UPDATE: Per a previous post, Miss Rosie had a detailed blood panel done in addition to her thyroid levels plus exposure to Heartworm/Tickborne diseases when she was at the Vet on March 20th.

Her thyroid levels are low normal, so her Vet would like to increase her dosing from 0.5 mg BID to 0.6 mg BID, and despite having her Lyme vaccine and being on flea/tick preventative year round, she was positive for Lyme.

So, she is also on Doxycline for the next 28 days. One can do everything right, and still, **** happens. 

Her Vet bills are now over $1,000 for what was to be her annual Vet visit. Any donations to her cause can be made via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

As mentioned, we are not in a position to bring in the senior English Mastiff, Marley, until we are in a better financial state. BHRR has only been able to bring in one dog to date in 2023; we sure would love to help more that are in urgent need of our highly specialised programs.

Here is another picture of Miss Rosie on the day of her Vet visit – as stated, she has lost close to 22 pounds since her arrival at BHRR. WTG!


Miss Rosie was at the vet today for her annual – a wee bit late!
She weighed an amazing 31.4 kgs(69.08 pounds). Since her arrival, she has now lost a total of 9.9 kgs(21.78 pounds!). WTG!!! She looks so amazing!
Her body score is now at a 3+/5. She gets her thyroid tabs religiously every 12 hours, and today, we ran a blood panel – $235+tx to see how her thyroid is doing, did her annual heartworm/tickborne disease testing, plus a wellness blood panel.
She had her vaccines, a thorough exam, and lots of love!
Today’s Vet visit was just under $735, and this does not include her thyroid tabs – we are waiting to see the results of her bloodwork first.
To put our dire financial status in reality – even if we did an approved adoption this weekend of one of The Beans, their adoption fee would not even cover Miss Rosie’s annual/meds.
We receive $160/month in generous automatic PayPal donations, and one month will still not cover the remainder of Miss Rosie’s bill for today.
We have dogs like Miss Olive and Mr. Brutus, who are a combined close to $2,000/month in medications alone.
We sincerely do wish to help Miss Marley, yet we now also have to move Miss Brooklyn from her current foster home.
With each passing month, Sean/I come closer to the realization that we may not make it to 2032 per our slow transitional plan for BHRR.
This is our truth, and most of BHRR remains financed out of our own pockets, yet Sean/I are hoping to retire within 12-15 years and have to think about our futures too……
We never have and shall never cut corners with any dogs with vetting, food, and comfort needs. We have only been able to commit to one dog to date in 2023 – Miss Pentu, and it may not be possible to help Miss Marley. 
Miss Rosie does remain AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

Our 4th Annual ‘Won’t You Be My Valentine’ Fundraiser is live!


Our Annual ‘Won’t You Be My Valentine’ Fundraiser is live!

Running through until the end of the day tomorrow, February 15!

Please help us give each doggie a special Valentine!

Thank you to everyone that has become a Valentine Angel to date, and to those asking, here is our email transfer address to send the vet bill part of your generous donation: contactbhrr@gmail.com

Please let us know if you would like to be a Secret Valentine!

Thanks in advance for any consideration!

BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting, and somewhat stressful time for many.
Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds, etc., have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for over 26 years.
Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Monday, December 19th, 2022, to Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023, inclusive.
Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Wednesday, January 4th, 2023!
During this time, BHRR is always available 24/7 for requests for assistance of animals in need, and we shall then network accordingly as the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996, the welfare of the animals is our top priority. We do not wish to see any animal end up in a disreputable place, of which, sadly, there are far too many out there.
Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team


Over 200 items!


Post from the wonderful organizers!

