Today, BHRR approved its first adoption of 2023!

BHRR’s Bruce

It is also our 435th adoption since our inception in 1996!

Small and mighty, we remain!

Mr. Bruce, you really are a dream, Dane. Just a dream. I have had the absolute honour of not only being contacted to bring you into our rescue, yet getting to see you at Vet visits, visiting you when dropping off food, goodies, SS pressies, and even taking you to some Vet visits.

Then, we got to have an overnight together last night, and yup, the relationship that we have forged slowly over the past months was as strong as ever!

Then, tonight…your home visit… made me proud! Your progress – your SA was so heart-wrenching, your emaciation level equally so when you first arrived -, with your trust, that while you would check in with me regularly and had moments of being unsure, you were also willing to explore, munch on your delicious smoked dino bone, to drink, and be curious, demonstrated how far you have come. That you are genuinely ready for this next big step.

We cannot thank the shelter enough for reaching out to us to assist you; we cannot thank your emerge foster mama enough for safe harbouring you; we cannot thank your temp foster mama enough for taking excellent care of you, we cannot thank our expert Vet Team, our amazing supporters enough either for helping us that included the kind angel that bought you your own Wiggle bumz collar/leash to every person at the Tim’s drive-thru for the kind hands plus touches.

AND thank you to your forever-loving adoptive mama for going through our thorough adoption process to help ensure that you are the right Dane for them and vice versa!

Remember, dear boy; this is not a goodbye; this is a hello to a new wonderful human member being welcomed into the BHRR family clan! Your village shall forever surround you and your human

Mr. Bruce’s adoption fee will be used to help Miss Pentu – thank you again to Janie Wall for stepping up to be her awesome temp foster mama – who arrives this Sunday! She is heading to the Vet on the 27th, and we know that her own vet bills shall be vast as we deal with her skin issues.

As we continue to struggle with finances to keep BHRR afloat, Miss Pentu is our first save of 2023. She is the next in need of us!

The BHRR CHAIN of SUCCESS continues strong as we slowly transition over the next ~9 years!



We are on our way!
To Mr. Bruce’s home visit for a possible approved adoption.
This Dane is truly a dream!
The best of houseguests – we brought him into our own home as of last night from his wonderful temp foster, so happy to see him again!- and it has been an honour having him in our rescue program.
AND if this is not his right-matched forever-loving adoptive home, that is ok.
We will update as we can!

Mr. Bruce would like to share the exciting news that he is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can.

He is such an unbelievably awesome Dane!

Mr. Bruce, the Dane!
This is him and ‘his’ cat!  Buddies!
AND yes, his amazing foster has begun to cut back on his food, so his booty will not be so bountiful! 
He is just a joy!!!

BHRR’s Bruce sends a big THANK YOU to his special secret Santa – Elaine G., for the amazing gifts!
Thank you to his wonderful foster home for sharing this photo.

Mr. Bruce, a fawn merle/brindle Great Dane is settling nicely into his new foster home!
He has a great older foster doggie sister and he adores the pigs, cows plus horses yet chickens and roosters are scary to him! 
Such a solid boy who has proven to also do well with cats plus rabbits.
He does like his counter surfing, too, so that is a continued work in progress!
Thank you to his amazing foster mama for sending this beautiful picture.

BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting, and somewhat stressful time for many.
Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds, etc., have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for over 26 years.
Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Monday, December 19th, 2022, to Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023, inclusive.
Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Wednesday, January 4th, 2023!
During this time, BHRR is always available 24/7 for requests for assistance of animals in need, and we shall then network accordingly as the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996, the welfare of the animals is our top priority. We do not wish to see any animal end up in a disreputable place, of which, sadly, there are far too many out there.
Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

