BHRR’s Rion & BHRR’s Sable are supervising me while I type!
They are our two Danes from the drug situation.
I had to put the xpen around my desk as both were SUPER interactive and enthusiastic in helping me type this post! 
I decided to take a break from fridge cleaning – hence, the garbage can in the background to post our sincerest plus deepest thanks to everyone that made our 12th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ with SO much more Fundraiser so successful! 
I desired to make this post earlier in the week yet, I was still attempting to make contact with winners of our Silent Auction and even though we still have one item outstanding, after a week of follow-ups, we are going to consider it a default bid. 
ALL money raised shall go towards BHRR’s Rion’s over $12,000 and mounting Vet Bills.
The winner of BHRR BOD’s Mary’s incredible Raffle Basket was: Aaron/Cherie!
The winner of the 50/50 Raffle was Joe – THANK you for donating your portion $61.00 back!
The winner of the draw for 1 year of dog washes at Pet Valu Stittsville was: K. Amorim!
THANK you to Emma for doing the draws in front of so many hopeful witnesses!
We did 35 nail trims & 31 dog washes too! 
Thank you to the almost 25 WOW BHRR Volunteers that came out to lend a hand to assist all of our visitors! We could not have have such a wonderfully successful day without you!
THANK you to all of the incredible Humans and their pets that came out to hang with us!
Thank you to everyone that shared and/or participated in our online Facebook Auction AND…….
Thank you to each and every kind angel that made a donation even though they could not be in attendance!
The weather was positively glorious and thank you to Bre and her fabu team at Pet Valu Stittsville for hosting us again in 2019!
In 2020, we will be making the move to a Saturday – Saturday July 11th, 2020 and are already working on some old favourites plus new activities!
Our beautiful total for what is our largest fundraiser of each year – I begin to work on this event 9 months prior to it happening! – is…….. DRUM ROLL:
We still have over $7,000 left to pay on BHRR’s Rion’s current Vet Bills plus are still working on BHRR’s Volt’s and are deeply humbled by each and every generous, caring soul that is standing by their sides enabling us to make sure that they are lacking for nothing!
Our next Fundraiser is not until August 17th – Our 8th Dirty Dawg with Car/Truck Wash at Critter Jungle on Carling Avenue!
All monies raised that day shall also go towards BHRR’s Rion’s Vet Bills!
From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!



He is one of the two Danes from the Drug situation.

This picture was taken today.

He was re-weighed and has put on ~17 pounds since he first arrived.

He remains having severe bruising along one whole side of his body – from armpit to groin. The trauma part of his horrible past is healing….yet, I continue to wonder what else may be going on…..

MRI, CT scan, U/S, X-Rays along with doing a scope/biopsy and absolutely everything else including bloodwork has come back clean.

His specialist team continues to grow and spans four Vet Hospitals now along with VIN.

He is still quite weak in the hind end and we are working on that for he and BHRR’s Sable were kept in horrifying conditions.

He is eating and drinking and the one thing that has now stopped is his regurgitation after eating.

Since I exclusively went to home-cooking, he has now put on almost 17 pounds plus has stopped regurgitating.

I had to to this with my Multi CH. Great Dane Tain as he was born with a small malformation in his small intestine. The only kibble that work for him was a low residue one from Euk – a puppy one, yet, the adult formula had just enough ingredient change that caused him to have severe issues again. He could not remain on the puppy one for a number of reasons.

So, I had to think out of the box and figured it out for Tain and once I did and I had to do it quickly, he lived a grand wonderful life and his internal medicine specialist at Alta Vista AH remained so impressed plus in awe of how he thrived.

So, I am back to thinking out of the box along with his incredible team of Vets/Specialists.

His Vet Bills are almost $11,000 and rising and I committed to him and he is the sweetest boy….so kind and loving and soft and gentle.

We are working on building up that muscle mass/weight in his hind end which is assisting him in becoming stronger too.

BHRR’s Rion, we are not giving up and you are improving….slowly yet you are…..

We go in for regular check-ups, continued testing, re-weighs and if anyone may consider his cause to support, you can donate via:

PayPal to or via

Email transfer to

Thank you to anyone that may help by donating even $5.00 to his care. 

