To expand upon the earlier post, Miss Rosie did not have an easy recovery.

I had assistance in loading her up to take her home the night of her surgery. She was quite ‘flat’ and to help with pain management, Gabapentin was added to her pain regimen. A long night was then spent with her…..

She showed no interest in eating and very little interest in drinking any water. No urination either. The lack of bm is not surprising due to having fasted plus anesthesia slows down the digestive system.

She was having some incision site leakage after surgery plus at home – more than I would like, yet not abnormal. The area around her eye was naturally swollen. She is given Isathal applied every 8 hours for her eye.

The next day I went to work, and Sean monitored her closely.

Her bloodwork came back that her T4 was high normal(58), and so we are going to continue on her current dose of 1 x 0.5 mg of Thyrotabs every 12 hours.

Sean then sent me the following two pictures, from her. Her incision site was intact, with no sutures pulled or ripped out.

I discussed with her surgeon, and more antibiotics were added to her regime, and when I got home after work, we did what we used to do way back when in veterinary medicine, binded up her abdomen.

She ate a bit of food, drank some, urinated plus had a very small bm.

By Wednesday AM – two very long nights with her by me and two long days with Sean – she was a lot more ‘perky’, and there was no more active bleeding to be had from her incision site.

Wednesday was then the day Miss Jamila was having her own surgeries – 3 hours and 2 minutes in fact was the length of them. Posts shall be made shortly re: Miss Jamila.

Miss Rosie is now doing very well. Some complications, lack of sleep, tons of worry, oodles of love plus round-the-clock care given!

Once she is healed, she will have her vaccines and from there, she can make her own special announcement – sometime towards the end of January we think.

I am exhausted but happy as there is nothing routine about surgery in my books……anything can go wrong.