Health Status: HEALTHY!
Age: ~3 years old
Weight: 56 Kgs(November 18th, 2022). We want to keep him lean/muscled, and fit. He could use a few more pounds as he builds up further muscle mass/tones.
Type of Home Ideal For Mr. Bruce: He loves his walks, and hikes, and getting so much better with car rides – he still has some anxiety – and interacts well with people/dogs he meets, and we are hoping for a quiet, socially low-active level home. A residence that, while visiting family plus friends and having people over, does not host frequent BBQs or gatherings of large groups. We do not want to see him in a home with a high level of travel, with other people taking care of him. He is loyal and loves his humans, and we want him to be part of the family if they go camping, go to the cottage, or do other fun travels. His quietly social and needs a home that is like him. He would adore cottage life or hang out at home with his family. Visiting friends, family, pet stores, and pet-friendly places is excellent too. We want an active home for Mr. Bruce. He is intelligent, healthy, and such a wonderful boy!
He MUST go to a home that will continue to work on his anxiety. He takes some time to settle down in a car while travelling. He will pace and sometimes whine before lying down. He is a lot better than he was, yet he still worries. As he was dumped at a shelter after his owner died, understandable that car rides still have a negative connotation for him. So much time and effort have gone into having him be comfortable in his own skin, to not only like yet love his own company. He charges into new situations with enthusiasm! A home that understands and shall continue to help him learn about this big fantastic world that we live in. We want him to live a quality, filled, wonderful life rich with experiences. He is being fostered in a beautiful home in the Kemptville area yet can equally live comfortably in the city or country.
We want him to be happy and to live his best life every day. We want him to reach his full potential! He is another versatile BHRR dog! He can be in a home that works ft; pt works from home is semi-retired or retired, etc. He will ONLY go to a home prepared to ensure that he receives the balance he requires with proper exercise, socialisation, etc. He does not need to go to a dog or even a Dane-experienced home. The home must be committed to his obedience, structure, and consistency, and to be patient, kind, and understanding, and while not hermits, they are not doing a hundred things each day. We want him to be treated as a cherished member in a right-matched forever-loving home. We want him to be a cherished member of his forever-loving adoptive home! He shares the communal water bowls and toys and understands that no human or dog will take his high-value food. He is fed in a quiet place and knows that he will be fed enough food, fed on time and that no one will take his food away.
He loves home and his friends – he needs canine friends! He also loves to explore, go on hikes, walks, and working on car rides, and visit people/places that are not over the top busy. We are not advocates of dog parks. Many private properties rent out space for acreage rentals so that he can enjoy a controlled environment to run and zoom in. He needs a home that will give him new positive and great safe, memorable experiences. If you are a home that likes to take infrequent walks/hikes/strolls, Mr. Bruce is not for you…he is a healthy dog and needs to be kept emotionally and physically stimulated. He would make a great companion to get out into nature, explore and even enjoy the beach and having other exciting adventures! He is so unbelievably affectionate!
Personality/Temperament: Super loving, affectionate, and calm, yet does get excited as he is incredibly happy and sweet; and he loves to get outside to romp and run and is a delightful, playful pup! Not the most coordinated or graceful to watch! He needs to be emotionally/physically properly stimulated, incredibly social, active, affectionate, gentle, plus kind. He thrives with consistency, structure, routine, and clear open communication to understand exactly what is expected of him. He is SO praise-motivated. His whole body demonstrates how happy he is!
Previous Dog Experience: Previous Dane experience is not required per the above, yet a home that is going to be committed to his wellbeing and make the small adjustments required as he does have some anxiety in the car. He does well overnight in his crate – he has been getting some trazodone before bed as needed. He is an EARLY rise! While we would ideally like to see him in a home with at least one right-matched personality fit dog – it is not a deal-breaker. He needs a strong doggie friend network. That is so important. We have friends; he needs friends too. He has enjoyed meeting other dogs!
Good With Cats: He has been good with LAH’s clinic cat, and he is fine with one of the cats in his foster home.
Good with Pocket Pets: His foster home has rabbits.
Good with Children: NO small children. Children are fast, flighty, unpredictable, spastic, plus loud. We will consider homes with responsible children 10+ and no more than two children in the house. A home without children is our first preference, as we want Mr. Bruce to be the priority. He has not had any issues with children. We would consider homes with younger children, yet, it would have to be an exceptional home.
Grooming: He is fine to wash and do his nails. He needs regular grooming to keep his coat healthy and looking his best.
Car: He still has some anxiety in the car. He will settle down yet, will pace, and turn around. Telling him gently that he is ok and passively ignoring is huge.
Housebroken/crate Trained: He is housebroken and crate trained. We never recommend that any new addition be given too much freedom to start. It can be very overwhelming plus too stimulating for them.
Obedience: He requires a home that will be consistent and dedicated to continuing to help him become the best dog that he can be. His potential is enormous! As per our adoption contract, a full round of group obedience is required with all of our dogs. This is not about having a dog that ‘listens.’ This is about creating a strong and mutually respectful bonding relationship. Trust and respect work both ways.
Activities Suited For Him: He would excel in obedience, and I wonder when his brain is mature if he would not make a WOW therapy dog. He is such a riot! Makes me laugh! So eager to please!
He is precious. He will be a champion amazing companion to watch movies, the sunset, long walks on the beach, small hikes in the mountains, etc. He is awesomeness!
Loves & Bad Habits: Like any dog, he is not perfect. He is perfect in all of his imperfections, though! NOT to mention super handsome with a fawn merle colour. He can have some anxiety, particularly in the car. He LOVES everything! He lives in a home with rabbits, cats, and other dogs. He is still a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop’ with his leash manners. He has pretty much ZERO interpersonal space issues, has the Dane lean, and loves to be around his human and animal friends! He is excited about living and the world! He has been so gentle about taking treats, yet sometimes needs a reminder to be gentle.
He is an awesome dog! So low maintenance! He LOVES everyone and everything!
Anxieties/Worries: It is integral that the right-matched personality fit home does not spend 24/7 with him. During this pandemic and even before it, we still need groceries; we should still go out and do errands; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to go somewhere to do something! Time has been spent having him learn to not only like yet enjoy his own company. As we need our alone time, he must do too. He is a solid and stable dog, and we do not want any SA behaviours to develop. His foster has worked hard on his anxiety in the car and with crate training.
As we have stated for over 26 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs, and we are not desperate to adopt them out.
We will always place up for adoption the dogs that can be adopted and safe haven all others that cannot be placed up for adoption due to medical and/or behavioural reasons.
We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 6 dogs in 2021 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top-quality care, and not about taking in numbers. In 2022, we have ONLY taken in 17 dogs to date.
After 26+ years, we know that we cannot please everyone, which means that BHRR is not the rescue to be followed, supported, and believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty, and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR, we shall continue to operate with a zero-tolerance approach, providing and beyond care to the animals.
Our mandates have never changed and will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.
Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group– 100% for over ten years of operating, and now 99% as we go through year 26, and we are excited as we go through this slow transition for BHRR!
You have come so far, Mr. Bruce, and we are delighted you are making your special announcement!