BHRR’s Rion(Severely Emaciated Great Dane from the drug situation) UPDATE:

I apologise that I have not yet updated re: BHRR’s Sable yet this past week has had to be very much more about poor BHRR’s Rion. 

Since his arrival, he has been regurgitating most of his food and though, he has great days for drinking; he has just as many not so good days.

He remains weak, lethargic, is dehydrated and yet, through it all he is so sweet……

As he was not getting the nutrition that he needed and with deep concern re: his regurgitation right after eating; we ended up in emerge.

Though, all of his bloodwork to date has come back normal – we well know that just because the results are normal; this does not make a healthy dog. 

He is negative for heartworm plus tick borne diseases. 

He was admitted for IV fluid, antibiotic plus pain treatment and I bring him home at night to continue his round the clock care. 

That redness/bruising from the suspected severe trauma remains all along his one side. We continue to do more testing, to see more specialists to rule out any deep underlying medical cause for this……

We have done x-rays to rule out broken ribs or anything else that may be causing his condition to worsen, not improve and also u/s. 

Our next steps is to move to a CT scan and/or MRI. 

When we were at Dr. Liston’s when the Dane Duo first arrived, he did not like the sounds of gurgling in BHRR’s Rion’s gut and that remains a big concern for his internal medicine specialist. 

He is continuing to be a mystery to his vastly growing medical team and we would be so grateful as would he, for continued consideration to his mounting Vet Care Bills. 

This week alone has seen another $1,700 in Vet bills come our way in our efforts to assist him. 

As the emergency hospital shall not take direct donations; donations can be made:

PayPal: OR

via Email Transfer:

This picture is of BHRR’s Rion at LAH. 

Please also keep him in your best wishes, he needs those too.

When I see his tail now wag a bit when he sees me, I know that he is fighting with all that he has and thank you to everyone that may consider helping us help him! 

He deserved so much better than he has received in life to date and he deserves this fighting chance……



My last post of my night…..

This is BHRR’s Rion – One of the two Danes from the Drug situation.

Sean has spoken and both finally have names – they did not have any names prior to Rescue.

As many are now aware, they belonged to a man who who went to jail for drugs and his father – also involved in drugs – took the two Danes.

Another man saw an ad on kijiji for chickens and when he arrived on the property, he was asked if he had any cocaine in exchange for two Danes.

The man said that he did not do drugs and when he saw the Danes – the male in particular is in terrible shape, he came back with his horse trailer and paid $100 for the Danes.

As the man was not comfortable with Giant Breed dogs nor did he know how best to assist them, they ended up with us. THANK you again Meg for all of your help! Picking them up and meeting me.

I had them both at the Vet immediately and the male weighs a severely emaciated 50.9 kg(111.98 pound). He will need at least 40 pounds of muscle mass/tone/weight to become healthy.

He is the sweetest boy. Reminds me a lot of BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws in his handsomeness along with his lack of smarts – who on a side note also came to BHRR severely emaciated. 

He is flat in the pasterns, has lick granuloma’s – one is still bleeding, is very weak – cannot be on his feet or move for any extended period of time, is ‘wonky’ in his hind end – especially the back left, has healing wounds all over – one of the wounds around his eye is a really fresh one(he is very lucky that he did not lose the eye), he has scars all over his body/face, needs a dental, we did a testosterone test as it is believed that he could be bilaterally cyptorchid – Dr. Liston could not feel any testicles even in his inguinal ring.

His Vet found him to be quite nearsighted as we expressed a concern re: his inability to see treats etc. when offered and other than saying that he was nearsighted, the rest of his eye exam was perfectly normal. His Vet said that his own dog is quite near sighted and not a big cause of concern.

His Vet did say that he did not like how much ‘gurgling’ was going on in his gut. 

We also did bloodwork to see how his internal organ function is doing along with a Heartworm/Tickborne disease test. He is now being de-wormed too.

He was very smelly and his coat is full of dander. His ears were extremely full of dark waxy debris.

He has pressure sores and many callouses.

We are also deeply concerned re: what appears to be immense bruising all along one side of his body and into his groin area.

