Miss Rosie!
The redbone black/tan houndx.
We have been told that she is settling in well! Her amazing foster home has a dog themselves, a cat plus their mother with a small dog also lives with them, and Miss Rosie seems to be so enamoured with her foster mama’s mother!
They took her to the Vet for a weigh-in and she was 41.3 kg(90.86 pounds). We knew that she was out of shape plus overweight yet, this is almost 10 kgs over where she should be……
I am told that she very gently took treats from the techs, got on the scale like a champ, and was a lovely hit with everyone!
She has trouble moving – very odd gait – plus a wide front leg stance. All things that we will investigate once she is able to be seen at her Vet visit. They will do a thorough nose-to-tail exam on her.
Her foster Mama also gave her a lovely oatmeal shampoo bath as she was coated in dried dirt/mud – quite possibly rolling in it to attempt to relieve some of the discomfort of her poor skin.
Here she is supervising! 
I am just so happy that she was able to be saved…..thank you Tracey for stepping up to emerge temp foster this gem!