“Welcome to the online Fundraiser for Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation.
A HUGE thank you to all of the local businesses and individuals who donated to make this auction possible.
100% of the proceeds raised will go to the rescue.
All the donated businesses have been linked in each item, if you are interested in an item, please consider clicking on their Facebook page and Like/Follow them.
Please read through all of the auction guidelines below.
Auction Guidelines:
1) There is a starting bid on all items
2) Please bid in a minimum $1 increment (just to clarify, you can bid any amount as long as it is a minimum $1 increase, it can be $2, $3, $4, $5 etc.)
3) The auction closes Sunday, October 9th, at 8 PM.
4) The winner will be contacted via Messenger with a pickup location, there are pick-up locations in Brockville (North End), Oxford Station, and Kanata.
5) Payment is due immediately following the end of the auction once notification has been received that you are the successful bidder
6) Payment is due via eTransfer to carol_bruck@hotmail.com
No password is required.
Happy Bidding, and thank you for your support!
Please see the album below to bid, thank you for your support and generosity for those currently in the rescue and those to come.”

Sean had some curious aka nosey ‘supervisors’ while he was working on the back house renovations today! 
Reminds me of a similar pic when we did the front of the house many years ago.

Miss Rosie showing Mr. Lewis ‘the ropes’! 
He had some complications – extreme swelling – post-op, yet slow but sure, he is healing from his neuter.
We are working on him liking himself, enjoying his alone time, not feeling like he has to be a constant shadow to me & sharing – great with the communal water bowls, and almost as great now sharing me. He has a sneaky ‘weave’ movement to get in between me and other dogs. 
He now comes in and out of the 3+ acre fenced-in yard by himself – in the beginning, it was leash only for the family or I had to go with him and he was fine off-leash.
Now, he is almost prancing in and out and he is so much more confident!
I get the best play bows and bounces when he sees me when I get up in the AM or come home from work. While he likes the family, he has chosen me as his ‘person’ so others feed him and give him treats plus work on his obedience skills more than I.
He is still more nervous of Sean/Mason and will want to scuttle away and cower a bit
…..yet doing it less, and his head is staying up more often, his tail is also not as tucked in as often.
Wonderful progress is being made!
As for Miss Rosie – she remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right-matched personality fit home. 



Health Status: HEALTHY!
She is on Thyro-tabs 0.5 mg BID
She will require a small blood test – T4 every 6 months – to see what her thyroid levels are doing

Age: ~5.5 years old!

Weight: 80.96 pounds at last weigh-in and continues to lose some much-needed weight plus continue to slowly tone up.

Type of Home Ideal For Miss Rosie: She is an overall lower energy dog. She can be in a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or retired, etc. She is another versatile BHRR dog! She will ONLY go to a home that is prepared to ensure that she receives the balance she requires with proper exercise, socialisation, etc. She does not necessarily need to go to a dog-experienced home yet; she does need to go to a home that is prepared to remain committed to her obedience, structure, consistency and be patient, kind, understanding, and are not hermits. She loves home, yet; she also likes small outings to pet stores and other dog-friendly store visits, plus short visits to see friends. We are not advocates of dog parks. She needs a home that shall keep giving her new positive and great memorable experiences. We have worked so hard to build up her confidence and for her to learn to love walks, car rides, and new things!

Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, calm, quiet inside the home – yet does have that hound voice and is not hesitant to use it when she feels it is warranted. She needs to be appropriately emotionally/physically stimulated, uber-sweet, social, even playful, become so much more active as her endurance has been built up, gentle, kind. If not handled properly – she has the propensity to develop SA behaviours. She can be a bit shy in new situations and settings and needs a home that will be patient understanding while at the same time will not baby her. Just give her a bit of time; she warms up SO quickly and is truly a character!

Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is not required per the above. While we would ideally like to see her in a home that already has at least one right-matched personality fit dog, it is not a deal-breaker. Her best friends are BHRR’s Romeo and our son’s GSP, Tango. So, it remains essential for her to have a good level of physical activity. It is equally important that she has a strong doggie network as she needs friends too – she is going to be that dog that will make and want only a few close friends and shall be ok having a multitude of hundreds of acquaintances! She has been fantastic with all of the dogs here.

Good With Cats: Unknown – yet, we would not recommend it

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown.