This AM, I brought Mr. Bruce in to see the Vet for a suspected rash in his groin area. This was an appointment that had been scheduled a few weeks ago yet the Vet became ill and had to be rescheduled.
Unfortunately, his foster Mama ended up not being able to bring him in this AM, so I managed to rearrange my schedule, and he/I had a road trip! 
This boy is something else! Super friendly, a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop’ with his loving and leash manners yet, he tries so hard to be a perfect gentleman! Anyone who has big interpersonal space issues will not be meant for him! He is right up in your face, plus hair, sniffling, snuffling, and smooching! 
His weight today was 56 kgs(123.21 pounds). He has put on 11.88 more pounds since October 1st! He is looking lean and strong, and with more muscle mass building, he will put on a few more pounds and look even more amazing! GREAT job to his foster family!
The ‘rash’ on his groin is not a rash. They are small bumps, a couple bordering on pustules. Yet, none infected, and he now has some Malacetic wipes to be wiped down daily. Each piece can be cut in two, so he has 50 days’ worth.
He smelled a bit yeasty – his ears – yet, they were good. Recommended to be cleaned weekly for the next few weeks.
He showed his wonderful manners by sitting for treats and then wanted to put his face in the Vet’s pockets as he knew more were in there. He Dane leaned on the Vet, causing many smiles!
He even handed over his front paws to be looked at. They were mildly pink, yet that could have just been from the cold and snow outside.
He was given a lot of love by staff AND now has the official thumbs up from the Vet and me to make his special announcement… stay tuned!
This afternoon, Miss Asante – the appointment is scheduled for 1 PM – is having her own Vet visit at LAH. She is due for boosters, and a re-weigh, and we will have those eyes looked at again, have more eye drops, if necessary dispensed, and her next flea/tick/hw meds. We just had a new bag of food put aside for pick-up too.
Today, we have already spent over $600 in Vet bills, which does not include Miss Asante’s vet visit.

Today, Mr. Bruce’s professional photos’ came in!

So worth the wait!

He will be making his own special announcement soon! 

He is such a hilarious goofball! Such a charming, affectionate, and adorable boy! He is such a WOW Dane!

Thank you, Liz Bradley & to his wonderful foster home for ensuring he got to his photo shoot! Liz said that he was very excited for his photo session!


Two goofs!
Mr. Jack is available for adoption, and Mr. Bruce will be making his own special announcement soon.
We are just waiting on his professional photos!
Thanks to their wonderful foster home for sharing!

Another crazy busy BHRR day!

Mr. Bruce had his paparazzi photo shoot this AM!

This is him and Mr. Jack(AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!) & very interested in what is going on the screen. 

By the end of next week, Mr. Bruce(Fawn Merle Great Dane) shall be ready to make his own special announcement!

Thank you to his wonderful foster Mama for taking him to his professional photo shoot! 

Miss Chrissy’s professional photo shoot was delayed due to rain, and then I had a bit of a gastro bug. She will get hers done soon!




