What a great picture!
Nap time! 
This is BHRR’s Rosie and some of her beautiful foster family! They have fostered a number of wonderful dogs for BHRR over the years. We are extremely grateful to them. 
Gwennie says that she does not see a couch! 
AND Gwennie has now added 5 more WOW items to our 14th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction! Items include a portable hammock and binoculars!
This gives us 42 incredible items now up for grabs! This auction shall end Thursday, December 2nd, @ 9 PM EST
Gwennie has 7 more items to add, and she will be adding more items tomorrow.
Here is the LINK to view all of the great items up for grabs plus to bid:
*Please take note of pick-up location(s) as not all items can be shipped.
Thank you Rescue angels for the support! Miss Rosie goes into the Vet for her mature surgery, repeat bw, etc. on Monday, December 6th, and Miss Jamila is scheduled for Wednesday, December 8th for her own surgeries.
Miss Jamila’s surgeries include a mature spay, no less than two lump removals to go to pathology, AND a bilateral eye enucleation if she is handling the anesthetic well.