Good with Children: She has been good with children, and we will consider homes that have children 12 and up and no more than two children in a home. No small children.

Grooming: She is good to wash, doing nails. We take a soft brush and brush regularly, and this is a great bonding time between us – along with treats! She has a special shampoo that we use – Canadian Medicated Shampoo.

Car: She is excellent in the car. We have worked for her to have a positive association with car rides and that it is one of great fun and loving experiences.

Housebroken/Crate Trained: She is housebroken and Crate trained. She has been 100% trustworthy in our home. Yet, we never recommend for any new addition to be given too much freedom to start. It can be very overwhelming plus stimulating to them.

Obedience: Her leash manners have come a long way. Overall, her leash manners are good! She can still pull if distracted, so a properly fitted and comfortable harness is recommended in addition to the martingale. She can be a bit of a flight risk – she has a great nose and will follow scents.

Activities Suited For Her: She is calm plus has fantastic manners when it is expected of her, and to us, she is very low maintenance. Her days start at 5 AM and typically end around 10 PM  – physically plus emotionally plus mentally, so when she goes to bed, she crashes and sleeps soundly. Outside, she loves hikes, walks, runs, zips, zooms, and can she actually move now that she is a lot more fit! She can also jump. To others, she may be considered high maintenance, and if you are not the person to ensure that when you come home, her physical needs are met and only hope to chill, relax, read a book or watch a movie, she is not meant for you. She needs the physical plus emotional stimulation, and then she is your best cuddle bud in the home – quiet and chill. She likes to surpervise me when I am working on my computer!

She would excel in obedience, therapy work. Maybe even trying some scent work. We know she excels in dog bed hogging.  

Loves & Bad Habits: She has a mind of her own, and must be handled with patience, consistency, structure, plus a good sense of humour! Can be vocal when she is excited – howls. She can be over eager with her mouth with treats. We have been working on the ‘gentle’ command. Additionally, her food is a high-value item. No animal should ever be teased with food. She knows that she is going to be fed enough food – she always wants more!, be fed on time, and that no one is going to take her food.

She also likes to stand on my tiny window ledge, as seen in many pictures in her blog!

She must go to a home that has a very solid fenced-in yard. Looking for new adventures, a wonderful small hike, strolling partner, she is your companion.

She is an early bird – up around 5:00 AM, does her thing outside comes in, wants a small treat(benny bully liver treat), and tends to go right back to bed until around 8:00 AM and then it is back out, in, breakfast, rest and then her day starts – with whatever that days adventures the day will bring! She is up to exploring and having some fun! She is affectionate and learning every day how to ask for love on her terms.  

She loves treats and loves to be around her humans.

Like any dog, she is not perfect. She is perfect in all of her imperfections, though! NOT to mention so beautiful!

She really is such a wonderful girl!!!

Anxieties/Worries: She can develop SA behaviours, and we have worked extensively to set her up for success. She has learned to like and love her own company and know that we are coming home. It is integral that the right matched personality fit home does not spend 24/7 with her. During this pandemic, we still need groceries; we should still go out and walk about; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to go somewhere to do something!

As we have stated for over 26 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs, and we are not desperate to adopt them out.

We will always place up for adoption the dogs that are able to be adopted and have any others that, due to medical and/or behavioural reasons, are not able to be placed up for adoption.

We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 6 dogs in 2021 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top-quality care, and not about taking in numbers. In 2022, we have ONLY taken in 3 dogs to date.

After 26+ years, we remain knowing that we cannot please everyone, which means that BHRR is clearly not the rescue to be followed, supported, believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty, and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR, we shall continue to operate with a zero-tolerance approach, plus providing up and beyond care to the animals.

Our mandates have never changed, and they will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.

Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group out there – 100% for over 10 years of operating, and now 99% as we go through year 26, and we are excited as we go through this slow transition for BHRR!

We are over the moon excited for you Miss. Rosie.

Stay tuned!

This gorgeous gal – Miss Rosie – will be making her own special announcement soon!

