Sooooooooooooo, this is a bit of a surprising post to be making. Sigh…………

When I was at work on Monday September 24th, Sean gave me a call and said, I think BHRR's Cosette is in heat!!!! I was like, that is not right, remember she had the ultrasound and a scar was found and her vulva and teats were immature and….he said, well, the girls are VERY interested in her.

Experience has shown that when the girls at BHRR are interested in another girl, that it is often likely they shall be going into heat very soon. This was the case with BHRR's Journey for example and I then scheduled her spay about two weeks earlier than originally planned for I did not want her going into heat and we just got her before she went 'full bloom'.

I said let me talk to her Vet, the one that did the u/s plus the other staff members present that day who witnessed/were privy to the u/s and I even have photos!!!

Now, I am aware that the u/s may not be conslusive yet, she does have a scar and I am thinking, this shall be a first and we JUST put her up for adoption. Sigh……..

Well, sure enough, Tuesday hits and she is in full blown heat…So, we pegged her at 18 m, no more than 24 m of age…..she has to have been closer to 15 m when she arrived to BHRR to have been so immature looking.

So, we have to pull her from being available for adoption at this time for we do not place dogs that are spayed or neutered into adoptive homes.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Sir Maestro has been with my handler for the last month, so that is not a worry and Mr. Big Blue Bronson(who is clueless about girls as is) is being shipped out to a relatives place FOR we do not have babies at BHRR, we do not set dog up for failure for something like that being possible and so, both of my show dogs are off zee premises!

So, we have to wait 21-28 days for her heat to be over – around October 15th to the 22nd AND then wait another 8 weeks before we can spay her. She can have a 'spay date' with BHRR's Velvet, who is at BHRR having been pulled from the shelter after her hold period was up and during her time at the shelter had gone into heat

NOW, the one thing the Vet did say is that she could be having a UTI instead and we shall rule that out for sure. BUT, we for sure had ruled out via u/s and that scar found a spay…so, the Vet wonders what the scar line could have been for, as DO I! AND does the rest of the staff at KAH.

I would have been NONE to thrilled to have adopted her out(NEITHER would have her home) and she had gone into heat then). 🙁 We would have paid for the spay of course *if* that had happened and all of us are shocked for we did all the right steps to ensure that she was spayed……UGH! This is a first and thank goodness she was still with us at BHRR!