AND BHRR’s Latte is now home!

What a sincere pleasure it has been to have this incredible dog in our program. Thank you Danya for reaching out to us for our assistance.

Elizabeth, thank you for coming with me in truly awful weather of freezing rain, fog, extreme poor visibility, terrible driving conditions, equally horrible truck drivers to pick this girl up. An ‘adventure’ it was….

In just over 5 weeks from having been placed up for adoption after being successfully rehabbed, BHRR’s Latte is now in her forever loving adoptive home.

Going to miss her….in so many ways. My Great Dane Salt & Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson are also going to miss their wonderful play pal.

My heart is truly happy for her. She went through so much prior to rescue and deserves the world! She is smart, beautiful, gentle, affectionate, loyal, social and also special. Her ears are amongst the softest I and many others have ever felt!

My heart twangs in so many ways for your amazing future and the chapters that shall be written in great memories plus experiences.

Congratulations to her truly wonderful approved adoptive home for going through the adoption application process and giving their heart to a rescue dog!

This is adoption #398 for BHRR and we can now help another in need of our programs….

BHRR’s ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ in action and a warm welcome to our strong links family BHRR’s Latte’s *Dad*.

AND we are on our way!

To do the home-visit for BHRR’s Latte’s possible approved adoption!

We shall post an update as we can.

Yes, she has some dirt on her nose from ‘helping’ me garden this AM.

BHRR’s Latte(Neo) is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

Home-visit is scheduled for Sunday May 28th.

This is the home that had three possible right match fits and after visiting the home when BHRR’s Rubble was dropped off for his special overnight picnic play date, their place is sadly small to properly accommodate his size/happy tail….and, the space would equally be small for BHRR’s Salem.

This home fell in love with BHRR’s Latte when they met her at an event April 22nd – what is not to love! – and then fell in love when they had their overnight date with BHRR’s Rubble last Friday – again what is not to love! – and had originally fallen in love with BHRR’s Salem from the moment they found her detailed blog – truly, what is not to love?!!

Yet, for the space of their lovely cozy apt. plus yard and that BHRR’s Latte does not have any happy tail concerns – she is docked – at this time, she appears to be the best of the three for a possible right match fit and we shall update as we can.

Some words sent our way from BHRR’s Latte’s special picnic snack DAY Date on May 16th:


Thank you so much for allowing me to spend the day with the amazing Latte. I had a great day. When she looked at me my heart melted. Know that if things were different, you would be reading my adoption application now instead of this email.

Whomever gets the privilege of bringing her into their family will be getting a solid loving addition. 

Latte took a little piece of my heart with her when she left.

Thank you again!


AND Date Auction #2 has now ended and there are two very happy Date partners!

Thank you again Sandra for giving BHRR’s Latte this special day and for the treats, collar, leash and all of the love plus positive experiences you bestowed upon her.

On a side note, BHRR’s Latte is one of three dogs being considered as a possible right match personality fit for an application we are currently reviewing – BHRR’s Salem & BHRR’s Rubble are the other two. We would be so happy for any one of them should this applicant home be meant for them…..

In the meantime, our ongoing play date & play visitation program plus our unique one of a kind annual date auction, continues to give the BHRR dogs more and more positive experiences with helping hands plus love.

Thank you Sandra so much for we want to keep helping the dogs become as well rounded and balanced as possible and live up to their full potential. BHRR’s Latte is a great dog, perfect in all of her imperfections!



Auction Picnic Date #2 is today!

BHRR’s Latte has now been dropped off for her special DAY picnic snack date!
*She remains Available For Adoption.*

She did great with her drop-off and no ‘Mama Gwennieitis’! She has even already thoroughly drooled on a person!

Thank you again to this home for giving her this special time of caring hands and it sounds like she is going to have a great day….lots of grass to roll in, some wonderful trail walking and treats plus lots of loving! What a great weather day to be had too.

We have 23 dates plus two Private BHRR ‘EXPERIENCES’ for 2017 and later this week we have three more dates and one of the Private BHRR ‘EXPERIENCES’ scheduled!

Busy times yet ever so much fun these dates are!

BHRR’s Latte is ready to make her special announcement!
~4 year old Neo

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, is semi-retired or retired! Another amazing versatile BHRR dog!