Miss Rosie was at the Vet for her final boosters and another recheck on February 16th.
Plus to pick up more Thyrotabs for her.
She is NOW 36.8 kgs(80.96 pounds). WTG!!!!
Getting there, slow but sure!
AND the exciting news is that where it once was thought that she may never have new hair regrowth in most areas of her body, she is growing new hair!!!!
She is a beautiful gal, regardless yet, how wonderful! 
She remains on fish-based food, a strict intake of calories, very limited treats – she deserves some too!, proper exercise – she can now keep up with our IS, Masons’ GSP, and Mr. Romeo. ? PLUS, no shortage of love! She runs for hours.
She also has her special medicated shampoo to help with her ever-decreasing flaky skin.
A great combination for success!
We will be taking some pics this weekend and she will then be ready to make her own special announcement.
She will be sorely missed when her right-matched personality fit home comes along. She has been a total hoot!

AND this is how Miss Rosie preferred to spend her day in the record-breaking snowstorm!

Not just one window ledge has she now taken over but two! 

I think she is part billy goat. 


BETTY WHITE CHALLENGE: January 17th, 2022!

TO DONATE TO BHRR IN HONOUR OF A TRUE ANIMAL HERO: PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org OR Email Transfer contactbhrr@gmail.com

Even $5 would mean the world to the animals AND us!

Thank you in advance for any consideration to help us in 2022 to continue to help those in need of our highly specialised programs!


BHRR’s Miss Rosie!
Her very first spoiling loving Christmas too!
In the New Year, she shall begin her vaccine protocol now that we have her healthier, and then shortly after that, she will be ready to make her own special announcement.
Thank you to Tracey Popham Todd for being her wonderful special Secret Santa in 2021!

Miss Rosie 1, Gwennie 0
For such a sweet, low-maintenance quiet gal; she ‘speaks’ volumes with her actions about her desire to be on this particular window ledge!! 
She is looking for Sean….he is off doing some errands while I try to study….
My Dane Ice is oblivious to the ‘war of the ledge!’ 
On a side note, I am taking her sutures out today. It has been 14 days and she is finally doing great again!

Well, our plan is not going as well as we had anticipated….so, on to plan B to keep her off the window sill….no access at all!!!

Thank you Miss Rosie for the adventure!! 

She is such a calm mellow dog – just has a mind of her own! 

Now I get to also clean all of her nose smears off of the window!!


I do believe that Miss Rosie is not a redbone black & tan hound…..yet, more of a billy goat!
She insists on standing on the window ledge to get the best advantage to see outside – that one can see a substantial distance by not standing on the ledge is moot in her eyes!
We have now taken to padding that area as Miss Rosie is only 8 days post-op surgery, and we do not want her hurting herself….
She is the sweetest darling of a dog yet when she puts her mind to something, she becomes very determined! 

To expand upon the earlier post, Miss Rosie did not have an easy recovery.

I had assistance in loading her up to take her home the night of her surgery. She was quite ‘flat’ and to help with pain management, Gabapentin was added to her pain regimen. A long night was then spent with her…..

She showed no interest in eating and very little interest in drinking any water. No urination either. The lack of bm is not surprising due to having fasted plus anesthesia slows down the digestive system.

She was having some incision site leakage after surgery plus at home – more than I would like, yet not abnormal. The area around her eye was naturally swollen. She is given Isathal applied every 8 hours for her eye.

The next day I went to work, and Sean monitored her closely.

Her bloodwork came back that her T4 was high normal(58), and so we are going to continue on her current dose of 1 x 0.5 mg of Thyrotabs every 12 hours.

Sean then sent me the following two pictures, from her. Her incision site was intact, with no sutures pulled or ripped out.

I discussed with her surgeon, and more antibiotics were added to her regime, and when I got home after work, we did what we used to do way back when in veterinary medicine, binded up her abdomen.

She ate a bit of food, drank some, urinated plus had a very small bm.