Dr. Liston could not rule out if this was only brutal trauma and not an underlying medical condition too. We are hoping the bloodwork may reveal some answers.

In this picture below, it still does not capture just how emaciated he is….it is hard to show his horrible level of emaciation being a black dog AND to put it in perspective, I can put both of my hands easily around his waist….THAT is not normal and not acceptable.

No dog should be in this condition. 

We are feeding him 8 small meals a day trying to very slowly jump start his gut/stomach.

I will post re: the female tomorrow. I once thought they were siblings, yet I think she may be his mother.

He is about 12-15 months of age.

Donations to their ongoing care can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital:


OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

His other needs:

1) A martingale collar to call his very own. As onepawtwopaw is on a short break, we are still going to WiggleBumz for our collar needs and they are equally lovely!

2) He needs an XL Costco Dog bed of his very own too.

Thank you to everyone from my heart once more that has contributed to their bills to date.

Their bills to date are just under $1,000 and shall continue to mount and I will post re: the female tomorrow. Sean has named her BHRR’s Sable.

We also wish to thank everyone for their words of support that has been given to us during this difficult time as I tragically lost one of my sisters, Barbara on Friday June 7th. Your kindness means a lot to our hearts/home.


From what we have been told, these two Danes belong to a man who went to jail for drugs. 

The two Danes then went to his father who was also doing drugs.

Another man saw an ad on kijji for chickens and when he went to the property was asked if he had any cocaine in exchange for two Danes/Dogs.

The man explained that he did not do drugs, saw the two Danes, paid $100, got his horse trailer and took the Danes. Kept them in his horse trailer for 24 hours and from there searched for a rescue to take them as he was not comfortable around them and did not know what to do for them. 

Donations to the long rehab care that these two Danes shall require can continue to be sent to: 

Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

OR via PayPal to 

OR via Email Transfer to


I meant to post last night yet my mind was so focused on getting the two Danes, time slipped by…..

ISO: a BHRR Approved Volunteer who is available for 12:45 pm to meet me at Liston Animal Hospital.

Both of the Danes from the drug situation are scheduled to see Dr. Liston for 12:50 pm.

If an Approved BHRR Volunteer is free, please email me ASAP or text 613-725-4279

Thanks in advance!

AND thanks to all that have made lifesaving donations to date – will update right after their Vet visits and donations can also now be made directly to Liston Animal Hospital for their care:


OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*yes, a different address from PayPal

Thank you for helping us help them!! Posting the same pic as last night from Meg as I do not have new pics as of yet….


Meg now has both Danes from the drug situation and is enroute.

The Male is in the worst shape per Meg.

Here is a pic….and if photos are said to put 20 pounds on, he is in dire straits.  Per Meg ‘this is so bad.’ 

I have Vet appointments made for tomorrow yet, if need be, will take them direct to emergency tonight.

If, anyone may have some change to spare to assist in what will be a very long medical, physical rehabilitation, let alone their emotional healing journey, donations can be made:

PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*note, there are two different addresses depending on method of donation*

I promise to update ASAP and thank you to anyone that may consider their cause. 

Drive safe Meg….tell them they are already loved and that I am on my way!


We have been working around the clock on an urgent situation with another group – 2 Danes from a drug situation. ETA to BHRR is tonight.

A man bought the two Danes for $100 to save them and has been keeping them in a horse trailer. However, this person is not comfortable around giants plus is not in a position to medically/behaviourally assist them. They need out ASAP.

They need urgent medical attention and this is a picture is of one of them – severely emaciated.

We are seeking emerge temp fosters for two of our current fully vetted & successfully rehabbed available for adoption dogs so I can bring these other two direct to me:

1) BHRR’s Sawyer – Saint/Pyr – good with cats/dogs
2) BHRR’s Miss Holly – BoxerX – good with dogs, no small animals

Please email if YOU ARE a BHRR Approved Home – any Approved adoptive home is also a BHRR Approved Volunteer!

This is extremely URGENT!

Thanks in advance….

*NOTE: We are not seeking new applications for consideration. We are seeking already approved BHRR Volunteers!*