BHRR’s Rion(Severely Emaciated Great Dane from the drug situation) UPDATE:

I apologise that I have not yet updated re: BHRR’s Sable yet this past week has had to be very much more about poor BHRR’s Rion. 

Since his arrival, he has been regurgitating most of his food and though, he has great days for drinking; he has just as many not so good days.

He remains weak, lethargic, is dehydrated and yet, through it all he is so sweet……

As he was not getting the nutrition that he needed and with deep concern re: his regurgitation right after eating; we ended up in emerge.

Though, all of his bloodwork to date has come back normal – we well know that just because the results are normal; this does not make a healthy dog. 

He is negative for heartworm plus tick borne diseases. 

He was admitted for IV fluid, antibiotic plus pain treatment and I bring him home at night to continue his round the clock care. 

That redness/bruising from the suspected severe trauma remains all along his one side. We continue to do more testing, to see more specialists to rule out any deep underlying medical cause for this……

We have done x-rays to rule out broken ribs or anything else that may be causing his condition to worsen, not improve and also u/s. 

Our next steps is to move to a CT scan and/or MRI. 

When we were at Dr. Liston’s when the Dane Duo first arrived, he did not like the sounds of gurgling in BHRR’s Rion’s gut and that remains a big concern for his internal medicine specialist. 

He is continuing to be a mystery to his vastly growing medical team and we would be so grateful as would he, for continued consideration to his mounting Vet Care Bills. 

This week alone has seen another $1,700 in Vet bills come our way in our efforts to assist him. 

As the emergency hospital shall not take direct donations; donations can be made:

PayPal: OR

via Email Transfer:

This picture is of BHRR’s Rion at LAH. 

Please also keep him in your best wishes, he needs those too.

When I see his tail now wag a bit when he sees me, I know that he is fighting with all that he has and thank you to everyone that may consider helping us help him! 

He deserved so much better than he has received in life to date and he deserves this fighting chance……