By Wednesday AM – two very long nights with her by me and two long days with Sean – she was a lot more ‘perky’, and there was no more active bleeding to be had from her incision site.

Wednesday was then the day Miss Jamila was having her own surgeries – 3 hours and 2 minutes in fact was the length of them. Posts shall be made shortly re: Miss Jamila.

Miss Rosie is now doing very well. Some complications, lack of sleep, tons of worry, oodles of love plus round-the-clock care given!

Once she is healed, she will have her vaccines and from there, she can make her own special announcement – sometime towards the end of January we think.

I am exhausted but happy as there is nothing routine about surgery in my books……anything can go wrong.


Post-op recovery

Waiting to be extubated

On Monday, December 6th, Miss Rosie had her mature spay plus cherry eye repair.
She was scanned and a microchip was found so, we are now in the process of getting that changed over to our name.
We had the surgeon look over her skin as it is extremely flaky plus dry. He felt that this is most likely the residual of her thyroid issues, and now that she is on proper medication, her skin shall continue to improve. We continue to also wash her with a medicated shampoo.
She has areas on her body – especially on her hind end plus tail that may never see hair growth.
A urinalysis was done as her urine was very dark plus strong-smelling when her bladder was expressed prior to surgery – Nothing abnormal to report.
Vaccines are behind held off as she went through enough on her surgery day.

She had an antibiotic injection given – Depocillin – and Gwennie gave her a good nail trim.

The surgeon also looked closely at her teeth. He did not feel that any of them needed to be extracted. He probed several and was confident that all of her teeth – some wear plus tear – were in quality shape. Therefore, at this time – the future could be different – a dental was not necessary.
Her weight is now 37.9 kgs(83.38 pounds). This is down from the very obese weight of 41.3 kg(90.86 pounds) that she arrived into our Rescue at. She still has a ways to go yet, we are on the right track!
Gwennie also drew blood to run a T4 to see how her thyroid levels are doing since she began the thyro-tabs.

Got her!

Miss Rosie and I are now on our way home!

Thank you Tracey Popham Todd for loving on her as her emerge temp foster!! 

What a great picture!
Nap time! 
This is BHRR’s Rosie and some of her beautiful foster family! They have fostered a number of wonderful dogs for BHRR over the years. We are extremely grateful to them. 
Gwennie says that she does not see a couch! 
AND Gwennie has now added 5 more WOW items to our 14th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction! Items include a portable hammock and binoculars!
This gives us 42 incredible items now up for grabs! This auction shall end Thursday, December 2nd, @ 9 PM EST
Gwennie has 7 more items to add, and she will be adding more items tomorrow.
Here is the LINK to view all of the great items up for grabs plus to bid:
*Please take note of pick-up location(s) as not all items can be shipped.
Thank you Rescue angels for the support! Miss Rosie goes into the Vet for her mature surgery, repeat bw, etc. on Monday, December 6th, and Miss Jamila is scheduled for Wednesday, December 8th for her own surgeries.
Miss Jamila’s surgeries include a mature spay, no less than two lump removals to go to pathology, AND a bilateral eye enucleation if she is handling the anesthetic well.

The reality of rescue is that you cannot save them all, no matter how much you may want to.

We have been in deep discussion re: finances for BHRR – as many know most of BHRR is financed mainly out of our own pockets – and, unfortunately, with the bills that we have currently at BHRR plus with Miss Jamila’s almost $10,000 in bills for upcoming surgeries, Miss Olive’s monthly almost $1,000 in bills, Miss Rosie’s to date almost $1,100 in bills with more to come – she needs to be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, cherry eye repaired, COHAT, more bloodwork, etc., with BHRR going through almost 120 pounds of food per day and the list goes on…..we cannot take in the Mastiff.

We are posting the most current two bills for Miss Rosie; as suspected she has thyroid issues, and not just allergies. This means daily medication for her and regular bloodwork to be sure that she is being given the right dose of Thyro-Tabs.

