be conslusive yet, she does have a scar and I am thinking, this shall be a first and we JUST put her up for adoption. Sigh……..

Well, sure enough, Tuesday hits and she is in full blown heat…So, we pegged her at 18 m, no more than 24 m of age…..she has to have been closer to 15 m when she arrived to BHRR to have been so immature looking.

So, we have to pull her from being available for adoption at this time for we do not place dogs that are spayed or neutered into adoptive homes.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Sir Maestro has been with my handler for the last month, so that is not a worry and Mr. Big Blue Bronson(who is clueless about girls as is) is being shipped out to a relatives place FOR we do not have babies at BHRR, we do not set dog up for failure for something like that being possible and so, both of my show dogs are off zee premises!

So, we have to wait 21-28 days for her heat to be over – around October 15th to the 22nd AND then wait another 8 weeks before we can spay her. She can have a 'spay date' with BHRR's Velvet, who is at BHRR having been pulled from the shelter after her hold period was up and during her time at the shelter had gone into heat

NOW, the one thing the Vet did say is that she could be having a UTI instead and we shall rule that out for sure. BUT, we for sure had ruled out via u/s and that scar found a spay…so, the Vet wonders what the scar line could have been for, as DO I! AND does the rest of the staff at KAH.

I would have been NONE to thrilled to have adopted her out(NEITHER would have her home) and she had gone into heat then). 🙁 We would have paid for the spay of course *if* that had happened and all of us are shocked for we did all the right steps to ensure that she was spayed……UGH! This is a first and thank goodness she was still with us at BHRR!



She is doing FABU!!! 🙂

As long as someone is a positive calm and quietly confident leader, her manners are impeccable and she is not a turkey! 😉 She just needs a leader that is not going to allow another dog – male to hump her – or try to dominate over her for she is not comfortable with that type of behavour. I do not blame her!

She is going to do great in a home with at least one other like minded personality fit dog and she is also great with kids! 🙂 I have no worries at all with her with dogs of any sizes and is a big puppy at heart herself! 🙂

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, semi-retired, retired, works from home etc. She is fully trustworthy in the house and has not been crated in some time. 🙂 I still put her in a crate from time to time so that she is still comfortable and often she can be found sleeping in a crate with the door open for quiet time. 🙂

She is soooooooooooooooooo affectionate! 🙂

What a beauty, both inside and out! 🙂

She is still putting on a few pounds yet, not worried that this is something to hold her back from being placed up for adoption at this time. She is a pampered pooch and LOVES her comforts of lots of dog beds and dog blankets.

Below is a photo taken from August 4th at Pet Valu in Kemptville when we were there for a community education and public awareness event! She is playing with my baby IW Bunker!

August 4th, 2012

BHRR's Cosette has her ultrasound today to help determine if she has been spayed.

After a mild sedation, she was placed on her back and in shaving her(did not need much); her Vet suggested to shave her higher as she thought she saw a faint line. So, higher up she was shaved and sure enough, there was a very faint line. An old one that suggests that she was spayed quite young and was higher than one would normally expect to find a spay incision.

Her Vet still did an u/s to help confirm the spay and we are a THUMBS up!

Below are two photos taken from today.

Once she puts on a bit more weight and she is also coming with me to our next GD & Honourary GD walk/hike this Sunday; for another social outing; she will be placed up for adoption.

I would really close to 110 pounds right now.

She was so super sweet to everyone…..such a pretty 'wee' giant girl, inside and out!

BHRR's Cosette – August 24th, 2012 – after sedation and the ultrasound!

BHRR's Cosette & BHRR's Emmett VIDEO from KAH last Saturday August 18th, 2012

BHRR's Cosette & BHRR's Emmett & Bunker VIDEO from last Saturday August 18th, 2012

BHRR's Cosette weighed 41.1 KGs today(90.42 pounds). This means that she has put on 4.18 pounds since she has arrived and GOOD for her!

She needs a bit more yet getting there!

She had a HWT done and we microchipped her plus revisited her eye and checked further to determine if she had already been spayed.

Now, that she has been with us for a bit, she is definitely younger than 3. We are placing her between 18 m – 24 m of age.

Her teeth and personality/energy level etc. is all 'younger'. NOW, she could be three for we all know that there are some pretty spunky older dogs out there. My Ch. Dyce is almost 6.5 years of age and you would think he was half that age wit his energy level. 🙂

Yet, the Vet and I feel that she is younger than 3.

A recheck was done on her eye and the Vet determined that she has limited vision in that eye. Her lens is so small and it does not hold her back! There is no concern or worry that she has to have the eye removed, it is congenital and she motors along as if she had perfect vision. You would not even know there was something 'off' unless the light hit the eye in just the right light.

SO YAY! Any future adoptive home must realise that she is limited vision on that side and be mindful of such.

We were unable to conclude decisively that she was spayed – no incision, no feeling of underlying scar tissue and so, I have scheduled to bring her back in(SHE had a great day today and I am ended it on a great note!) to be lightly sedated adn we shall do an u/s. We are aware that this too, may not prove conclusive yet; we are going to try.

She also had her DAPP booster.

What a social wee princess she was! So, sweet and friendly and no issues with any people or other dogs.

We will be taking her on our next GD/Honourary GD Walk/Hike that is upcoming and to see where were are now at with any strange male dog woes. She has not had any more quirks since Pet Valu yet; we shall continue to evaluate/assess.

I took a short video of her playing with BHRR's Emmett today and shall post ASAP. 🙂

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dear dog!

