BHRR's Cosette saw the Vet on July 18th, 2012 for an initial weigh-in and good experience Vet experience.

She weighed a slightly thin 86.24 pounds(39.20 KGS).

Her right eye did not seem quite right with the lens and it appears to be small and recessed. The Vet thinks possible microphakia, a congential condition. She seems to be able to see somewhat out of it; yet; even if she did not; she has compensated very well. The Vet was unable to look at the retina as the scope was not functioning properly and we shall re-visit when she goes in for her booster later this month.

No abnormal findings were found with her left eye, her heart and skin. YAY!

Her ears, respiratory, abdomen, lymph nodes, anal glands, and spine/back assessments were all normal. 🙂

She was given her first does of Revolution and we shall do a hwt when she comes back later this month. She was a bit shy and nervous and I did not want her to have anything other than a good positive experience.

We shall check to see if we can determine if she is spayed plus microchip at her next visit too.

THIS girl is AWESOME! Give her the structure, routine, consistency with a patient loving hand and she is just thriving!!! OMG! She is so affectionate!!

I ended up putting her on some BNP appointment on the 19th of July, as she had a bit of a green discharge yet; that has all cleared up.

My intent is to bring her out this Saturday to the Pet Valu in Kemptville – the new one – when we are there from 10 AM – 3 PM for her first real social outing as she is just blowing us away with how her rehab is going at BHRR.

She is soooooooooo loving, is not crated any longer except for feeding, loves everyone, is integrated with everyone and is playful and mindful and just a delight!

SHE is going to make a lucky home a fabu addition!!! 🙂

She is a 'wee' giant, and if she makes it to 95-100 pounds – no more than that, that is going to be more than plenty big for her. 🙂 She is a petitie frame and all personality of love.