He is one of the two Danes from the Drug situation.

This picture was taken today.

He was re-weighed and has put on ~17 pounds since he first arrived.

He remains having severe bruising along one whole side of his body – from armpit to groin. The trauma part of his horrible past is healing….yet, I continue to wonder what else may be going on…..

MRI, CT scan, U/S, X-Rays along with doing a scope/biopsy and absolutely everything else including bloodwork has come back clean.

His specialist team continues to grow and spans four Vet Hospitals now along with VIN.

He is still quite weak in the hind end and we are working on that for he and BHRR’s Sable were kept in horrifying conditions.

He is eating and drinking and the one thing that has now stopped is his regurgitation after eating.

Since I exclusively went to home-cooking, he has now put on almost 17 pounds plus has stopped regurgitating.

I had to to this with my Multi CH. Great Dane Tain as he was born with a small malformation in his small intestine. The only kibble that work for him was a low residue one from Euk – a puppy one, yet, the adult formula had just enough ingredient change that caused him to have severe issues again. He could not remain on the puppy one for a number of reasons.

So, I had to think out of the box and figured it out for Tain and once I did and I had to do it quickly, he lived a grand wonderful life and his internal medicine specialist at Alta Vista AH remained so impressed plus in awe of how he thrived.

So, I am back to thinking out of the box along with his incredible team of Vets/Specialists.

His Vet Bills are almost $11,000 and rising and I committed to him and he is the sweetest boy….so kind and loving and soft and gentle.

We are working on building up that muscle mass/weight in his hind end which is assisting him in becoming stronger too.

BHRR’s Rion, we are not giving up and you are improving….slowly yet you are…..

We go in for regular check-ups, continued testing, re-weighs and if anyone may consider his cause to support, you can donate via:

PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via

Email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

Thank you to anyone that may help by donating even $5.00 to his care.