The photos below are from the Pet Valu in K-Town(Colonnade Road) – Educational & Community Public awareness event

She wants to thank ALL the BHRR Volunteers fabu for coming out today to help out and hang and to all the supporters for dropping by including BHRR's Holden! She did awesome with people, no issues with any female dogs and demonstrated some quirkness at first encounter with almost all males; yet; settled down after a positive correction and passively ignoring…a great first outside of BHRR social experience! She is also a serious contender for the 'K9 Kissing For Kash' at our September 29th "DINE WITH THE BHRR ANIMALS' Fundraiser! :)-

It was very interesting to note this 'male' quirkiness for she has had NO issues at BHRR whatsoever with males or females. In fact, many of her closest playmates other than BHRR's Bloom & BHRR's Jetta are male. Very interesting notation. Once she was positively corrected, she was fine. At our next GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike, I shall be bringing her to continue to 'tweak' this.

Thank you everyone for being so incredible today!

BHRR raised $370.03 today thanks to Pet Valu AND all of you!

ALSO, thank you AGAIN to Pet Valu for this opportunity and for the donation of much needed and lifesaving dog Food AND thanks to all the customers of Pet Valu that donated 12 boxes of dog treats and a bag of canned food to come to BHRR too! 🙂

AND the famous signature event BHRR Doggie Gift Basket Surpreme was won by Maggie Bird!

She has her Vet appointment tomorrow night and an update shall be posted ASAP.

BHRR's Cosette – August 4th, 2012
*Photos courtesy of M. Bird