This is *Rosie*. She is an almost 6-year-old Redbone Black & TanX.
Her owners are not able to stay on top of her allergies – food, seasonal, environmental, and she is so uncomfortable that she has now begun to be grumpy.
The home now have a 6-month-old child and Mrs. wants Rosie gone ASAP. An appointment had been made at a Vet clinic to euthanise her, yet the clinic declined as they feel that Rosie can be helped.
Per the Vet records, the Hospital was able to access, she was last seen in 2017.
The Owners have a fast timeline for rescue placement to be found for Rosie.
We are currently conversing with Mr. re: her – attempting to find out more about her to best determine if we can bring her in.
Appears that Rosie also has a cherry eye.