She travels wonderfully in a car, is good with most dogs! She can be an only dog in the home or be with a right matched personality fit dog – male or female. She loves to play with my own 2 year old Dane, Salt and is a hoot! She can and has been selective with dogs outside our home as to whether she wanted to like them or not….so she has a quirky side to her re: some dogs. 

She is an amazing companion keeping me company while I work on the computer or folding laundry. Almost a foot warmer!

She is excellent to do nails and ears and bathing is coming along nicely. She tolerates it.

She has fairly good leash manners now. She is still coming along and our mandatory obedience clause shall deeply assist with this plus for her to bond.

She is a calm and confident dog and only becomes nervous if someone rushes into her space/face. She may take a few moments to warm up to strangers as she is diva female and treats are a fantastic ice breaker.

She loves to goes for strolls and lay in the shade on a sunny day enjoying all the sights, smells and sounds about her. She is an excellent Picnic partner.

We would prefer a home with children aged 10 and up, and if not mature kids, 12 and up.

She drools! Be warned! She likes to hide bits of treats in her lips, take a big drink of water and then share parts of it with her human….in this case, she has chosen ‘me’ as her main focus of such affection!

She is really loving to her human family and loyal, almost to a fault. She would truly lay her life down for her family. Humbling.

If you give her reasons to trust and respect you, you will have earned it in spades…..

Her trust is a gift to be treasured and her right matched forever loving adoptive home will nurse this and cradle this trust forever.

This dog is truly da bomb! Gorgeous to boot and if a home is looking for a low maintenance, outstanding companion to be a cherished member of their home, she is the one!

Her eyes are so soulful and one needs to remember to not fall for her charm or you shall be in hook, line and sinker as you will find yourself with a wee devil on your hands….a delightful one!

Obedience, structure, consistency, patience and a big dosing of love has ensured that the SA she had upon arrival has been squelched. She likes herself now and can self-soothe and self-comfort and a home has to be aware that should they not handle things properly and spends all their time with her, they will bring this SA bubbling to the surface and it will spill over.

She is a wonderful dog, truly magnificent and we want her to keep being the best dog she can be!

WTG beautiful girl!

Thank you again to Elizabeth White for the extra hands at this photo shoot and to Liz Bradley once again for her talent plus time to take these photo’s!

Amidst the rain coming down, BHRR’s Latte & Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson had professional photo’s done!

Sunny at home and on the way in, the rain decided to come as I arrived!

Thank you again to Elizabeth for her loving hands as I had their photo’s done and also to Liz for her wonderful patience and time once more!!

As soon as I have the photo’s BHRR’s Latte shall be ready to make her own special announcement!

Time to also get the car detailed again!!

BHRR’s Latte, our beautiful Neo had her recheck last night!

She is now 45.8 kgs and at an ideal weight for her.

She had a recheck on her eyes and they are so much better…infections gone! The one eye that has the tiny growth per her Vet can remain as long as it does not ulcerate, change in size, bother her etc…

Her eyes do not need surgical correction either as with the infections gone, they are looking good.

Her foot is also so much better! Now healthy pink over inflamed and nasty. Same thing, as long as it no longer bothers her, no more needs to be done.

Her teeth are not lovely as they are so short in many areas and do have tartar yet her Vet said that it is an elective at this time, nothing urgent – Her Vet stated that in her future she will would benefit from a dental cleaning. We are making sure this is in her file at the Hospital and in her blog for any possible future approved home to be aware of.

Did her nails again and she was completely over the top awesome at the Vet!!

Ears look great, heart and lungs are normal and her skin/coat is lovely…

Here is a picture on our way in…she is wet from having to go outside to pee in this horrible downpour (50+mm of rain!) yet we also gave her a fresh bath while she did not appreciate, she at least tolerated! LOL

I am now going to schedule her professional photo shoot and from there after I get them, she will be placed up for adoption!

A huge huge huge hit at the Hospital she was!

My one Great Dane Salt has taught her how to play and she is a hoot to watch! He is so wonderful with the dogs….teaching them so much!

Stay tuned for BHRR’s Latte will hopefully be making her own special announcement in a couple of weeks!

Having to go outside to pee in the freezing rain does not make me happy! I am still pouting at Mama Gwennie!

It is a wild Winter Wonderland Day here! 30+ cms on its way!

