I meant to post last night yet my mind was so focused on getting the two Danes, time slipped by…..

ISO: a BHRR Approved Volunteer who is available for 12:45 pm to meet me at Liston Animal Hospital.

Both of the Danes from the drug situation are scheduled to see Dr. Liston for 12:50 pm.

If an Approved BHRR Volunteer is free, please email me ASAP or text 613-725-4279

Thanks in advance!

AND thanks to all that have made lifesaving donations to date – will update right after their Vet visits and donations can also now be made directly to Liston Animal Hospital for their care:


OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*yes, a different address from PayPal

Thank you for helping us help them!! Posting the same pic as last night from Meg as I do not have new pics as of yet….