Miss Rosie was at the vet today!
Weight 41.7 kgs(91.74 pounds). As she continues to move, she will build up muscle mass/tone and lose more much-needed weight.
We are also looking into a harness for her to go with a martingale collar as her leash manners are a work in progress! 
Her heart plus lungs got a big thumbs up!
The vet believes as we do that she has been bred – previous owners stated that any breeding attempts they made were unsuccessful.
She is now on Apoquel for her itchies, and her amazing foster mama washed her in the Canadian medicated shampoo we requested to also help her skin.
She appears to have some arthritis in her left front leg – in some videos sent, she definitely looked arthritic. We will continue on NSAIDS for her as necessary. She does have Metacam.
We did extensive blood work – no shortcuts ever done by BHRR! – including testing for tick-borne diseases and heartworm.
She will be put on de-wormer, flea, tick plus heartworm meds. Though the vet did not feel any skin scrapings were necessary, she is being put on revolution for any possible demodectic or sarcoptic mange concerns.
Since Miss Rosie was brought into rescue, we also placed her on a fish-based food to assist with any possible food allergies.
Vaccines will wait until she is healthier.
She also has a broken canine that we will address when she has her mature spay. We will then microchip her at that time.
Here is a copy of her invoice from today. Doing things the right way for each and every animal is very expensive. We blacked out her foster mama’s personal information…. 
Between her visit today, and Mr. Symba’s yesterday – his own annual – the vet bills are just under $1,200.
BHRR also goes through just shy of 120 pounds of food each day….
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We are posting a picture on the comments with how Miss Rosie’s skin looks…..