Yet trying to take photo’s or video is proving to be an exercise in futility!

None of the doggies want to get more than a few inches away from me!! None of my photo’s are anything special! Lots of photo-bombing going on!

BHRR’s Pearl with BHRR’s Latte!

BHRR’s Latte – ~4.5 year old Neo

March 10th, 2017

BHRR’s Latte was at the Vet last night.

She weighed 92.84 pounds. The two Vets that saw her are in complete agreement with me that she needs muscle tone/mass and to put on another 10-12 pounds of weight and she will be fabu.

Her heart and lungs sound good. YAY!

We investigated the wart on her right front foot, the two skin tags on her back left foot and the scar on her right elbow area.

We did a needle biopsy of the sizeable mass on her left scapulae area and it is a sebaceous cyst. So as long as it does not enlarge(much smaller now that we removed some contents) or get infected, it does not need to be surgically removed. Same with her wart and skin tags.

Her ears were heavily waxy and we lightly cleaned them and will more thoroughly clean them as she gets settled in.

Her teeth are so worn the poor thing. So worn they are super small and non existent in many areas ….the left side is worse than the right and we need to re-visit this later as we did a lot to her.

She had vaccines and will go back in four weeks for a booster.

In having her nails done a mass/lump on her left front foot was discovered. It is really inflamed(picture in thread below) and as she had had more than enough of poking and prodding, when she goes back for a recheck we will re-visit.

The one Vet feels that with the way that she walks – eastie westie almost and with her nails having been so long that she was walking abnormally on her pads. She would like us to monitor and observe to see if now that she is on a grass and sand foundation plus with her nails really short if that improves. If not, we shall biopsy via a needle to start and go from there. Her right front foot has a smaller less irritated area yet does not appear to have the same type of lump/mass.

Her eyes are bad. Her right one has a strong suspicion of a cataract. We did a fluorescein eye stain on both eyes for her Vet to better view the eye and we shall also re-visit this at her recheck and go to a specialist if required.

Her left eye has a small growth in the corner under the lids.

Both eyes are red, irritated and infected. She is now on Tobradex, 1-2 drops every 12 hours until we recheck in a couple of weeks.

Once the infections and inflammation goes down it can be better determined if her entropion requires surgical correction or is it the growth and cataract causing her eyes to be this bad and the entropion is not as severe as it looks right now. Her left eye is worse than her right.

She does shake on her back right leg. Hoping that increased muscle mass/tone shall greatly help that and we will check for hip and knee dysplasia the next time she is in…she did more than enough!

I also microchipped her and we are running a fecal.

She is being de-wormed and is on Revolution and shall start Bravecto shortly.

I think that is about it…she did so well!!

Her crate training is going excellent and her leash manners are improving! She is one of the nicest/sweetest Neo’s we have ever had and we have had many incredible ones!

Thank you SO much to everyone that has reached out asking if BHRR’s Latte is in need of anything! So kind and caring.

What she could use is a Costco dog bed to call her own. I have a leash and a collar from extra’s donated at XMAS to BHRR. I took off the choke collar that she was wearing when we picked her up and now she has a martingale.

We are good for all else other than we could use more XL dog bowls.

We will post what her Vet Bills are after her Vet visit tomorrow!

So many amazing angels in the world….BHRR’s Latte, you will experience so much in loving hands and never shall you be hurt or neglected ever again!

Another photo of her!

We are now home!!! Close to midnight!

At just before 5:30 pm Tuesday night, Elizabeth – thank you again! – & I began our adventurous and not so fun in quite a few ways drive to pick up this beauty. We battled fog and rain and transports in the dark, not to mention Montreal traffic!

This lovely lady is the next in need of us! She is a Neo, ~4.5 years of age.

We were told she was 30-40 pounds underweight. For she was being fed human scraps and as she was hungry and went into the pantry, had been ‘punished’ and then was kept outside in these winter temps.

This is the second home that we are told that she had been in and the first home used to leave her all alone for extreme long periods of time, often only seeing her human briefly once daily.

I have a Vet appointment already set up for her to be seen and we will go from there….she will begin her de-worming protocol tomorrow and we will put her on Revolution to start.

She travelled wonderfully in a car. We had been told that she has not been in a car in close to two years and she truly did great!

Welcome to BHRR sweet girl!

Goodnight from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters!