BHRR's Cosette was ADOPTED today!!

As many know, we were doing a gradual transition into the home to ensure maximum set-up for success and today was the day it is official!!

I am sooooo happy…my tears are so happy for this once very terrified GD plus skinny girl that lived in a one bedroom apt. She is nothing like that dog now and as I hugged her close, in my good-byes, I whispered that I would always love her and know she will me and that she is in a good place and thanked her for all her trust sent my way! I told her that I would see her again….not for awhile though and that she has made me a better Gwennie!

She has learned to give kisses and she sooooooo affectionate! She is one of my obedience queens and is so beautiful inside and out!

Each journey with every dog is so special that comes to BHRR and BHRR's Cosette's is no less emotionally impacting to my soul.

Her home could care less that she does not see out of one eye(very limited), her home could care less that she is a 'small' GD, what her new forever adoptive home cares about is BHRR's Cosette as what my son used to call himself 'whole special package deal!'

Welcome to our BHRR extended family to this lovely home!

BHRR's Cosette & her new GD Family! March 21st, 2013