AND she is safe!!
Miss Rosie – the almost 6-year-old unspayed redbone black/tan houndx.
Thank you to her incredible foster mama Tracey Popham Todd for picking her up, and safely harbouring her for the next several weeks for us!
We are presently reviewing an adoption application for Mr. Symba, and should all fall into place, we can then bring Miss Rosie into our own home.
Miss Rosie is scheduled for a vet visit next week – the earliest she can be seen – to address the years of neglect to her body.
She has severe skin issues – related to food, seasonal, and possibly environmental allergies.
She is the sweet almost 6-year-old girl that was slated for euthanasia as the wife would use any money for drugs over having Rosie vetted.
She is unspayed, has a cherry eye too.
We will be having blood work done including testing for heartworm plus tick-borne diseases plus a pre-op, in addition to a thyroid test, skin scrapings, de-worming her, putting her on flea/tick/hw preventative, treating any eye, ear, and skin infections with antibiotics, doing an ear cytology, putting her on Apoquel and/or Cytopoint, doing a fecal, getting medicated shampoo etc.
Vaccines will have to wait, as we have to get her medical issues under control first. If she is deemed healthy enough, absolutely, we will do them at the same time as her visit.
She is starting a fish-based food today, and she will be getting an oatmeal soothing bath tomorrow.
She is very overweight, out of shape, and the owners were trying to use her for breeding purposes. Her front legs will also be looked at, and if she needs any NSAIDs – she was apparently on Metacam at one point – we will also ensure it is done.
Whatever she needs, she will get!
I am told she is so uber sweet!!
I want to love on those ears of hers!! 
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