Miss Rosie showing Mr. Lewis ‘the ropes’! 
He had some complications – extreme swelling – post-op, yet slow but sure, he is healing from his neuter.
We are working on him liking himself, enjoying his alone time, not feeling like he has to be a constant shadow to me & sharing – great with the communal water bowls, and almost as great now sharing me. He has a sneaky ‘weave’ movement to get in between me and other dogs. 
He now comes in and out of the 3+ acre fenced-in yard by himself – in the beginning, it was leash only for the family or I had to go with him and he was fine off-leash.
Now, he is almost prancing in and out and he is so much more confident!
I get the best play bows and bounces when he sees me when I get up in the AM or come home from work. While he likes the family, he has chosen me as his ‘person’ so others feed him and give him treats plus work on his obedience skills more than I.
He is still more nervous of Sean/Mason and will want to scuttle away and cower a bit
…..yet doing it less, and his head is staying up more often, his tail is also not as tucked in as often.
Wonderful progress is being made!
As for Miss Rosie – she remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right-matched personality fit home.