COME ON OUT TO SEE US THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 11th @ the Critter Jungle in Ottawa, Ontario!

RAIN OR SHINE! We shall be there! So, bring your dirty dawg and we shall wash plus towel dry for you!

We shall also have some items for sale to help raise much needed funds for the animals in need of BHRR.

AND it looks like the rain is going to be there BUT so shall we! 🙂 We are all going to be wet anyway! 😉

The photos below are from the Pet Valu in K-Town(Colonnade Road) – Educational & Community Public awareness event

She wants to thank ALL the BHRR Volunteers fabu for coming out today to help out and hang and to all the supporters for dropping by including BHRR's Holden! She did awesome with people, no issues with any female dogs and demonstrated some quirkness at first encounter with almost all males; yet; settled down after a positive correction and passively ignoring…a great first outside of BHRR social experience! She is also a serious contender for the 'K9 Kissing For Kash' at our September 29th "DINE WITH THE BHRR ANIMALS' Fundraiser! :)-

It was very interesting to note this 'male' quirkiness for she has had NO issues at BHRR whatsoever with males or females. In fact, many of her closest playmates other than BHRR's Bloom & BHRR's Jetta are male. Very interesting notation. Once she was positively corrected, she was fine. At our next GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike, I shall be bringing her to continue to 'tweak' this.

Thank you everyone for being so incredible today!

BHRR raised $370.03 today thanks to Pet Valu AND all of you!

ALSO, thank you AGAIN to Pet Valu for this opportunity and for the donation of much needed and lifesaving dog Food AND thanks to all the customers of Pet Valu that donated 12 boxes of dog treats and a bag of canned food to come to BHRR too! 🙂

AND the famous signature event BHRR Doggie Gift Basket Surpreme was won by Maggie Bird!

She has her Vet appointment tomorrow night and an update shall be posted ASAP.

BHRR's Cosette – August 4th, 2012
*Photos courtesy of M. Bird

BHRR's Cosette saw the Vet on July 18th, 2012 for an initial weigh-in and good experience Vet experience.

She weighed a slightly thin 86.24 pounds(39.20 KGS).

Her right eye did not seem quite right with the lens and it appears to be small and recessed. The Vet thinks possible microphakia, a congential condition. She seems to be able to see somewhat out of it; yet; even if she did not; she has compensated very well. The Vet was unable to look at the retina as the scope was not functioning properly and we shall re-visit when she goes in for her booster later this month.

No abnormal findings were found with her left eye, her heart and skin. YAY!

Her ears, respiratory, abdomen, lymph nodes, anal glands, and spine/back assessments were all normal. 🙂

She was given her first does of Revolution and we shall do a hwt when she comes back later this month. She was a bit shy and nervous and I did not want her to have anything other than a good positive experience.

We shall check to see if we can determine if she is spayed plus microchip at her next visit too.

THIS girl is AWESOME! Give her the structure, routine, consistency with a patient loving hand and she is just thriving!!! OMG! She is so affectionate!!

I ended up putting her on some BNP appointment on the 19th of July, as she had a bit of a green discharge yet; that has all cleared up.

My intent is to bring her out this Saturday to the Pet Valu in Kemptville – the new one – when we are there from 10 AM – 3 PM for her first real social outing as she is just blowing us away with how her rehab is going at BHRR.

She is soooooooooo loving, is not crated any longer except for feeding, loves everyone, is integrated with everyone and is playful and mindful and just a delight!

SHE is going to make a lucky home a fabu addition!!! 🙂

She is a 'wee' giant, and if she makes it to 95-100 pounds – no more than that, that is going to be more than plenty big for her. 🙂 She is a petitie frame and all personality of love.

Here is a video taken tonight of some of the BHRR gang and our own. I have spent my day immersed with the animals for maximum dog therapy to try and help soothe my heart and soul over our most recent and shocking sudden loss of BHRR's Hamilton The Newf. 🙁 We feel like we are in a walking nightmare and most of the day has been a blur yet; all of us here have been trying to stay super busy and keep our minds plus bodies occupied so as to not think………….all of us are still reeling in shock.

This video of how well BHRR's Dozer and so many others are doing including BHRR's Ani & BHRR's Cosette and BHRR's Jetta really help find purpose to why I get up in the morning and what I look forward to each day.


From the amazing transporter that met up with me with BHRR's Cosette:

"From Fiona's mummy: We have pink doggles and Cosette would look smashing in them. But alas, no sunroof. Cosette was very afraid at the SPCA. Her handler did a great job in getting her in my car and giving me advice for the trip home. She was teary eyed. She really loved Cosette. Cosette was great in the car. Slept most of the way. She was really afraid when we stopped at KAH, she tinkled a wee bit. However, Gwen took off with her into an office and about 45 minutes later emerged a new Cosette! She was far more outgoing but stuck to Gwen like a wrinkle to a shar pei (sorry, Fiona and Rupert are peis, hence my analogies…) Gwen and her magic touch. A bit of time in the BHRR program working on her self esteem and this small Dane will become a grand Dame. Just you wait and see. Mwoua Mwoua xxxxx ma belle Cosette."

This is whom we are calling 'Cosette'. She is a 3 year old Female Harlequin Great Dane and has been living in an apartment and is very very very very timid.

We were contacted about her on July 4th, 2012; yet; were not in a position at that time to assist. She is now slated to come to BHRR on July 18th, 2012.

We look forward in meeting her!



BHRR's Cosette – At The Shelter – July 2012 – ETA to BHRR – July 18th, 2012