We have blacked out her foster home’s contact information for privacy.

We will continue to forge strongly on what we can do…..as we will never compromise the quality of care, never take shortcuts on what the dogs that we are entrusted with need plus deserve.
We wanted to update the group as to why we cannot assist the Mastiff that we recently posted about. Our hearts are heavy yet, we know that Karen will ensure that he goes to a great place that shall do right by him…..perhaps in 2022, we can help another one of your lovely dogs Karen.

Last post of my night!
I am told that Miss Rosie had a great Halloween!
A superstar and a big hit with the trick and treaters last night! 
Her foster mama takes such gorgeous pics!!
From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters, wonderful good night wishes are being sent!
Tomorrow, we shall update on Mr. Symba’s annual from October 29th. 

Miss Rosie was at the vet today!
Weight 41.7 kgs(91.74 pounds). As she continues to move, she will build up muscle mass/tone and lose more much-needed weight.
We are also looking into a harness for her to go with a martingale collar as her leash manners are a work in progress! 
Her heart plus lungs got a big thumbs up!
The vet believes as we do that she has been bred – previous owners stated that any breeding attempts they made were unsuccessful.
She is now on Apoquel for her itchies, and her amazing foster mama washed her in the Canadian medicated shampoo we requested to also help her skin.
She appears to have some arthritis in her left front leg – in some videos sent, she definitely looked arthritic. We will continue on NSAIDS for her as necessary. She does have Metacam.
We did extensive blood work – no shortcuts ever done by BHRR! – including testing for tick-borne diseases and heartworm.
She will be put on de-wormer, flea, tick plus heartworm meds. Though the vet did not feel any skin scrapings were necessary, she is being put on revolution for any possible demodectic or sarcoptic mange concerns.
Since Miss Rosie was brought into rescue, we also placed her on a fish-based food to assist with any possible food allergies.
Vaccines will wait until she is healthier.
She also has a broken canine that we will address when she has her mature spay. We will then microchip her at that time.
Here is a copy of her invoice from today. Doing things the right way for each and every animal is very expensive. We blacked out her foster mama’s personal information…. 
Between her visit today, and Mr. Symba’s yesterday – his own annual – the vet bills are just under $1,200.
BHRR also goes through just shy of 120 pounds of food each day….
Please consider donating your Empties to help us continue to help these incredible animals in need of our highly specialised rescue programs…..
Donations can also be sent via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com
Thank you in advance for your consideration! 
We are posting a picture on the comments with how Miss Rosie’s skin looks…..

Miss Rosie!
The redbone black/tan houndx.
We have been told that she is settling in well! Her amazing foster home has a dog themselves, a cat plus their mother with a small dog also lives with them, and Miss Rosie seems to be so enamoured with her foster mama’s mother!
They took her to the Vet for a weigh-in and she was 41.3 kg(90.86 pounds). We knew that she was out of shape plus overweight yet, this is almost 10 kgs over where she should be……
I am told that she very gently took treats from the techs, got on the scale like a champ, and was a lovely hit with everyone!
She has trouble moving – very odd gait – plus a wide front leg stance. All things that we will investigate once she is able to be seen at her Vet visit. They will do a thorough nose-to-tail exam on her.
Her foster Mama also gave her a lovely oatmeal shampoo bath as she was coated in dried dirt/mud – quite possibly rolling in it to attempt to relieve some of the discomfort of her poor skin.
Here she is supervising! 
I am just so happy that she was able to be saved…..thank you Tracey for stepping up to emerge temp foster this gem!