BHRR’s Bruce was at the Vet yesterday.
He weighed a very thin 50.6 kgs(110.66). I would like to see at least another 15-20 pounds of muscle mass and weight on him and then re-evaluate. I want him lean, not overweight. Too many obese dogs out there….
He had his boosters – DHPP, Lyme, Lepto, was dispensed deworming, hw, flea/tick meds. I was thinking Nexgard Spectra, yet when I was at work, I began thinking more Nexgard and Interceptor Plus. Thanks to the Vet for ‘poking’ fun at me for writing down Nexgard Spectra in the apt. notes! I know what I wrote and thought it over!
I drew blood – such a good boy to sit nicely for me to take from his jugular – and ran a hw/tickborne disease test – negative, and I took extra to see if the Vet wanted to run a panel. They did not feel it necessary, and unless I wanted to run it for a baseline for Mr. Bruce, they were not concerned.
I took the blood I was holding for the possible blood profile and spun it down to get serum to freeze to help others with eye ulcers. Dane blood can be so universal!
He was friendly, lovely to finally get to meet him, and when he is ready, he will seriously make a home an INCREDIBLE addition! He is stunning inside and out!
He loved everyone at the clinic! No interpersonal space issues or respect from this boy! Right up in your face with happiness/love! LOL
He resides in a foster home with two other dogs: Mr. Jack(AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION), cats, and bunnies! It was great to see Mr. Jack again too!
Miss Chrissy is having her spay, microchip, bloodwork, etc., on Tuesday.
Will monitor Mr. Bruce’s small skin issues, is it behavioural? Environmental and behavioural? Environmental? – he had eye/ear infections when he was dropped off at the shelter. Resolved now.
Per the foster, he is having some SA issues in his crate at night. They still have some trazodone on hand and will use that to help ‘ease’ Mr. Bruce to be ok with his own company.
So, hard on these big sensitive dogs! You will get there, Mr. Bruce. It has only been nine days today since your arrival.
Thank you to his foster home for being open to fostering him until at least December 1st. It saved his life……
AND for those asking re: his colouring – he is a Fawn Merle.


Over 200 items!


Post from the wonderful organizers!

“Welcome to the online Fundraiser for Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation.
A HUGE thank you to all of the local businesses and individuals who donated to make this auction possible.
100% of the proceeds raised will go to the rescue.
All the donated businesses have been linked in each item, if you are interested in an item, please consider clicking on their Facebook page and Like/Follow them.
Please read through all of the auction guidelines below.
Auction Guidelines:
1) There is a starting bid on all items
2) Please bid in a minimum $1 increment (just to clarify, you can bid any amount as long as it is a minimum $1 increase, it can be $2, $3, $4, $5 etc.)
3) The auction closes Sunday, October 9th, at 8 PM.
4) The winner will be contacted via Messenger with a pickup location, there are pick-up locations in Brockville (North End), Oxford Station, and Kanata.
5) Payment is due immediately following the end of the auction once notification has been received that you are the successful bidder
6) Payment is due via eTransfer to
No password is required.
Happy Bidding, and thank you for your support!
Please see the album below to bid, thank you for your support and generosity for those currently in the rescue and those to come.”

Mr. Bruce is doing well.
He needs to learn about the comforts of a comfy dog bed….
I am told that he is very gentle about taking treats, has been introduced to their own dog, and was great & this picture gives an idea of how skinny he is.
He has a sore area between his toes on one foot and has been battling ear plus eye infections & they had put him on trazodone for his kennel anxiety. He is also on Gabapentin.
We will let him decompress, settle in, and work on gradually reducing his trazodone and getting him healthy.
He is understandably confused and nervous. So much change since his owner died, and then he has been in a shelter since the beginning of September.
He has an appointment with our vet scheduled for next Saturday so we can re-weigh – the shelter has him listed at 50 kg(110 pounds) & I am not sure if that is just an estimate. He will get more dewormer, be placed on more flea/tick/hw meds, we will do some bloodwork, and get boosters if he is healthy enough. We will check his ears and eyes, and he will have a thorough exam.
They also estimated his age to be around 3. As he becomes healthy and happier, we will check his teeth – not an accurate method either, yet a good tool – we can better determine his age.
So many see the ‘grey’ or ‘white’ muzzle and think older. The masking gene is a genetic marker and can emerge when a Dane is not even one year of age, like premature greying in humans. From the pics and video, I am estimating 2-3 years of age max myself. We will see!

Safe with his foster Mama!!
I cannot wait to meet you!!
He will have an apt scheduled with our Vet ASAP!

He is on his way!!!


This young adult, ~3 years, neutered male, now up to date on vaccines fawn Merle Great Dane.
He was an owner surrender. His owner died. His name is ‘Bruce’. 
Weight:~110 pounds
Needs a gradual introduction to cats, good with dogs, is an affectionate couch potato boy, displaying anxiety/stress in a shelter kennel. Very normal for Danes. They just do not fare well in a kennel environment.
May be an image of dog