BHRR’s Rion & BHRR’s Sable are supervising me while I type!
They are our two Danes from the drug situation.
I had to put the xpen around my desk as both were SUPER interactive and enthusiastic in helping me type this post! 
I decided to take a break from fridge cleaning – hence, the garbage can in the background to post our sincerest plus deepest thanks to everyone that made our 12th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ with SO much more Fundraiser so successful! 
I desired to make this post earlier in the week yet, I was still attempting to make contact with winners of our Silent Auction and even though we still have one item outstanding, after a week of follow-ups, we are going to consider it a default bid. 
ALL money raised shall go towards BHRR’s Rion’s over $12,000 and mounting Vet Bills.
The winner of BHRR BOD’s Mary’s incredible Raffle Basket was: Aaron/Cherie!
The winner of the 50/50 Raffle was Joe – THANK you for donating your portion $61.00 back!
The winner of the draw for 1 year of dog washes at Pet Valu Stittsville was: K. Amorim!
THANK you to Emma for doing the draws in front of so many hopeful witnesses!
We did 35 nail trims & 31 dog washes too! 
Thank you to the almost 25 WOW BHRR Volunteers that came out to lend a hand to assist all of our visitors! We could not have have such a wonderfully successful day without you!
THANK you to all of the incredible Humans and their pets that came out to hang with us!
Thank you to everyone that shared and/or participated in our online Facebook Auction AND…….
Thank you to each and every kind angel that made a donation even though they could not be in attendance!
The weather was positively glorious and thank you to Bre and her fabu team at Pet Valu Stittsville for hosting us again in 2019!
In 2020, we will be making the move to a Saturday – Saturday July 11th, 2020 and are already working on some old favourites plus new activities!
Our beautiful total for what is our largest fundraiser of each year – I begin to work on this event 9 months prior to it happening! – is…….. DRUM ROLL:
We still have over $7,000 left to pay on BHRR’s Rion’s current Vet Bills plus are still working on BHRR’s Volt’s and are deeply humbled by each and every generous, caring soul that is standing by their sides enabling us to make sure that they are lacking for nothing!
Our next Fundraiser is not until August 17th – Our 8th Dirty Dawg with Car/Truck Wash at Critter Jungle on Carling Avenue!
All monies raised that day shall also go towards BHRR’s Rion’s Vet Bills!
From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!