AND she is safe!!
Miss Rosie – the almost 6-year-old unspayed redbone black/tan houndx.
Thank you to her incredible foster mama Tracey Popham Todd for picking her up, and safely harbouring her for the next several weeks for us!
We are presently reviewing an adoption application for Mr. Symba, and should all fall into place, we can then bring Miss Rosie into our own home.
Miss Rosie is scheduled for a vet visit next week – the earliest she can be seen – to address the years of neglect to her body.
She has severe skin issues – related to food, seasonal, and possibly environmental allergies.
She is the sweet almost 6-year-old girl that was slated for euthanasia as the wife would use any money for drugs over having Rosie vetted.
She is unspayed, has a cherry eye too.
We will be having blood work done including testing for heartworm plus tick-borne diseases plus a pre-op, in addition to a thyroid test, skin scrapings, de-worming her, putting her on flea/tick/hw preventative, treating any eye, ear, and skin infections with antibiotics, doing an ear cytology, putting her on Apoquel and/or Cytopoint, doing a fecal, getting medicated shampoo etc.
Vaccines will have to wait, as we have to get her medical issues under control first. If she is deemed healthy enough, absolutely, we will do them at the same time as her visit.
She is starting a fish-based food today, and she will be getting an oatmeal soothing bath tomorrow.
She is very overweight, out of shape, and the owners were trying to use her for breeding purposes. Her front legs will also be looked at, and if she needs any NSAIDs – she was apparently on Metacam at one point – we will also ensure it is done.
Whatever she needs, she will get!
I am told she is so uber sweet!!
I want to love on those ears of hers!! 
Any donations to her ongoing care can be sent via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org
Or via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

BHRR Doggie News Update!
The picture is of Mr. Maxwell sunbathing!  So freakin’ handsome.
1) Mr. Maxwell had a repeat urinalysis on Wednesday, October 13th has he had begun to have some inappropriate urination episodes. Nothing alarming was noted, yet his vet elected to put him on Zeniquin in case he has bacteria in his prostate(he was neutered late in age) that is causing issues. Additionally, with how brutal his past has been with UTI’s, his vet wanted to be cautious.
The home is working to ensure that he is in a SA free enabling environment too to assist in dealing with any behavioural causes of the urination accidents.
2) Mr. Brutus had his own recheck the same day – He remains on Apoquel 16 mg SID, his antibiotics have been switched to Amox-clav from the cephalexin he had been on for a month as his skin had stopped responding.
His eye medications have also been switched up again as his eye infections have also stopped responding to his previous meds.
His ear infections seem to be responding ‘ok’ at this time to the medications.
He has been putting on the weight plus muscle and WOW, what a gorgeous boy in temperament plus behaviour. We see no reason once he is healthy, why he could not be placed up for adoption.
3) Miss Jamila – she went into heat October 2nd – so unfortunate that she was so ill when she arrived as she would have been spayed that first week of September. This puts her at continued high risk of pyo and mammary cancers.
Her ears and eye infections continue to be treated, and thanks again to Carol Bruck for her donation to have Miss Jamila be Miss August in the 2021 Calendar being so generously put together by Katherine Bruck!
Last I heard there were still two calendars available for sale – Katherine will have to confirm this though.
4) Gwen is also working hard on Miss Rosie, the special needs redbone/black/tan houndx – Gwen has been in touch with the O., and working on getting her into our rescue on Thursday.
5) Mr. Rocket’s big announcement has been delayed as he had a seizure episode the night of Saturday, October 16th. He had not had anything prior nor has he had anything since.
6) Mr. Romeo remains soon to be making his own special announcement.
This past week saw over $2,100 in vet bills accumulated, and may this next week not be as expensive.

This is *Rosie*. She is an almost 6-year-old Redbone Black & TanX.
Her owners are not able to stay on top of her allergies – food, seasonal, environmental, and she is so uncomfortable that she has now begun to be grumpy.
The home now have a 6-month-old child and Mrs. wants Rosie gone ASAP. An appointment had been made at a Vet clinic to euthanise her, yet the clinic declined as they feel that Rosie can be helped.
Per the Vet records, the Hospital was able to access, she was last seen in 2017.
The Owners have a fast timeline for rescue placement to be found for Rosie.
We are currently conversing with Mr. re: her – attempting to find out more about her to best determine if we can bring her in.
Appears that Rosie also has a cherry eye.